Emma Waverly was the result of a eugenics experiment in 20th century England, attempting to create super-soldiers in case of German invasion. (AUDIO: Manhunt, Sins of the Fathers) She had the ability to shapeshift into a male form.

Her mother, Catherine Waverly, could not have children. Catherine's husband, Charles, "volunteered" her for the programme. Emma was born sickly and taken away from her mother for unspecified treatment, and grew up mainly closer to her father. She knew Ian Gilmore as "Uncle Ian".

Emma went to a Swiss finishing school and also travelled the Far East, being trained in martial arts by "the Tiger of Burma himself". However, she was left frustrated and angry that despite her ambitions and skill she could only advance so far as a woman, and was disillusioned with the "old boy network" of the 1960s authorities. This was made worse by growing psychosis, the result of the Wilcock experiments.

In early 1965, Charles attempted to gain control of the Intrusion Countermeasures Group through underhanded means and put Emma - pretending to be a dead soldier, Captain James Astor - in charge under her male form. This was prevented when Catherine found out what Charles had done to their child and murdered him. Emma first believed Gilmore had murdered him and, as Astor, began to hunt him down 'officially'. In secret, she began torturing and murdering people from the eugenic programme, believing they'd betrayed her father. Her mother, aware now of what was going on, was forced to stay quiet and clean "Astor's" boots.

Sir Toby Kinsella put "Astor" as a temporary replacement for Gilmore in the Intrusion Countermeasures Group, hoping to draw out the conspiracy. While there, "Astor" found herself flirted with by Allison Williams and freaked out, leaving and telling Allison the woman was "better than this".

Countermeasures uncovered the truth before Emma, realising who really killed her father, could kill Lady Catherine. Emma escaped and was a fugitive for several months, with Sir Toby (himself part of the eugenics programme) deliberately keeping Countermeasures from investigating. (AUDIO: Manhunt, The Fifth Citadel)

Before the year had ended, Emma had found one of the other super-soldiers, Ray Cleaver. She only had time to give him the files on the programme before she died from complete cellular collapse. Sir Toby later tried to blame Ray's killings on Emma but Allison Williams realised this was scientifically implausible. (AUDIO: Sins of the Fathers)

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