The England football team represented England at football tournaments such as the World Cup. (COMIC: Foul Play, The Love Invasion)

In 1966, the squad consisted of Alan Ball, Gordon Banks, Jack Charlton, Cohen, Hunt, Geoff Hurst, Bobby Moore, Martin Peters, Nobby Stiles and Ray Wilson and was led by manager Alf Ramsey. (PROSE: Extra Time)

The team won the 1966 World Cup Final against West Germany. (COMIC: The Love Invasion) The team also played at the 2010 World Cup (COMIC: Foul Play) and reached the final of the 2030 World Cup. (COMIC: Apotheosis)

In 2050, the New Wembly Space Stadium had what appeared to be the England 2010 World Cup team playing. The Eleventh Doctor saw from the match programme that the England team was borrowed from the past by the Chronos Corporation. With a team of computerised robots playing in opposition the Doctor investigated as the eleven players from the England squad walked onto the pitch. Behind the scenes the Doctor used his psychic paper to pass himself and Amy off as laundry service to gain access to the England changing room. The Doctor soon recognised a perception field generator with a big on / off lever. Without hesitation the Doctor turned it off and the players on the pitch were revealed to be multi-tentacled purple alien players. With an angry crowd outside in the stadium the Doctor and Amy made a sharp exit with the Doctor explaining he knew the England team were impostors when he spotted one of them had a tentacle and revealed the outcome of the World Cup to Amy. (COMIC: Foul Play)

Notable matches Edit

Match Year Team Score Team Stadium
1966 World Cup Final1966England4-2West GermanyWembley Stadium
2010 World Cup2010England4-1GermanyUnknown
2030 World Cup Final2030EnglandUnknownScotlandWembley Stadium

Behind the scenes Edit

In the real world, Stanley Matthews, Bill Perry, Bobby Charlton, Bryan Robson, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney and Siobhan Chamberlain have also played for the England squad. This, however, is yet to be confirmed within the DWU.

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