Enid Blyton was an English writer, contemporary with Agatha Christie, (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp) whom the Eighth Doctor considered to have been the greatest writer who ever lived. (AUDIO: Nevermore)

Following the Tenth Doctor's assertion that he didn't want "PC Plod" investigating an alien criminal, Donna Noble realised the absurdity of Agatha Christie in the middle of a murder mystery. She claimed that it would be like them driving across country to find that Blyton was having tea with her character Noddy. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

In 1963, Zack, behind his tough façade, frequently read Blyton's books, in which he claimed fourteen-year-old spies were not unusual. Embarrassed, he claimed that he read them to his little sister. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

The Tenth Doctor told Martha Jones that he had once met Blyton and that she was an odd woman with unusual ears. She was the author of The Famous Five and The Secret Seven. The Doctor asserted that Annette Billingsley "ripped off" Blyton's series with her The Troubleseekers series. (PROSE: The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage)

In 1965, Templeton sneered that Allison Williams was not one of the Secret Seven and that Ian Gilmore was not Timmy "her little lapdog". Gilmore deadpanned that he was confusing it with The Famous Five. (AUDIO: Changing of the Guard)

Anji Kapoor, while investigating Fitz Kreiner's disappearance in a slum area of Lebenswelt, felt like she was in an Enid Blyton novel. (PROSE: The Book of the Still)

Bill Potts described Katie's and Mal's Smallington Secret Squad as "very Enid Blyton". (COMIC: Loose in the Lane)

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