Emmeline "Emily" Pankhurst was a leader of the British suffragette movement in the early 20th century. (PROSE: Forgotten, Birthright, Casualties of War)

Jenny Flint and Madame Vastra occasionally met with Miss Pankhurst for bingo in late 19th century London. (AUDIO: Inside Every Warrior)

She led regular meetings on women's suffrage around 1906, some of which were attended by Mary Grainger. Mary's husband, Lawrence, would not believe she was involved in Pankhurst's movement when he found out. (PROSE: Forgotten)

The Eighth Doctor claimed to have chained Pankhurst to the railings outside 10 Downing Street. (PROSE: Casualties of War)

The Tenth Doctor claimed that Pankhurst had stolen his laser spanner when asked by Martha Jones if he had one. He considered her a "cheeky woman." (TV: Smith and Jones)

Romana claimed that Pankhurst had given her a parasol as a gift. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

The Sixth Doctor suspected that Melanie Bush would get along well with Emmeline Pankhurst, after she gave a rousing speech about the power of anger in making a difference. (AUDIO: Loud and Proud)

Meeting a young girl named Emily, the Twelfth Doctor acknowledged Pankhurst among a list of famous women who shared her name. (COMIC: Harvest of the Daleks)

Daisy Conlan had an "Emmeline Pankhurst attitude" according to Oliver Marks. (PROSE: The Glamour Chase)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Pankhurst was played by Siân Phillips in the BBC drama Shoulder to Shoulder.
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