Elton John was a male singer from the planet Earth.

Stuart Hyde had a poster of John in his room at the Newton Institute. (TV: The Time Monster)

Peri Brown once disdainfully likened a statue of Eros she had recently seen to the visage of Elton John. (TV: Planet of Fire)

According to the Seventh Doctor, Elton John offered him piano lessons but he declined. He later regretted that decision. (AUDIO: Project: Lazarus)

While in a bubble prison, Iris Wildthyme imagined performing a duet with Elton John at Freddie Mercury's 40th birthday party in 1986. (AUDIO: Whatever Happened to Iris Wildthyme?)

Elton Pope also referred to him on his personal video log, going so far as to include a clip of John singing to differentiate himself from the singer. (TV: Love & Monsters)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Stock footage of Elton John performing in concert is used for his very brief cameo in Love & Monsters, marking one of the few occasions a well-known British musical performer had been featured in such a way. A similar stock-footage cameo was conducted for the Beatles in the television story The Chase.
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