Enter Wildthyme was a 2011 novel written by Paul Magrs which brought together many elements from his past work. It featured concepts originating from every Doctor Who novel written by Magrs before Enter Wildthyme's release. It also used elements from Magrs' Doctor Who audio stories Ringpullworld and Horror of Glam Rock.

Although Iris Wildthyme, Panda, and the Celestial Omnibus played a large part in the story's narrative, the book did not have any Iris Wildthyme series branding.

The novel was in some ways a sequel to Magrs' Iris Wildthyme short story The Dreadful Flap. By heavily featuring Simon, Kelly, Terrance, and the Great Big Book Exchange, Enter Wildthyme was also a sequel to Magrs' 2008 novel Exchange. It also had connections to Magrs' Brenda and Effie series.

Enter Wildthyme introduced the character Vince Cosmos, who would go on to appear in several stories.

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Time and Space. Good and Evil. Gin and Tonic.

A novel which takes us from a dusty secondhand bookshop on Darlington, clear across the galaxy aboard a celestial double decker bus... all the way to the outlandish world of Hyspero, and the throne room of the Scarlet Empress... and the very brink of the strange pocket dimension called The Obverse...

This is a story about an object — a glass jar with mysterious contents — being the focus of a chase between Iris Wildthyme, Panda and their new friend Simon, and a bunch of gentlemen pirates of the Dogworld, who are determined to retrieve the strange jar and its even stranger contents.

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  • Iris has an office in London in July 1973 where she stores files too vital to keep on her person or aboard the bus.
  • The Begins at Home is a spaceship.
  • Iris' omnibus has a transdimensional pipeline linking to a Canadian lake in 1924.

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