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Enter Wildthyme was a 2011 novel, written by Paul Magrs. It was the first Iris Wildthyme book published by Snowbooks Ltd. Snowbooks would go on to publish three more Iris Wildthyme stories, Wildthyme Beyond!, Talented Witches, and From Wildthyme with Love.

Although Iris Wildthyme, Panda, and the Celestial Omnibus played a large part in the story's narrative, the book did not have any Iris Wildthyme series branding.

The novel served as a sequel, relying heavily on continuity from a range of Margs' previous works, such as The Dreadful Flap, The Scarlet Empress, and Exchange among others. Many elements from Exchange made their way into Enter Wildthyme, however, due to the fact that Exchange is only connected to the DWU retroactively, it is not currently a valid source on this Wiki, despite it being a prerequisite.

Enter Wildthyme also served as a bridge between the novels released by BBC Books and the stories released by Big Finish and Obverse Books, as a transition between Iris' life on Gallifrey to her life in the Clockworks, a backstory hinted at since The Blue Angel.

The character of Magda would go to appear in Fellowship of Ink, a spin-off book from the The Brenda and Effie Mysteries series, however the rest of the series isn't covered on the wiki. Panda would also appear in the novel, Brenda and Effie Forever!, fleshing out his life prior to meeting Iris in Wildthyme at Large.

Enter Wildthyme introduced the character Vince Cosmos, who would go on to appear in several stories, including his own spin-off, Vince Cosmos: Glam Rock Detective, and appear as a ghost in Gobbleknoll Hall, which again, is not covered by this wiki.

Enter Wildthyme, in essence, was the accumulation of a vast majority of Paul Magrs' bibliography in one novel, expanding the universe of Doctor Who massively. It built on continuity from every Doctor Who novel, Big Finish audio, and a majority of the Iris Wildthyme stories written by Magrs prior to Enter Wildthyme's release.

Publisher's summary[]

Time and Space. Good and Evil. Gin and Tonic.

A novel which takes us from a dusty secondhand bookshop in Darlington, clear across the galaxy aboard a celestial double decker bus... all the way to the outlandish world of Hyspero, and the throne room of the Scarlet Empress... and the very brink of the strange pocket dimension called The Obverse...

This is a story about an object — a glass jar with mysterious contents — being the focus of a chase between Iris Wildthyme, Panda and their new friend Simon, and a bunch of gentlemen pirates of the Dogworld, who are determined to retrieve the strange jar and its even stranger contents.


The Spacecraft Begins at Home is boarded by the Dog Pirates in the 21st century. As the crew are massacred during the pirates' search for the Objet D'Oom, crewmember Phelps plans to jettison all of the ship's cargo. In the hold he encounters Terrance and allows him to take the artifact for safe keeping. Terrance escapes the ship via a Transmat, with Phelps holding his ground against the pirates.

Back on Earth in Darlington, Terrance has disappeared and entrusted both the Exchange and the artifact to Simon. The artifact uninterests Simon until he realises that it has been stolen by the eccentric Anthony Marvelle - alongside his Poodle Missy. Simon attends a poetry reading in support of his friend Kelly, but when Marvelle is revealed as one of the guests he confronts him over the theft but Marvelle denies all knowledge. Iris Wildthyme comforts Simon and voices her own suspicions about Marvelle. The pair get drunk together and Simon is shocked when he returns Iris to her bus and witnesses it dematerialise. That same night Kelly sleeps with Marvelle at the Duke's Legs hotel.

The next morning, Simon is woken up abruptly from his new home on the second floor of the Great Big Book Exchange, as Iris pounds on the front door. Iris has come to tell Simon that she senses that trouble is afoot, and Simon tells her that the he had a nightmare, where the glass jar that Terrance had indirectly given him was filled with blood and an eye, which Iris disregards as silly, laughing about it. She convinced Simon not to open the Exchange for business temporarily, as she requires help from Simon.

Iris tells Simon about Panda, MIAOW, and her Celestial Omnibus. Simon is growing increasingly concerned about Kelly, as she isn't answering her phone. They arrive at Magda's Mysteries, a fellow bookshop that specialises in science-fiction, which hides the entrance to the underground headquarters of MIAOW. Jenny acts very unfriendly towards Simon, but her attitude changes when Iris tells her that Simon had the jar, or rather, the Objet D'Oom.

As the Darlington branch of MIAOW had been frantically searching for the Objet, Jenny decides to try and steal it back off from Marvelle, so she quickly leaves the MIAOW headquarters and she makes her way to the hotel where Marvelle is staying.

Iris introduces Simon to Barbra, a servo-furnishing, and Barbra tries to convince Iris to take her with her on Iris' bus, but Iris awkwardly declines. The duo leave the MIAOW headquarters, as they beat off towards the Darlington town centre, where Iris reveals that Darlington actually exists within seven dimensions, and is one of the gateways to the multiverse. Iris and Simon head to the Celestial Omnibus, and they, along with Panda, use it to travel to the now unmanned Begins at Home, to investigate the bric-a-brac that had been falling from the ship into the Earth's atmosphere, killing a few Darlington citizens when various things collided with them. They find two Vatrexii corpes, along with poodle hair.

They hear an almighty noise not to far from them, and when they investigate the noise they find a barely alive Vatrexii, Harfolg, who tell the motley crew of the number 22 about the attack of the Dog Pirates. Harfolg dies in front of them, and Iris deduces that Marvelle must be linked to the Dog Pirates.

Back on Earth, Kelly finally replies to Simon, denying that she had nothing more than a conversation with Marvelle, hiding the truth from Simon. Simon decides to meet in her in person, to tell her about his day, but Kelly doesn't believe him. Iris bursts into the Exchange, and tells Simon and Kelly that Jenny failed to retrieve the Objet D'Oom. Panda climbs out of Iris' bag, utterly startling Kelly, and she realises everything Simon said was true.

After Kelly decides to help Iris, Panda, and Simon, they head into that past to have dinner, so they can get everything in order. They arrive in Montmartre, Paris, in June 1894. Iris asks Simon if he's gay, to which he confirms. Kelly is getting increasingly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things going on, especially Panda, the sentient stuffed toy. Outside, a Martian cylinder heralds their invasion force. Iris refuses to do anything about it, as her past self had thwarted the Martians seven years in the local future. They head over to the Moulin Rouge to dance away the night. After Iris has finished dancing, Kelly blanches and tells Iris that she had just seen Marvelle and Missy spying on them.

Iris now decides that it's imperative they get to South Kensington in 1973, as she needs to get to her office, as she has many items stored there that are too precious for her to take on the number 22. They arrive, and Iris finds that the item she came for, the Blithe Pinking Shears, have been taken already by Marvelle. Now, Marvelle has the ability to create rifts in space, enabling him to travel significantly easier, and it makes him much harder to track.

This puts Iris into a sulk, even though she denies it, as they get back into the bus. In The Maelstrom, Simon spots what Panda calls Roadkill, "The spectres and victims of millennia of time travel". Panda also likens them to Time zombies. They arrive back on Earth, Kelly leaves, and Iris, Panda, and Simon decide to inform MIAOW of what going on.

Kelly helps Chelsea clean up some of the mess left over from the poetry class, and she discovers a letter addressed to her from Marvelle, claiming that Iris has been lying to her, and that he, Marvelle, is both her friend and not a villain.

Meanwhile, Barbra reminisces of her past, about how MIAOW had been more than willing to dismantle her, and that Iris was the one that saved her. Deep down, Barbra is afraid of what MIAOW could do to her. Less than an hour later, Jenny bursts in, flustered at her lack of progress, and slightly envious of how Iris can blunder in and find out so much information so easily. Barbra though, has decided to find Iris and her bus, as Iris promised her that she could go with them on an adventure, and Barbra has a deep longing to go now, so she quickly goes through Darlington, doing her best to draw as little attention as she can. She arrives at the Great Big Book Exchange, literally and accidentally smashes through the front window, causing Kelly to drop her coffee onto her laptop in surprise. Kelly tells Iris and company that Barbra has arrived, and they take Barbra aboard the number 22 to talk privately, as to not draw any more attention to Barbra. Reluctantly, Iris allows Barbra to come with them to find Marvelle and the Objet D'Oom.

As Jenny heads across Darlington, a group of Dog Pirates surround her, Marvelle leading the group. Marvelle uses the Blithe Pinking Shears to open up a rift, and as Jenny believes it's her duty, she accompanies him in order to try to retrieve the Objet D'Oom, or to at least achieve something.

Arriving on Valcea, the crew of the number 22 find themselves in a thick jungle. While breakfast is being prepared, Simon pops to the toilet in the second level of the bus. After he finished his business, he notices a bookshelf with Iris' diaries placed haphazardly inside. A deep curiosity wills him to the one of the diaries, and he places it inside his coat. Not long later, the group decide to venture out into the jungle, towards a small town a few miles away. Suddenly, a massive beast, what appears to be a cross between a bull elephant and a rhino, with immense, savage tusks, and it has a translucent, glass-like skin, that allows it to blend virtually seamlessly into the jungle. As it charges them, Iris, Panda, and Simon manage to evade it, only to see that Barbra, which the beast hadn't even comprehended at first, causing a distraction, so upon Barbra's instructions, they flee. Simon is aghast at Barbra seemingly dying, so they return to where they expect to see a destroyed Barbra, only to find to their great surprise that Barbra had somehow managed to kill the massive animal. Even Barbra herself is unsure of how she managed to do it.

Marvelle, Missy, and Jenny arrive in the Moulin Rouge not long after Iris and her friends left. Marvelle gives Jenny a shot of Absinthe to help calm her bowels. They head outside, and the Martians are firing off their heat ray. Jenny questions Marvelle about them, as she knows that there definitely was not an alien invasion nineteenth century. Marvelle promises to return, and he and Missy leaves Jenny to give instructions to Martian Time Agents.

It's nighttime on Valcea, and Iris, Panda, Simon, and Barbra are still trekking through the jungle, and they finally reach civilization. Upon arrival, they see that the buildings are little more than wooden shacks, and Panda miraculously leads them to a inn, The Winged God. After entering the inn, they hear a raucous outside, caused by the locals, as a carriage pulled by horses-like creatures with elephantine trunks and clawed feet. Both the carriage and the horses are covered in thousands of tiny mirrors. Four young boys and two young girls climb aboard, much to the distress of their families and friends, and Panda suspects it's some sort of sacrificial ritual.

Back inside, Panda orders drinks from the bartender, and the bartender warns Iris about singing songs from the old times on Valcea. Later thst night, while everybody is asleep, Simon is awake due to insomnia, and he wishes that he had brought a book to read. His boredom leads him to remrmber that he did in fact bring a book - Iris' diary. He can't help himself as he flicks through the book, marvelling at all the curiosities inside. After reading a good portion of the diary, he falls asleep.

Back in Darlington, entire weeks have moved on without Simon, Iris, or Panda returning, so Kelly resumed working at the Great Big Book Exchange. She kept going to the poetry meetings at the Arts Centre too. Magda though, decides to meet up with Kelly.

Marvelle and Missy returned to Jenny, and now she found herself in the Super Hotel Miramar, situated on the edge of the Golden Chasm. Marvelle had booked Jenny a room in advance, which Missy instructs Jenny to go into. Having no other real options, Jenny enters her room to find the Objet D'Oom innocuously placed on the bedside table.

It's now morning on Valcea, and Iris, Simon, and Barbra are in good spirits, though Panda had nightmares all night so as a consequence he has become quite irritable. The bartender brings them tea, and after he leaves they decide to journey to the once-abandoned City of Glass, where the New Gods reside, the same location the sacrifices are taken to.

Over the Autumn, Kelly and Magda become good friends, and Kelly often buys US-imported books, mostly of Paranormal Mystery and Gothic genres. One day, Magda decided to go into the Great Big Book Exchange, to browse, and she stumbles across a mythical book, the Aja'ib, tucked away in the far corner of the Exchange. The following Friday, Kelly comes over to Magda's home for dinner, and they get talking. Kelly asks Magda if she has a dog, and Magda says no. Then they realise they can hear barking, very close to the farmhouse, and as Kelly goes to check, Marvelle and Missy have arrived at the house.

Back in the Super Hotel Miramar, Jenny, in the comfort and serenity of her bed, finds herself dreaming. She's in a lesbian bar, just off Skinnergate, and Jenny finds herself sitting on a squashy sofa, talking to a minute woman wearing a red dress, with masses of auburn hair. The tiny woman introduces herself as Euphemia, the first empress of Hyspero. Euphemia goes into say how her people imprisoned her in a jar, or as Jenny knows it, the Objet D'Oom. They then form an alliance, to return Euphemia back to Hyspero. Suddenly, Jenny realises she's awake, an Marvelle is telling her to come on. She questions him about why he left the Objet D'Oom so close to her, when for all he knew Kenny would just take it and run, and Marvelle responds by saying that he can now trust her, as she didn't run.

Simon is returning to the Celestial Omnibus with Iris, as they know the journey ahead will be a long one. When they arrive at the bus, they see that the hydraulic doors have been wrenched open, with the tell-tale signs of the Pinking Shears. Various things in the bus have been damaged or, in the case of Iris' diaries, stolen.

Cutting back to the invasion of Magda's home, Magda angrily asks Marvelle the whereabouts of Jenny, a question he avoids. He mesmerizes and kidnaps Kelly, and he kicks over Magda's wheelchair, causing her to crash down to the floor.

Back in The Winged God, Panda and Barbra are anticipating the return of Iris and Simon, and Barbra gets the bartender to restock her depleted stocks of food. He does so, but with an ulterior motive - he places a egg-like organic explosive device inside of her. An excited Panda exclaims that Iris and Simon have returned.

After being knocked down by Marvelle, Magda remembers various things about her past, such as Iris rescuing her in the 1980s, and her early experiences with MIAOW.

After travelling for hours across the Valcean countryside, dusk sets in, so the group sets up a camp for the night. After a while of staying up, Simon falls asleep, only to be awoken by the Wardrobes. They flee back into the Celestial Omnibus, and Iris drives off along a steep, narrow mountain pass, with a massive chasm either side of the road. Several Valcean days pass, and Iris keeps on driving, unfatigued. Unnoticed by Iris, Simon and Panda find that the tear created by Marvelle in the Very Fabric is still there, so they decide to quickly check what's on the other side.

On the other side, Simon is overjoyed to find out that he's a Vince Cosmos concert, as Cosmos was one of his childhood heroes. Simon can't resist the temptation to see one of his favourite musicians play, so he convinces Panda to go into the concert with him.

The opening act of the concert is a performance by the Tomorrow Twins, and when that finished Vince Cosmos steps out on stage, and begins to sing. Panda then notices the two Martian Time Agents that Marvelle had sent on a mission, and Panda bellows out a warning to everybody, simultaneously knocking Simon down to the ground to get him out of the path of any beams shot from the Martians' energy weapons. Surprisingly, Vince is now brandishing his twelve-stringed guitar as a weapon. Their cover blown, the Martians quickly teleport away.

Later that evening, Vince makes Simon and Panda the guests of honour at his after-show party, and Simon definitely knows that his LP of the concert had not ended in a Martian attack, but he chalks this up to interference in time. Vince denies not knowing about the Martians prior to the attack, but his body language tells another story. Simon notices an older woman in a slinky dress, and as he goes to get a closer look the woman reveals herself to be Iris, who is not at all pleased that Simon and Panda skived off while she labouring up the mountain pass. She also tells Simon not to muck about, as Iris has the knowledge of her own past to know that the stakes are much bigger than they anticipated. Taking a bit of responsibility, Simon finds Panda and they go back through the rift back into the Omnibus.

Back on the Celestial Omnibus, they decide to try and catch up with Marvelle as he enters the City of Glass. Iris cheers as the steep narrow road the bus was traversing opens up onto some sort of plateau. They arrive at some sort of village inhabited by people made out of glass, and they don't plan to stay long as they need to get on with he journey. Iris recalls the people's name, the Glass Men of Valcea, but she figures that they've been kicked out of their city by the New Gods. They then notice that the Glass Men are praying to Barbra.

Although the Glass Men can't use language to communicate, they try their best to be accommodating for their goddess and her friends, even though they're an incredibly shy species. Barbra decides to open up to Simon - not entirely, as she also doesn't want to be to trusting in case if somebody wants to harm her (after all, she has a glass front). Barbra opens her front to let Iris grab a drink, however the Glass Men view this as a defacement of their god, so they restrain Iris.

They take Iris away to a comfy sofa, where they then attach electrodes to her head, in order to communicate with her. As they do this, Iris tries to remember her previous encounter with the Glass Men, and she says if she had her diaries she would be able to remember. Simon then confesses to taking one of her diaries prior to Marvelle stealing the rest. Panda boggles at Simon, saying that Simon has broken their trust, however Iris is overjoyed that Simon rescued one.

Iris is even happier to discover that the diary that Simon had saved was about her previous adventure on Hyspero, and she knows that this exact diary must've been the one that Marvelle had needed. Iris knows that the Objet D'Oom came from Hyspero, and Marvelle needed the information inside the diary for his nefarious scheme. At that moment, Barbra arrives outside the cell, and she tells Iris, Panda, and Simon that the Glass Men will allow them to travel to the Glass City, on the condition that afterwards Barbra must remain on Valcea with the Glass Men, so they can worship her forever.

The Glass Men have repaired the Celestial Omnibus, and Iris, Panda, Simon, and Barbra set off towards the Glass City, using the Maelstrom to make the journey faster.

On the observation deck of the Super Hotel Miramar, Marvelle introduces Kelly to Jenny. Marvelle goes on to say that when Kelly had shown Marvelle her poems back on Earth, during that fateful poetry meeting, Marvelle had noticed a special ability within her. He recites her stanza, and in it, it has multiple mentions of things that should be beyond her knowledge. Things of the cosmos. He says that the universe spoke through Kelly, much to her disbelief. While this is going on, Euphemia talks to Jenny telepathically, saying that Kelly must not be allowed to get to Hyspero. The Empress tells Jenny to do this with any means necessary, which Jenny feels awful about having to do.

A discreet distance away from the Hotel, Marvelle using the Pinking Shears to slice open another rift in the Very Fabric, to Valcea. He states that they need to go via Valcea to get to Hyspero, as he isn't accurate enough with the Shears to make a connection to Hyspero.

The London branch of MIAOW is currently investigating why the Darlington branch is currently so far behind their work, and try as she might, Magda can't provide enough information to Mida Slike, the woman heading the investigation, to be satisfied with, and she rants about Iris' trail of disaster.

Later, Magda begins reading the Aja'ib. It's a compendium of old, strange stories that don't fit the narrative conventions of Earth literature. Magda reads a story about strange molten glass men. She reads that they were forcibly removed from their city, by the New Gods, and deep within the city lay the Dii h'anno Doors.

On Valcea, the Celestial Omnibus arrives at the Glass City, and they get out, Simon awestruck by the towers and buildings made out of pure glass. Iris is unimpressed, as some she was there previously, the city has known become overgrown and dirty. They enter a building nor far from the bus, and there they are attacked by a Wardrobe, which Barbra tries to fight off, but to no avail.

They are captured by more Wardrobes, before being separated and imprisoned. Simon and Barbra are in a cell together, and Barbra offers Simon food, which he declines. Hours pass, and the doors to the cell open, and two tall Wardrobes push Jenny and Kelly into the cell, which is then closed behind them. They all talk about their misadventures, and Jenny opens the Objet D'Oom, which is still in her possession, and places it down on the floor, and The Empress climbs out.

Iris and Panda are lead into a room, where Panda is strapped to a table, and vines of living wood go inside his head, causing him a great deal of pain. Iris tries to stop this, but a great booming voice startles her so much she stops in her tracks. She tries to get them go stop probing Panda's mind, but they say that they can do it to Iris as her mind is too well guarded. The Wardrobe she was taking to opens its doors, and it says that they don't know why the populace of Valcea treats them as gods. Iris steps closer to have a better look inside the Wardrobe, but she trips and falls inside. Panda demands the Wardrobe go release Iris, but he refusues, as he states that Iris is on a mission. Marvelle enters the room, and Panda flings himself at Marvelle, trying to strangle him.

Back inside the cell, Euphemia introduces herself, and the prisoners all stare at her, even Jenny. As they have a conversation, it's revealed that Terrance had somehow arrived in the deep catacombs of Hyspero, and stolen both the Objet D'Oom and the Aja-ib. A Wardrobe then enter the cell and takes Kelly.

After tumbling inside of the Wardrobe, Iris has a mental message from Marvelle, boasting about how his plan won't fail. She then finds herself in a shopping mall, which is a manifestation of either her or Barbra's subconscious. She then bumbs into Barbra, and she realises that Barbra has a bomb inside of her. There's an explosion, and Iris then finds herself at the Vince Cosmos concert that Simon and Panda visited earlier.

On Earth, hours pass and Magda is still reading the Aja-ib, and a car pulls up outside of Magda's Mysteries. Magda then reads a passage about Iris finding herself back on the Begins at Home, but prior to the attack of the Dog Pirates. Magda reads about how the Dog Pirates chased Iris, and how Iris had witnessed Terrance re-stealing the Objet D'Oom. Magda reads on as Iris finds herself on Hyspero, and the Empress instructs Iris to help stop Marvelle. Magda then looks up from the Aja-ib, to find that Mida Slike is closing down the Darlington branch of MIAOW. Slike also fires Magda.

Back on Valcea, Kelly is being led down a corridor by The Wardrobes, and she contemplates the sheer amount of things that have just happened to her, and she is utterly bewildered how Terrance had somehow reached Hyspero and stolen the Objet D'Oom and the Aja-ib. Kelly finds herself in the mammoth room where Iris and Panda are being held. Iris then remembers that on her subconscious journey, that Barbra has a bomb inside of her. The Wardrobes then start messing around with Iris, Panda, and Kelly, like how a cat toys with a mouse, until Marvelle enters the room. Immediately Iris questions Marvelle about her diaries, which he tells her that he destroyed them when they were of no use to him. Marvelle takes Kelly.

In the cell, Simon, Jenny, and Barbra manage to break out of the cell with brute force. Jenny says that it was too easy, and that The Wardrobes must be pre-occupied with something more important. Barbra then sadly tells the others that she has a bomb inside of her. She says that she tried to remove it, but it had lodged itself deep inside of her. Jenny then storms off, with the Objet D'Oom still in her possession, Simon yells at her to return. Barbra knows that there's about fifteen minutes before the bomb detonates. Simon and Barbra then decide to go to Iris, becuase if anybody could defuse a bomb, Iris can.

They enter the gigantic room just as Marvelle is getting prepared to leave. Simon begins to untie Iris as Barbra explains that she's about to explode, which is something Marvelle isn't bothered by. He takes Kelly forcibly, almost breaking her arm, and he realises that the Dii h'anno Doors are actually one of the wardrobes. He, Kelly, and Missy step through, and the other wardrobes follow suit, not wanting to be destroyed by Barbra. Try as she might, Iris cannot find a way to defuse the bomb inside of Barbra, so Barbra begs Iris, Panda, and Simon to get on the Celestial Omnibus and leave, which they reluctantly do.

Outside on Valcea, both the Glass Men and the Valceans know that the City has been destroyed, whether it be from seeing the City of Glass explode first-hand or feeling the shockwaves.

Back on the Omnibus, none of them speak for a while, as their losses are too saddening. Iris and her friends arrive back in Darlington, in late November, and they re-enter the Great Big Book Exchange to find that a pipe had burst, destroying many pre-war comics. Iris notes that at least Marvelle doesn't have the Objet D'Oom in his possession anymore, but Panda is doubtful that Jenny even survived the destruction of the City of Glass. They decide to go to MIAOW, to inform them of the events of the past few months (relative to Darlington).

On Hyspero, Marvelle, Missy, and Kelly travel across the scorching desert for hours. On their journey, they come across a twenty-story tall sculpture of Iris Wildthyme's grinning face.

Set immediately after Iris, Simon, and Panda had ran back to the Celestial Omnibus, Jenny had watched them leave, so she and Euphemia return to Barbra. Barbra tries to tell them to get out of the near area in order to avoid the imminent explosion. Jenny and Euphemia ignore her, and Euphemia goes inside of Barbra in order to remove the bomb. She succeeds, and the three of them flee through the Dii h'anno Doors. After travelling through the corridor inside of the Doors, they find themselves in a marketplace on Hyspero. Barbra miraculously finds a stall selling industrial qualities of orange pop and crisps, and while choosing out what to purchase, the seller tells them that not long ago, a group of three people had purchased also purchased crisps and pop. This trio is clearly Iris, Panda, and Simon, so Barbra, Jenny (with Euphemia), set off towards the Celestial Omnibus, using a set of hand drawn directions from the seller, and the six of them all reunite.


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  • Although this was the first Iris Wildthyme story published by Snowbooks, and Enter Wildthyme being a fresh introduction into the adventures of Iris, this story is a sequel to many of Margs' previous works.
  • There are multiple typos in the book, such as on page 39 where "Andrew" is printed instead of "Anthony", on page 52, Iris is referred to as a "he", and on pages 202 and 203, "The Winged Man" is printed instead of "The Winged God".