Enoch Thorne was born on Ganymede and grew up to become the third richest sentient in the galaxy and the CEO of SERVEYOUInc. (COMIC: The Rise and Fall)

The Chief Administrator of the United System Research Base Peter Cartwright reported on the ARC experiment directly to Thorne. In particular, he lay down his strategy to frame Dr Janet Rutherford to take all the blame. (COMIC: Whodunnit?)

Enoch remembered that the Eleventh Doctor put an end to the ARC experiment ten years prior and was livid over his intervention on Rokhandi. He demanded some good news from Professor Dutta. (COMIC: The Friendly Place)

However, during his call, the Doctor's intervention awoke the Talent Scout, who broke free from the Entity. Enoch was 67-years-old when he was melted to death by the Talent Scout. (COMIC: The Rise and Fall)

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