The Emperor of Draconia was the title held by the ruler of the Draconian Empire. (PROSE: Shadowmind) They ruled over the planet Draconia and the Draconian people. (TV: Frontier in Space) Historically, Dracnonian women had just as much power as men during their Tribal Epoch, however by the Industrial Epoch, chauvinistic Emperors had silenced their voices. Despite the subservient role expected of Draconian females at this time, they could still inherit the role of Emperor of Draconia, under the mantle of Empress. (COMIC: Cold Blooded War!)

History Edit

The White Emperor was the first Emperor of Draconia. He and the other former Emperors of Draconia, the Deathless Emperors, were preserved in Imperial Heaven above Draconia. The Deathless Emperors included the Gold Emperor, Green Emperor, Pearl Grey Emperor, Blood Purple Emperor, and Dusk Blue Emperor. Later, the Red Emperor (AUDIO: Paper Cuts) served as the Fifteenth Emperor of Draconia and ruled in the 21st century. The Doctor helped him to contain a great plague that nearly overwhelmed the Empire, and was conferred the status of noble of the Draconian Empire for his efforts. (TV: Frontier in Space) Upon the apparent death of the Red Emperor, the Sixth Doctor was called to stand vigil for him as a noble of Draconia. (AUDIO: Paper Cuts)

One Draconian Emperor ruled during a period of conflict between Earth and Draconia in 2540. His son was a Draconian prince. (TV: Frontier in Space) After this thwarted near war, a Draconian Emperor ruled over the Draconian Empire under a policy of peace with Earth and the United Planetary Association. His distant kinsman, Samzyre of House Kryll hoped to provoke a war despite the Emperor's wishes. (PROSE: Catastrophea) Another Draconian Emperor ruled during the 26th century. (COMIC: Star Tigers) In the 27th century, Emperor Shenn presided over Draconia during a crisis caused by the Cult of the Dark Flame. During his reign, there was extensive political intrigue and he was frequently at risk of assassination attempts. (AUDIO: The Draconian Rage)

One hundred and thirty years after the near war between Draconia and Earth, Emperor Xaxil, the Twenty-Fourth Emperor of Draconia, confirmed the Third Doctor role in Draconia's history for the leaders on the planet Tairngire, who doubted the Seventh Doctor's claims. (PROSE: Shadowmind)

Adjit Kwan of the House of Adjit Assan became Empress of Draconian Empire after three centuries of galactic harmony. Because of the chauvinistic attitudes and male domination that characterised Draconian culture for the last five centuries, her ascenion to the throne caused a great outcry. It nearly resulted in a war, and Fusek Kljuco attempted to assassinate the Empress, but was thwarted when his daughter Agita took the killing blown instead. (COMIC: Cold Blooded War!)

Another Draconian Emperor led the Draconians in the Alliance, a group of aliens who fought a war against Morbius that was led by the Fifth Doctor under the name "the Supremo". (PROSE: Warmonger) Admiral Shian-Kotek was the nephew of a Draconian Emperor and a very popular figure on Draconia. When Captain David Carey threatened Shian-Kotek's death, the Seventh Doctor warned that although the Draconian Emperor did not want war, Shian-Kotek's death would have the Draconians calling for blood. (PROSE: Monitor)

By the 10th millennium, the Draconian Empire and the office of Emperor of Draconia was replaced by the Draconian Republic. (PROSE: The Crystal Bucephalus)

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