Elric Penley was a scientist at Brittanicus Base. He strongly disagreed with Clent's over-reliance on computers and left the base to become a scavenger with Storr and live in a plant museum with him. Penley and Storr were watching Arden's expedition when an avalanche occurred, injuring Storr. Penley sneaked into the base to get medicine and met the Second Doctor.

Jan Garrett sneaked out of the base to appeal to Penley to come back and help them with their crisis. When he refused, she pulled a gun on him but was disarmed by Storr. Penley told her to look for his notes on how to deal with the crisis. Penley rescued Jamie McCrimmon, who had been wounded by the Ice Warriors. He brought Jamie back to the base, shooting a bear along the way. At the base, Penley and Jamie were shot by Walters and taken to the sick bay.

Penley woke up while the Ice Warriors were in the control centre of the base, and he turned up the heat controls. When the Ice Warriors left the base, Penley overrode the computer so it would fire the ioniser at the glacier, also destroying the Ice Warrior ship. He then reconciled with Clent. (TV: The Ice Warriors)

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