Emmeline Neuberger was a werewolf, inheriting her nature from one or both of her parents.

She was born in 1912, and her first change was in 1926. By 1933, the Nazis forced all non-humans in Germany to register. They were put into camps, starved, and then given the option to do the Nazis' bidding. On one mission, the person Emmeline attacked had a silver necklace and was protected, knocking Emmeline out with a silver candlestick. She was overlooked in the chaos and escaped to England after regaining consciousness.

Hester Stanton caught Emmeline and implanted false memories, making her believe she was the cousin of Hester's son George. Hester wanted to use her as part of her plan to make George the king of England. Later, to quiet the land aroused by Hester's magic, the Eighth Doctor stabbed Emmeline in the heart since only her blood could do so. This did not kill Emmeline since he used a stainless steel knife, not one made of silver. After Hester's plan was stopped in November 1936, the Doctor helped Emmeline stay in England, but she was captured by English scientists wanting to create wolf soldiers for the upcoming war.

In December of the same year, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith were trying to learn what had happened to Harry Sullivan, who had been stranded by the TARDIS in the prior month. The Doctor found and freed Emmeline, who besides George was the only survivor of the prior events. When Sarah became buried alive, Emmeline convinced the Fourth Doctor to turn her into a werewolf so she could smell where she was and dig her out. The Doctor did this by having her drink powdered moon rock. She then had the Doctor take her back to Germany so she could help her fellow werewolves there. (PROSE: Wolfsbane)