Emma-Louise Cowell was a woman from 1953 who accidentally travelled through the Cardiff Rift with Diane Holmes and John Ellis more than 50 years into the future. She was born in 1935.

She loved films, particularly musicals, and was an avid cinema goer. Shortly before leaving her own time, she went to see the film Calamity Jane with her best friend Kate five times and later purchased the LP. She identified "Just Blew in from the Windy City" as her favourite song.

Emma's father died in 1959 at the age of 48 while her mother lived to be 81. She had an aunt named Nora, an uncle named Finn and several cousins who lived in Dublin in 1953.

Like the others, she had trouble adapting to this new world at first. She missed her parents, Kate and her dog. She was shocked to discover that sexual attitudes were more relaxed; she had been expecting to just have a kiss and a cuddle with a young man whom she had met at a party, but he in fact wanted more.

Emma adapted to her new life better than the other two. She was staying with Gwen Cooper and told Rhys Williams that she was her cousin. However, Rhys discovered she was not Gwen's cousin. She found a job as a shop assistant in London. Despite protesting at first, Gwen let her go to lead her own life, accepting Emma's reasoning that she had to leave now or she'd never be able to go. She finally left Cardiff by the Tocynnau train station on 24 December, starting work on the 27th. (TV: Out of Time)

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