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An emotional amplifier was an alien device capable of detecting emotions and amplifying them over distances. Owen Harper compared them to mobile phones which transmitted emotions rather than sounds.

Design Edit

The surface of the amplifier was blistered, but as part of the design and not the result of extreme heat or cold. It was criss-crossed with raised ribbons of metal, which broadened out at random intervals to encircle two buttons. At the broad end, it had three irregular holes. The narrower end of the amplifier was different in texture, like ceramic, but the same pastel colour. The amplifier was deep-lavender.

The colour and curvature reminded Toshiko of Japanese art, with the surface incised with pattern like formal calligraphy. The colour reminded her of Hokusai etchings.

The inner circuitry produced an emotional amplification effect, capable of transmitting emotions including hunger, aggression, lust and rage. It contained a picture within the circuitry of the designer, although this was merely incidental to the primary function. There were also symbols incised into the circuitry. When turned on, it pulsed a colour of light which depended on the emotion it detected. For lust it pulsed amber and for anger it pulsed crimson.

The amplifier was part of a batch of pastel coloured metallic objects, some the size of paperback books and some the size of oranges. No two were identical, but they were all alike. One was ovoid in shape, some were long and thin, some were short and squat and some looked like globules all massed together. They varied in colour, from aquamarine to rose. (PROSE: Slow Decay)

History Edit

One was found in 1910. It was later transferred to a different box in the Torchwood Archive when similar devices were found in South Wales.

Torchwood bought five as a job lot at an auction in South Wales in 1948. It was unknown from where they originally came. One even made it as far away as London, where it was archived by Torchwood One.

In 1953, two were discovered in an alien life-craft ejected from a crashing spaceship, found in an archaeological dig at an Iron Age site near Mynach Hengoed.

They were all archived together, based on their similar appearance, in 1955 by Jack Harkness.

In the mid 2000s, an amplifier was found on the body of Craig Sutherland after the deaths of five students at a nightclub off St Mary Street. (PROSE: Slow Decay)

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