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Enjoy the Game was a "hidden" short prose story on the original Doctor Who website as it existed in 1998. It served as a tie-in with the BTS trivia quiz game Escape from the Master, thereby serving to justify the (wholly non-narrative) quiz's title.

Though short and uncredited, it had the distinction of being the first web-exclusive piece of licensed Doctor Who fiction.


The Master runs off on the Doctor, leaving him in quite a predicament.


The Master's voice rings out inside the control room of the Doctor's TARDIS as the Doctor tries to take off. As the ship's engines give out mid-take-off, the Master explains that he interfered with the ship before letting the Doctor "get it back", and that if he wants to to take off again, the Doctor will have to play a game of the Master's design, implanted into the TARDIS's databanks. After the Master's image dissolves, the scanner's monitor's picture rearranges itself to begin displaying a series of questions, a sight which "makes the Doctor's hearts sink".



  • The Master boasts that he shall be "aeons away" within seconds.

Story notes[]

  • The incarnations of the Doctor and the Master in this story are not identified, although they are both male. The header to the Escape from the Master quiz game included an image of Anthony Ainley's Master on a monitor, but a similar image depicting Roger Delgado's Master, instead, appeared on the Doctor Who website's home page on the widget leading one to the quiz and the short story. Thus, it appears that even the BBC had no definitive pronouncement on the identity of the story's Master.


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