Emily Boyes-Dennison was the daughter of Professor Boyes-Dennison, the man who designed and created the three ships, Cygnus, Lynx and Draco, which were flown to the Moon in 1878.

Despite typical Victorian standards, Emily was a very strong-willed woman and a proto-feminist, having been treated more as an assistant than a daughter by her father ever since her mother's death some years ago. The only female on the expedition, she wore trousers as skirts were impractical due to the weightlessness experienced outside the atmosphere.

During the trip to the Moon, she and Captain Richard Haliwell engaged in an argument about some of her views, which prompted her to storm off during a dinner, although they calmed down and maintained a civil discourse most of the time.

She took a camera with her to take a few pictures of the new environment when they discovered a mysterious park on the Moon. When the expedition discovered the Fifth Doctor and Vislor Turlough while searching for the missing Sub-Lieutenant Granby, Emily spoke up in their defence against the initial accusation that they were spies, noting that spies wouldn't have been so casual about introducing themselves.

When the search party was attacked by large aliens resembling overgrown spiders, Emily was forced to abandon her camera during their escape. Although they were able to return to the camp, she was subsequently taken captive with Captain Richard Haliwell to the Citadel, where they were kept prisoner by the Warden.

She and Haliwell were forced to perform in tests, concerning their strength and stamina. They were given tests including running, climbing and swimming, and left in the same room between tests, prompting them to engage in discussion and bond further as time went on. In a larger test, they were forced to pick weapons for them to fight. Emily picked a longbow and arrows. She also picked a dagger just in case. Inside a vast room, which was more of an artificial forest, they were forced to fight all manner of creatures. Their last enemy was a Hydra, which managed to stick one of its horns through her body, just below her rib cage. When back at their prison cell, Haliwell treated her with an interesting solution, which repaired the skin rapidly and ceased the pain.

When they were subsequently pitted against a robotic hunter, the two were saved when the expedition were able to take control of two of the warden's robotic saucers, the Doctor and Turlough piloting them into the dome where Haliwell and Emily were being tested. After escaping the Citadel following the Warden's death, she was keen to ride one of the saucers, to Haliwell's worry.

During the flight back to Earth, Halliwell proposed to Emily, but she asked him to consider if he would support her beliefs in equal rights for the genders as a whole rather than believing in her as an individual example. After the attack by the Vrall was narrowly averted by the Doctor and Turlough, Halliwell immediately proposed to Emily again after she was discovered alive, telling her that, while he did not yet share her views, he was willing to learn more from her, with Emily accepting the proposal. (PROSE: Imperial Moon)

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