Elliot Sardick was the father of Kazran Sardick.


He was born in 4302 and died in 4378. Elliot disciplined his son harshly, seeking to instil his own traits in him.

When Kazran came of age, he handed him down his machine which controlled the skies of Sardicktown, to use to control the people of the town "like cattle". Elliot programmed the machine to work for himself and his son only, and in the case of the latter only if his mind was similar to his father's.

As his son grew older, he became more like Elliot Sardick, so much so that his younger self mistook his older self for his own father. After Elliot's death, Kazran remained so fearful of his father that he couldn't even stand to be in view of the painting of him. (DW: A Christmas Carol)

Behind the scenes

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