Colonel Emily Chaudhry was a companion of the Sixth Doctor and commanding officer of UNIT from 2005.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Colonel Chaudhry worked at UNIT as a public relations officer. She considered UNIT's commanding officer, Colonel Ross Brimmicombe-Wood, to be a friend. He would call her "the proper English rose" until she drank him under the table. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

In the 1990s, she met an incarnation of the Doctor. (PROSE: Defining Patterns)

As a companion Edit

Becoming aware of a Code Blue, Colonel Chaudhry had Will Hoffman drive her to the location of the TARDIS where she met another incarnation of the Doctor - the Sixth. The two helped the Doctor banish the Darkness, after which he offered to return them to UNIT HQ in his TARDIS. (PROSE: The Terror of the Darkness)

The TARDIS received a distress signal, causing the Doctor to land the TARDIS in World War II. There, Chaudhry was shot by Edward Grainger but survived thanks to alien technology that she wore. Upon returning a Mim home, Chaudhry and Hoffman were returned to UNIT where she checked the records to check that they had not altered the timeline. Finding that some records were missing, the Doctor took them both to the 1950s to find them. (PROSE: Incongruous Details)

In 1957, Chaudhry met Ronnie Tillyard, who had been erasing records of the Doctor. The three travellers helped him, after which Chaudhry asked the Doctor if they had done the right thing. (PROSE: Defining Patterns)

The rise of ICIS Edit

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In 2004, Colonel Chaudhry became aware of Sergeant French's capture and torture of Francis Currie to cover up a conflict between ICIS (which was to replace UNIT) and the Silurians. She and Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart made UNIT's remit known, prompting Captain Andrea Winnington to shoot the Silurian ambassador, discrediting ICIS. (AUDIO: The Coup)

In 2005, Colonel Chaudhry delivered a press conference concerning the transport of nuclear warheads, a cover story for the moving of an alien spacecraft, and later discovered that both the craft and UNIT's commanding officer Colonel Ross Brimmicombe-Wood had disappeared. (AUDIO: Time Heals)

As commanding officer Edit

Emily had Christmas dinner with the Eighth Doctor, Lethbridge-Stewart, Charley Pollard and several of her UNIT colleagues. (PROSE: Faithful Friends)

Personality Edit

Chaudhry knew that she was worthy of the post of commanding officer of UNIT. (AUDIO: The Wasting) When she realised that she was heading towards a beach, she was eager to see the attractions. (AUDIO: Snake Head)

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