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Endgame was the twelfth issue of Prisoners of Time, and depicted the final battle between the eleven Doctors and Adam Mitchell. The companions Adam kidnapped were also released, ending the twelve-part long arc of Prisoners of Time.

Uniquely, the comic saw the death of Adam and his redemption in the Doctor's eyes as a true companion. This was the first time a companion introduced in the BBC Wales version of the series had their death depicted in a comic rather than in a televised story and also killed the character off unambiguously, and in doing so, retroactively and chronologically made him the first of the Ninth Doctor's multi-story companions to die, excluding the resurrected Jack Harkness.

Publisher's summary Edit

Our yearlong celebration of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary concludes! All eleven Doctors must team up if there's any hope of defeating his latest and most surprising adversary! Everything has been leading up to this epic conclusion!

Plot Edit

The Eleventh Doctor explains to Adam that thanks to his meddling with time, he is able to summons his other ten known selves. Adam decides to kill all the companions, but it is revealed his remote is Frobisher in disguise. The Eleventh Doctor says he left a chronal trail, which enables the TARDISes to merge and bring the Doctors here.

The Master's army of Autons

The Master's army of Autons.

Adam and the Master release an Auton army. However Frobisher, disguised as an Auton, overpowers Adam and releases the companions. A fight between the "armies" breaks out, during which the Master reveals his plan to destroy all of reality itself. Adam is horrified, stating that he did not want to commit genocide or the destruction of the universe.

He tells the Doctors that his ultimate victory will be making all of his incarnations watch as he does so. The Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor plead with Adam, saying they will take full responsibility for what happened in his life and that he is many things, but not a murderer. The Ninth Doctor asks him to prove him wrong, to show him he misjudged Adam.

Convinced by the Doctors, Adam stuns the Master and tells him he has gone too far, enraged that the Master has been using him all along.

Annoyed by Adam's suddenly developed conscience, the Master stabs him with a hidden knife, after which the injured Adam uses the Time Manipulator to teleport to the console behind the Master.

He destroys it, foiling the Master's plan, but the resulting explosion only injures him further. The Master, still pleased by his role within all the chaos, teleports away, escaping the Doctor.

The Doctors consult a dying Adam, telling him that they were wrong about him. He asks "Maybe I would have been good enough after all, eh Doctor?", before dying in the arms of the Doctor and his companions.

All the Doctors and companions stand around a small stone replica of the TARDIS, mourning. As they begin to leave, the Eleventh Doctor turns around once more to take a look at the inscription: "Adam Mitchell - A Companion True."

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Notes Edit

  • Despite being seen among the captured companion in the previous issue, Jenny is nowhere to be seen in this issue.
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