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Emissary of the Daleks was the two hundred and fifty fourth story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by Andrew Smith and featured Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri.

Publisher's summary[]

On the planet Omnia, a young man leads the Doctor and Peri through the battle-scarred ruins of a city. Among the rubble he shows them proof that their invaders and new masters, thought to be invincible, can be defeated. The proof is the blasted, burnt-out remains of a Dalek.

But this is a Dalek-occupied world like few others. For one thing, there are few Daleks to be seen. And for another, the Daleks have appointed an Omnian, Magister Carmen Rega, to govern the planet as their emissary.

Why are the Daleks not present in force? And can the Doctor and Peri risk helping the Omnians, when the least show of resistance will be met with devastating reprisals from space?


Part one[]

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Part two[]

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Part four[]

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  • Gordus mentions the First Republic, which existed 230 years ago.
  • Omnia Prime, as a superpower, rose before the Omnian Empire.
  • Aldo refers to the Battle of Destiny, which the Omnians lost. It ended 12 years ago, when the Daleks took over Omnia.
  • Hingus, while still pretending to be a resistance sympathiser, claims to have served as a sergeant in the Omnian Army, specifically the Omnian Third Regiment.


  • The Daleks have constructed the Over City on Omnia.
  • Aldo takes the Doctor and others to the Forbidden Quadrant.


  • Reading, writing and written texts have been outlawed on Omnia by the Daleks.
    • Truth speakers were able to memorise whole books before the book burnings took place. They recite these texts in manner of rebellion.
    • Tasha, a truth speaker, recites The Rise of the Omnian Empire by historian Alfrus Killian.


  • Gordus is the sexton of the Field of the Dead.
  • Carmen Rega is the Magister. The previous Magister was a tyrant, according to Carmen, but opposed the Daleks.
  • Major Steen is an Officer of the Watch.


  • The Watch use sizzler guns, weapons which can be set to kill or stun.
  • Refractive energy barriers are used for security, opened with encrypted key terminals.

Minerals and substances[]

  • Many Omnians have been sent to work in vitanium mines.
  • The Doctor is placed in a cell made of a Dalekanium alloy, 2 feet thick. This alloy is used elsewhere in the Over City, as well.


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