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Encyclopedia of The Worlds of Doctor Who: A-D was a Doctor Who reference book published by Piccadilly Press and Knight Books.

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Hardback Edition Edit

Where is Anterides?

Who was Azaxyr?

What was Bessie?

The answers to these, and more questions than you imagined existed will be found in Encyclopaedia of The Worlds of Doctor Who...

This is the first volume of the encyclopaedia.

Paperback edition Edit

How can 450,000 daffodils be connected with Doctor Who?

Where do the Cybermen come from?

Did Doctor Who travel on the Ark?

All the answers to your Doctor Who questions can be found in the first exciting volume of The Encyclopaedia of the Worlds of Doctor Who.

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Is an encyclopaedia of everything in the TV stories, that begins with A - D and was in the TV stories from An Unearthly Child to The Ultimate Foe.

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Castrovalva was omitted.