Emily Blandish was a time sensitive who was formerly part of the Sodality before becoming an amnesiac lost in 1949.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Chancellor joined the Sodality because she was misled by a duplicitous lover. She was then brainwashed by their advanced techniques. She was present with the Grand Master when Mastho was summoned in 1586. After this event she was promoted to High Executioner, and controlled the Sodality by 2586.

The Doctor, under the alias Dr Smith, was trying to stop the Sodality from existing, so that hundreds of time sensitives would not be killed by them. He visited her at the Sodality's headquarters in the Houses of Parliament and asked her to help him erase the Sodality from history. Unsure whether or not to believe his claims, Smith departed in his timeship, saying that he would show her the truth.

When the Sodality summoned Mastho for the final time in 2586, the Dæmon ordered her to kill the Grand Master. After the Dæmon became enraged that the Child of Time Maria disobeyed him, the High Executioner was hit on the side of the head by him. Dr Smith returned and picked her unconscious form up and took her to his TARDIS. He dropped off the High Executioner in 1949, where she called herself by her real name, Emily Blandish, and would help the Doctor defeat Mestizer in his relative past. (PROSE: Child of Time)

She was found dressed only in pink pyjamas at the site of an explosion in Shoreditch by a patrolling policeman. The mystery of her arrival led to her story being taken up by the press, who paid for her to stay in the guest house of a Mrs Beardsley.

Some time after her arrival, Emily was visited by a "fixer" named Honoré Lechasseur, who had been hired to find a gentleman called the Doctor. Emily had no recollection of such a gentleman, but when Honoré mentioned he had been hired by a woman called Emily Blandish, Emily instantly remembered this was her own name.

Emily soon found herself at the centre of a plot of Nazi sympathisers led by Mestizer to steal the "Cabinet of Light" for their own ends. With the help of Honoré, she managed to escape the Nazis. (PROSE: The Cabinet of Light)

Afterwards, Emily and Honoré kept in touch and built a strong relationship. After spotting the same man at the same time, Honoré realised that Emily was a time sensitive. They travelled to an alternative 1984, where they tried to work out how to get back to their own time. When they returned, they ensured that the future they had witnessed never came about. (PROSE: The Winning Side)

Honoré and Emily stopped Mestizer from unleashing a Demon King on London in 1950. (PROSE: The Tunnel at the End of the Light)

Arriving in 1890, Honoré and Emily met a clockwork woman, concubine to her creator, Sir Edward. When Honoré and Emily were banished from Edward's estate, the clockwork woman helped them to escape. Honoré and Emily helped the clockwork woman form her own identity and become more human. They helped her return to her master and confront him so that she could better forge a destiny of her own. (PROSE: The Clockwork Woman)

Following the appearance of an elderly knight in London, Honoré and Emily travelled back along his timeline to 1098, arriving in the midst of the crusades. They soon discovered the identity of their mysterious knight, Reynald of Marseille, who had been possessed by the Fendahl. Emily and Honoré watched as Sir Simon weakened the Fendahl's hold over Reynald, killing them both in the progress. (PROSE: Deus Le Volt)

Following her encounter with alternate versions of herself and Honoré who changed history to make it what they deemed as "better", Emily began to share these beliefs. She had an argument with Honoré, who objected that they should use their abilities to stop the Second World War from taking place, saving millions of lives in the process. (PROSE: The Sideways Door) Following the argument, Emily moved out of Honoré's flat.

Wanting to make amends with Honoré, she followed him to a morgue, where the two of them followed the time snake of a corpse to 2586. In this future, Emily learned the truth to her former identity as the High Executioner of the Sodality. Horrified by the truth, she attempted to kill herself by jumping off of a balcony. Violet used her psionic powers to slow her descent, and calmed the pain of her forgotten memories, while still allowing her access to them.

At peace with her past, Emily and Honoré travelled back to 1949, and watched as her former self stumbled through the fog with no idea who she was. The duo then left for the future. (PROSE: Child of Time)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Emily had brown hair. Despite being in her mid-twenties, she looked to Honoré like she was adolescent. (PROSE: The Winning Side) As the High Executioner she wore a long black dress and high heels. (PROSE: Child of Time)

Personality[edit | edit source]

Emily often expressed her distress at having no memories of her past. (PROSE: The Clockwork Woman) It drove her to want to experiment with her abilities to discover the secret to who she was. (PROSE: The Tunnel at the End of the Light)

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