Colonel Emily Chaudhry of UNIT was, with Will Hoffman, a companion to the Sixth Doctor. She joined the Doctor on his travels after having begun her UNIT career. She later became head of the British Division.

Emily first met the Doctor during the 1990s, in a different incarnation to the Sixth Doctor. (PROSE: Defining Patterns)

Emily met the Doctor when he was attempting to banish an alien parasite called the Darkness . Emily helped the Doctor to do so and he took Emily and her lieutenant, Will Hoffman, back to UNIT HQ in his TARDIS. He took several detours on the way. (PROSE: The Terror of the Darkness)

During her travels with the Doctor, Emily witnessed the birth of Edward Grainger's son, John Grainger, in 1951. (PROSE: Incongruous Details)

Emily later had Christmas dinner with the Eighth Doctor, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Charley Pollard and several of her UNIT colleagues. (PROSE: Faithful Friends)

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