Doctor Who DVD Files is a fortnightly partwork publication from GE Fabbri Ltd - The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia.

One of its regular features is Enemies, a series looking at the enemies of the Doctor.

Magazine pages[]

AA 1 - Atraxi

These alien gaolers tried to boil the Earth!

AB 1 - Abzorbaloff

Read about the big, green monster from Clom!

AD 1 - Adipose

They're small and cute but formed from human fat!

AH 1 - Adolf Hitler

Find out how the Doctor met this historical figure.

AL 1 - Alaya

This bitter Silurian warrior wanted to destroy humanity.

ALI 1 - Alistair

What does this shadowy collector have in his vault?

AK 1 - Grandfather

The Old God of Akhaten woke up starving ...

AN 1 - Auntie and Uncle

The 'patchwork people' of House were not always what they seemed.

AND 1 - Anne Droid

The Game Station played host to this killer robot.

AU 1 - Autons

Read all about the Nestene Consciousness' plastic minions

AU 2 - Auton Brides

These veiled menaces attacked Jackie Tyler in London

AU 3 - Claudio

This Roman soldier wasn't all that he seemed ...

AX 1 – Axos

Dare you face the parasitic creature fought by the Third Doctor?

BA 1 – Baltazar

Meet the 'scourge of the galaxy' – a space pirate on a quest!

BA 1 - Barclay

This London lad ended up on the planet San Helios.

BG 1 - The Black Guardian

Meet possibly the most dangerous being in existence!

BK 1 - Bok

The gargoyle of Devil's End came alive to menace UNIT

BL 1 - Billis

This forest ranger tried to destroy an alien forest.

BO 1 - Borusa

The Doctor's old tutor becomes a power-mad president!

BT 1 - The Beast

Discover the secret history of this mighty menace!

CA 1 - Maurice Caven

The Space pirate menaced the Second Doctor

CAN 1 - Val Cane

The humans on the Crusader 50 had it in for the Doctor ...

CB 1 - General Cobb

Find out about the man who tried to kill the Tenth Doctor

CC 1 - Captain Cook

This interstellar explorer set a werewolf on the Doctor.

CE 1 - Mr Crane

John Lumic's trusted henchman wasn't all that he seemed.

CH 1 - The Clerics

In the 51st century, the Doctor was an enemy of the Church.

CL 1 - Chief clown

This sinister jester worked at the Psychic Circus

CM 1 -Crooked Man

What lurks in the woods of a creepy pocket universe?

CN 1 - Carrionites

Read all about these number-crunching alien hags.

CN 2 - Lilith

Learn all about the youngest of the wicked Carrioites.

CN 3 - Doomfinger

Read all about the deadliest of the Carrionites.

CR 1 - Clockwork Droids

Find out exactly what makes these androids tick...

CS 1 - Cassandra

Meet the last human – or what was left of her ...

CV 1 - Rosanna Calvierri

The matriarch of the Saturnynes, who lived in Venice.

CV 2 - Francesco

This alien fish-vampire was hiding in Venice.

CW 1 - Chloe Webber

The girl whose pictures stole a thousand people ...

CY 1 - Cybermen

Take a closer look at one of the Doctor's oldest enemies.

CY 2 - Cyber-Leader

Meet all the brutal Cyber-bosses the Doctor has faced ...

CY 3 - Cyber-Controller

John Lumic couldn't control his Cybus creations!

CY 4 - Cybershades

Read all about these strange Cybernised creatures...

CY 5 - CyberKing

Gape in awe at the Cybermen's mighty engine of destruction.

CY 6 – The Origins of the Cybermen

Think you know all about the Cybermen? Think again!

CY 7 - Cyber Guard

If you go down to Stonehenge you're sure of a big surprise ...

CY 7 - Cybermen

Something wicked lurked beneath Colchester ...

CY 8 - Cyber Lord

Meet a new beed of Cyber Leader in Victorian London ...

CY 12 - Cybermen: Resurrected!

The 'silver giants' are never really dead ...

CY 13 - Cybermen: Telos

The Cybermen spread all over the Universe ...

CY 14 - Cybermen: Chess Master

The museum exhibits contained a nasty surprise

CY 15 - Wooden Cybermen

The Cybermen had a cunning trick up their sleeve ...

CY 16 - Cybermen:Trenzalore

The silver giants were intrigued by a signal ...

CY 17 - 12th Cyber Legion

These Cybermen received a message from the Doctor.

DC 1 - Professor Docherty

The Academic who lived two very different lives ...

DE 1 - The Destroyer

Face the blue demon who was summoned by sorceress Morgaine.

DEC 1 - Admiral de Coligny

This French officer was involved in the massacre of 1572

DG 1 - Dragon

Discover the legend of the Dragon's treasure.

DL 1 - Daleks

Open up and look inside the Doctor's most treacherous foe!

DL 2 - Origins of the Daleks

How a horrific war led to the creation of these heartless mutants.

DL 3 - Dalek Emperor

Discover who resurrected the Daleks to conquer Earth.

DL 4 - Special Weapons Dalek

Discover the fearsome secrets of the toughest Dalek ever...

DL 5 - Cult of Skaro

Read about the four members of this deadly Dalek squad!

DL 6 - Dalek Sec

Take a closer look at the Dalek cult leader

DL 7 - Supreme Dalek

Read about the Dalek who thought he was in charge ...

DL 8 - Imperial Daleks

Meet the different kind of Dalek that once served Davros.

DL 9 - Dalek Caan

Meet the memer of the Cult of Skaro who went insane...

DL 10 - Glass Dalek

Gaze in horror at the most gruesome Dalek ever ...

DL 11 - The Last Dalek

Meet the Dalek who was far from the last of its kind ...

DL 12 - New Dalek Paradigm

Meet the most recent incarnations of the Doctor's old enemies.

DL 13 Ironsides

Meet the Daleks who make a mean cuppa!

DL 14 - Stone Dalek

Even fossilisation couldn't stop the monsters from Skaro!

DL 15 - Supreme Dalek

Read all about the leader of the New Dalek Paradigm.

DL 16 - Old Daleks

Meet the original metal monsters

DL 17 - Drone Dalek

Find out about the Dalek Paradigm's red warrior ...

DL 18 - Dalek Prime Minister

The Daleks have a chilling new leader ...

DL 19 - Dalek Puppets

The Daleks found a horrible use for nanogenes ...

DL 20 - Black Daleks

Beware the commanders of the Daleks!

DL 21 - Daleks: Time War

Discover the secret history of the war to end all wars.

DL 22 - Parliament of the Daleks

Learn all about the heart of the New Dalek Paradigm.

DL 23 - Insane Dalek

The Asylum of the Daleks was not a friendly place ...

DL 24 - Dalek Strategist

The blue Dalek was responsible for hatching evil plans

DL 25 - SWD: Insane Mutant!

Whatever happened to the Special Weapons Dalek?

DN 1 - Dinosaurs

The Doctor has encountered several prehistoric beasts.

DR 1 - Dream Lord

See part of the Doctor he normally suppresses.

DV 1 - Davros

The Doctor thought his old foe was dead, but he was wrong!

DV 2 - Davros: The Rise and Terror

Delve into the secret history of the Kaled mastermind.

DV 3 - Davros: Descent into Madness

How the Dalek creator's plans got even crazier...

DV 4 - Davros: Top Moments

Take a look back at the career of an evil genius.

DX 1 - Droxil

Who were the Forest Rangers from Androzani Major?

EC 1 - The Empty Child

Keep your distance from the zombie who wanted his mummy.

ED 1 - The Editor

He's smarmy, corrupt - and in control of the whole human race!

EI 1 - Eight Legs

The giant spiders of Metebelis Three killed the Doctor

EN 1 - Eknodines

The old folk of Leadworth may not be as innocent as they look ...

ET 1 - Eternals

Find out more about this mysterious race from outside time itself.

FE 1 - Fenric

read about one of the Doctor's oldest enemies ...

FEN 1 - Fendahl

This alien entity was trapped in a time loop.

FK 1 - The Futurekind

Read about the toothy terrors from the edge of the universe

FL 1 - The Flood

Learn all about these horrific creatures from the Red Planet (fold-out)

FM 1 - Family of Blood

Meet the family who liked to slay together...

FM 2 - Son of Mine

Meet the Family of Blood's most cunning member.

FM 3 - Daughter of Mine

This member of the Family of Blood wreaked havoc in 1913.

FN 1 - Headmaster Finch

The leader of the alien Krillitanes was one smooth operator.

FO 1 - Foamasi

Meet the alien gangsters who tried to take over the Leisure Hive.

FR 1 - Captain Alice

This military leader tried to blow up Hedgewick's World.

FS 1 - Miss Foster

Her spoonful of sugar helped the Adipose dieting pills go down ...

GA 1 - Gantok

Dare you challenge this fiend to a game of Live Chess?

GA 2 - Ganger Jen

Jennifer Lucas' flesh avatar had a life of her own.

GAV 1 - Gavrok

Meet the leader of the ruthless Bannermen.

GI 1 - Great Intelligence

Find out how this nameless entity tried to invade Earth ...

GI 2 - Great Intelligence: Revenge!

This alien entity discovered the Doctor's grave.

GI 3 The Great Intelligence: Snow Storm

This alien entity came to Earth in a blizzard.

GL 1 - Gelth

Discover the history of these extraterrestrial phantoms.

GO 1 - Gorgons

These creatures from Greek mythology were real...

GK 1 – Graske

The terror that caused nightmares for the Doctor and Sarah Jane.

GR 1 - The Gods of Ragnarok

Entertain these mysterious beings at your peril!

GRA 1 - Gravis

The leader of the Tractators was good with gravity.

GS 1 - The Gunslinger

Everything you need to know about the cyborg cowboy assassin.

GV 1 - Gideon Vandaleur

Meet the Silence agent with a shocking secret ...

HA 1 - Haemovores

These hideous vampires rose from the freezing sea.

HA 2 - Ancient Haemovore

This terrifying creature journeyed through the mists of time ...

HAR 1 - Harvey

The Daleks turned this space pilot in a Puppet

HB 1 - Handbots

These faceless robots killed with kindness ...

HD 1 - Captain Hardaker

Meet the Captain who planned to go down with his ship!

HE 1 - Helen A

The sugary-sweet villain who tried to ban sadness

HH 1 - Heavenly Host

Meet the mechanical servants of Max Capricorn

HM 1 – Headless Monks

How to get ahead in the Order of the Headless Monks ...

HS 1 - Harold Saxon

Take a look at the Master's perfect disguise ...

IR 1 - Irongron

Face the Medieval man who worked with a Sontaran!

IS 1 - Isolus

This tiny alien child was lonely – until it came to Earth.

IW 1 - Ice Warriors

Meet the Martians - scaly green natives of the Red Planet!

IW 2 - Skaldak

Beware the Vanquisher of the Phobos Heresy...

JD 1 - Judoon

Get up close with the tough rhino-headed law enforcers.

JG 1 – Jagrafess

This blobby monstrosity ruled the Human Empire!

KJK 1 - Sharaz Jek

This masked madman tried to kidnap Peri

A 1 - Kandyman

This villain with a sweet tooth terrorised the Seventh Doctor.

KE 1 - Kane

The tyrant of Svartos had ice running through his veins.

KH 1 - Klineman Halpen

This unscrupulous businessman learned a terrible lesson ...

KJ 1 - Kahler-Jex

Was this alien refugee a friend or foe?

KL 1 - Krillitanes

Meet the shape-changers who wanted to control the universe.

KN 1 - Knights

Warriors from another dimension invaded Cornwall

KO 1 - Madame Kovarian

This fiendishly clever woman was determined to stop the Doctor.

KS 1 - Commander Kess

This brutal guard took pleasure in wrecking violence on the Ood.

KT 1 - Miss Kizlet

Meet the Great Intelligence's right hand woman.

KV 1 - Kiv

This Mentor tried to steal Peri's brain for himself.

KZ 1 - Kazran Sardick

Understand the bitterness of this lonely old man ...

LB 1 - Lance Bennett

It's a good thing that Donna left this bad guy at the altar!

LD 1 - Lucius Petrus Dextrus

The prophet of Pompeii didn't predict his own demise!

LG 1 - Light

A surveyor from another world. Light wasn't good at adapting.

LI 1 - Li H'sen Chang

This magician was behind the disappearance of several Victorian girls!

LO 1 - Time Lords

Discover the rogues gallery of misfits behind the legend!

LP 1 - The Lord President

Discover the secret history of 'Rassilon', the mad Time Lord.

LR 1 - Luke Rattigan

Find out about the boy genius who wasn't really that smart.

LS 1 - Lady Sylvia Thaw

The financial backer for the disastrous Lazarus experiment.

LS 1 - Lieutenant Stepashin

Meet the second in command aboard the Firebird.

LY 1 - Commander Lytton

This mercenary worked for the Daleks and met two Doctors!

LZ 1 - Professor Lazarus

Both man and monster, read about this 'mad' scientist!

MA 1 - Mr Magpie

There was only one escape for the man trapped by the Wire...

MC 1 - Macra

Find out more about the alien crabs that the Doctor has met twice.

MD 1 - Mechanoids

Meet the metal monsters that took on the Daleks.

ME 1 - Solana Mercurio

The woman whose loyalty to her employer sealed her doom.

MG 1 - Meglos

Introducing the spiky-faced monster who faced the Fourth Doctor.

MH 1 - Miss Hartigan

How one Victorian lady became a metal giant!

MI 1 - Commander Milligton

This British soldier thought like a Nazi ...

MK 1 - Doctor Malohkeh

Was this Silurian scientist as creepy as he looked?

ML 1 - The Malus

Peel back the plaster and come face to face with evil!

MN 1 - Colonel Manton

Meet Madame Kovarian's right-hand man.

MO 1 – Morgaine

Meet the evil sorceress from another dimension!

MP 1 - Melody Pond

Before River Song there was the Doctor's 'bespoke psychopath'!

MR 1 – Mara

Follow the snake into the Dark Places of the Inside ...

MS 1 - The Master

The history of the Doctor's arch nemesis and fellow Time Lord.

MS 2 - The Master: Old-School Villain

The incarnation who battled the Third Doctor steps forward.

MS 3 - The Master: Reborn

The deranged Time Lord manages to cheatdeath itself!

'MS 4 - The Master: Lives!

How the Master's fight for survival turned to desperation.

MS 5 - The Master Race

If you thought one Master was bad enough ...

MS 6 - The Master: Top Moments

Check out our top 10 instances of Time Lord tyranny?

MS 7 - The Master: Cheetah World

The renegade Time Lord went wild on an alien planet.

MS 8 - The Master: Bodysnatcher

The evil Time Lord would do anything to survive.

MT 1 - Minotaur

Meet this dangerous beast that fed on faith.

MU 1 - Mummy

What is the secret of the Rings of Akhaten?

MX 1 - Max Capricorn

Take a look at the fiendish mastermind behind the Titanic disaster...

MZ 1 - Mels Zucker

Meet the earlier incarnation of a familiar face.

NA 1 - The Naismiths

Find out about this super-rich father-daughter team.

NC 1 - Nestene Consciousness

This plastic-loving alien menace attacked Earth three times.

OB 1 - Oddbob

The Pied Piper of Hamelin was terrifyingly real ...

OG 1 - Ogrons

Meet these brutish servants of the Daleks.

OM 1 - Omega

Find out about this legendary Gallifreyan

OO 1 - Possessed Ood

Find out what caused the gentle servants to become killers!

OO 2 - Nephew

This lost Ood was a servant of the mysterious House.

OS 1 - Osirans

Sutekh was the last of the god-like aliens.

PA 1 - The Partisan

This Time Lord councillor paid the ultimate price ...

PAN 1 - Pangol

This Argolin wanted to clone himself and build an army.

PD 1 - Peg dolls

These terrifying creatures were once human ...

PH 1 - Professor Hobbes and Dee Dee Blasco

A creature on the planet Midnight made monsters of this brainy pair.

PM 1 - The Plasmavore

Meet the bloodsucking alien disguised as a harmless old lady.

PN 1 – Lady Peinforte

Meet the woman who wanted the power of a Gallifreyan weapon ...

PI 1 - Solomon

The Doctor showed this space pirate no mercy.

PR 1 - Pandorica Alliance

Find out who was who in this unholy union of monsters.

PR 1 - Primords

These horrific mutations menaced the Third Doctor

PY 1 - Pyrovile

Meet the mighty volcanic monsters from Pompeii.

PZ 1 - Prisoner Zero

The malevolent multiform ran amok in sleepy Leadworth village.

RB 1 - Robina Redmond

Miss it Miss Redmond in the library with the lead pipes?

RC 1 - Empress of the Racnoss

This ancient monster planned to feed humanity to her offspring!

RE 1 - Restac

This Silurian warrior wasn't interested in peace on Earth.

RF 1 - Dr Renfrew

Meet the confused servant of the Silents

RN 1 - The Rani

This cold and calculating Time Lord was nothing but trouble!

RP 1 - Reapers

The winged creatures from the Vortex are coming!

RR 1 – Raston Warrior Robot

Meet the most perfect killing machine ever devised.

RS 1 - Roboforms

Look behind the masks of the Robot santas who terrorised Earth.

SA 1 - Saturnynes

The fishy friends who threatened 16th century Venice.

SAL 1 - Salamander

Meet the Doctor's devilish double

SB 1 - Sibylline Sisterhood

Discover the women-only cult betrayed by the fiery Pyrovile!

SB 2 - Spurrina

This Soothsayer was handy with a ceremonial dagger.

SC 1 - Scarecrows

Discover the significance of scarecrows in Doctor Who.

SD 1 - Sea Devils

These odd-looking ocean dwellers were related to the Silurians.

SE 1 - The Silence

Meet the monsters behind the Apollo space missions ...

SH 1 - Shapeshifters

A guide to creatures who are not what they seem.

SHA 1 - The Shakri

These monsters from the Time Lord myth invaded Earth.

SHA 2 - Shakri Orderlies

These hospital horrors worked for an alien menace.

SHA 3 - Shakri Android

This little girl looked harmless enough ...

SI 1 - Sil

Introducing the foul slug-like alien who was obsessed with money.

SI 1 - Siren

Will this demon wipe out the crew of the good ship Fancy?

SK 1 - Sutekh

The last of the Osirans proves to be a deadly adversary.

SL 1 - Slitheen

Take a closer look at the Doctor's mean, green foes.

SL 2 - 'Margaret' Slitheen

Meet a mean green alien Slitheen.

SL 3 - Carl Slitheen

The Slitheen came in many shapes and sizes.

SM 1 - Smilers

You wouldn't like them when they're angry!

SN 1 - Sontarans

The diminutive but dastardly soldiers who look like baked potatoes!

SN 2 - General Staal

The commander of the Tenth Sontaran Battle Fleet unmasked

SN 3 - Commander Linx

The first Sontaran ever seen on screen was also the most cunning!

SN 4 - Field Major Styre

Take a look at the Sontaran who experimented on humans ...

SN 5 - Stike

Meet the Sontaran who tried to travel in time ...

SN 6 - Sontaran

Relive past glories and defeats with the clone warriors.

SN 7 - Kaagh

Meet the Sontaran who fell to Earth

SO 1 - The Second

This Time Lord Chancellor went along with genocide ...

SOL 1 - Solomon's Robots

These bickering droids threatened Brian Williams...

SP 1 - Sun-Possessed

Shield your eyes from the searing gaze of these hot-headed killers!

SPO 1 - Spoonheads

The Great Intelligence used robots to take over London ...

SR 1 - Scaroth

Behold the one-eyed creature whose ship created life on Earth

SS 1 - The Sisters of Plenitude

The sinister Catkind nurses of New Earth have a cure for everything ...

ST 1 - Mr Sweet

Read all about the 'crimson horror' from the dawn of time.

SU 1 - Silurians

Be careful not to wake the original rulers of Earth ...

SV 1 – Sky Silvestry

A trip to Midnight changed this poor woman's life for ever ...

SW 1 - Snowmen

Meet the chilling servants of the Great Intelligence ...

SY 1 - Sycorax

Read about the skull-headed Christmas invaders

SY 2 - Fadros Pallujikaa

Beware the electro-whip of this fearsome Sycorax!

TB 1 - Time beetle

This creature crept up on its victims – and ruled their lives.

TE 1 - Tetraps

Find out about the bat-like creatures battled by the Seventh Doctor

TF 1 - Time Field

The 'cracks in time' haunted the Doctor through the ages...

TL 1 - Time Lords

Meet the Gallifreyans who were rotten to the core.

TO 1 - Toclafane

Read about the flying foes from the end of existence!

TR 1 - Miss Trefusis

This sinister prison guard brought the Master back to life.

TW 1 - Torchwood One

Before Captain Jack there was Yvonne Hartman ...

TZ 1 - Tenza

Discover the secrets of this dangerous alien 'cuckoo'.

UV 1 - Uvodni

This race of warriors fought in the Ghost Wars

VA 1 - Vampires

The Doctor has encountered a whole host of blood-suckers ...

VA 2 - Vampires

The Saturnyns tried to sink Venice

VB 1 - Gregor Van Baalen

Find out how this space scavenger broke into the TARDIS.

VB 2 - Tricky Van Baalen

This 'android' was not all that he seemed ...

VI 1 - The Visionary

The Time Lords used this mystic in their sinister schemes ...

VK 1 - Darla Von Karlsen

This poor mother became a Dalek puppet ...

VL 1 - The Valeyard

Who is the man in black who wants to destroy the Doctor?

VN 1- Vashta Nerada

Find out about the deadly shadows that inhabit spacesuits!

VP 1 - Vespiform

Take a closer look at the alien insect with a deadly sting in its tail

VR 1 – VOC Robots

Discover creepy mechanical men with murder in mind...

VS 1 - Henry Van Statten

The man who not only owned the internet, but also the last Dalek!

WA 1 - Weeping Angels

Killer statues from the dawn of time - blink and they'll get you!

WA 2 - Regenerating Angels

Take a look at the Weeping Angels on Alfava Metraxis, just don't blink!

WA 3 - Angel Bob

Meet the Weeping Angel that crashed the Byzantium ...

WA 4 - Angel Cherubs

Just when you thought you knew the Weeping Angels

WA 5 - Weeping Angels: Trenzalore

The deadly stone creatures attacked the town of Christmas

WE 1 - Mr Webley

This showman was turned into a Cyberman.

WG 1 Winifred Gillyflower

This wicked woman tried to bring about the apocalypse.

WL 1 - War Lords

Watch out for the aliens who pluck armies out of time!

WM 1 - Whisper Men

Have you heard these sinister spectres?

WN 1 - Wirrn

These giant insects broke into humanity's Ark.

WO 1 - Miss Wormwood

Who did this steely businesswoman really work for?

WR 1 - The Wire

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let her begin.

WW 1 - Werewolf

Watch out for the howling tooth one if there's a full moon...

YT 1 - Yeti

Meet the Abominable servants of the Great Intelligence.

YH 1 - Yvonne Hartman

Profile of the Torchwood leader who became a Cyber victim...

ZG 1 - Zygons

These shape-changing aliens wanted to make Earth their new home.

ZG 2 - Broton

This Zygon warlord hid at the bottom of Loch Ness.

ZG 3 - Zygons: Tudor Terror

Queen Elizabeth I was attacked by alien shape-shifters!

ZG 4 - Zygon Commander

This Brutal alien declared war on the future.

ZM 1 - Time zombies

These Horrors roamed the corridors of the TARDIS

"Where To File Them"[]

In Issue 2 and Issue 3 subscribers receive a binder and seven coloured divider cards. The Enemy pages are filed behind the purple dividers.

Like the technology and allies sections, cards are filed alphabetically in each section according to the letters in the top right corner. For example Dalek (DL) will come before Davros (DV) in this section.

If a subject has more than one card, it is further broken down by numbers. For example, DL 2 will come immediately after DL 1.