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[[Category:21st century individuals]]
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[[Category:20th century individuals]]
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[[Category:Human conspiracy theorists]]

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Elton Pope was a human from England on Earth. He was a fan of Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra.


Elton encountered the Tenth Doctor several times, first at the age of three or four, when he was awoken by the sound of the Doctor's TARDIS materialising. He went downstairs to find his mother dead in the corner of his lounge and the Doctor standing in the middle of the room. The Doctor said that his mother had been killed. He later explained to Elton that she had been killed by an Elemental Shade which had escaped from the Howling Halls.

After the series of alien invasions and other similar events leading up to 2007, Elton co-founded a group called LINDA with four others who were interested in the Doctor. He began recording a video diary in which he recalled his life up to that point and his subsequent, LINDA-related adventures. He was the only one of the group to survive intact the Abzorbaloff's infiltration from March to April 2007. The only other survivor, Ursula Blake, was transformed into a slab of concrete. Elton became her caregiver, with the two subsequently engaging in an unusual relationship. (TV: Love & Monsters)

Behind the scenes

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