End of an Era was the episode of Doctor Who Confidential broadcast in conjunction with Journey's End.

Aspects of production covered Edit

  • Julian Bleach donning the appearance of Davros before filming of his scenes commenced as a test run. David Tennant even showed up on set to see the return on one of his favourite Doctor Who characters from childhood.
  • Filming of the TARDIS console room scene with the Tenth Doctor and his cadre of companions gathered to pull the Earth back into orbit from the Medusa Cascade. Includes interviews with the cast members and their reactions to everyone of the Tennant era's major characters united for the last time before the conclusion of David's time on Doctor Who.
  • Filming scenes with a double for David Tennant who played two roles in the same scene in the actual episode.

Additional topics covered Edit

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People interviewed Edit

Music list Edit

  • "Long Distance" by Turin Brakes, Album: Ether Song[1]
  • "The Sea" by Morcheeba, Album: Parts Of The Process
  • "Roads" by Portishead, Album: Dummy
  • "Girls And Boys In Love" by Rumble Strips, Album: Girls and Weather
  • "Hoppipolla" by Sigur Ros, Album: Takk
  • "Voodoo People" by The Prodigy, Album: Their Law - The Singles
  • "Do Your Thing" by Basement Jaxx, Album: Basement Jaxx - The Singles
  • "Cochise" by Audioslave, Album: Cochise - Single
  • "Map Of The Problematique" by Muse, Album: Black Holes and Revelations

Crew Edit

Elements retained in Cut Down Edit

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Home video releases Edit

The "Cut Down" version of the episode is available on the Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth Series DVD box set.

Footnotes Edit

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