Elliot Northover was the child of Mo and Ambrose Northover, and grandson of Tony Mack.

In 2020, Elliot lived in the Welsh town of Cwmtaff with his parents and grandfather. He was dyslexic, and therefore he preferred to listen to audio books rather than having to read them. He had a great interest in Sherlock Holmes.

When a drilling project in Cwmtaff awoke a civilisation of Silurians, he was chased and kidnapped by Alaya. (TV: The Hungry Earth)

Elliot was kept in a stasis chamber by the Silurian scientist Malohkeh, where his ageing was considerably slowed so the Silurians could study how humans grew. Eldane, the Silurian leader, gave Mo and the Doctor permission to take him out. He escaped the Silurian city along with his mother, father, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy, with the promise that the planet would be shared with the Silurians in a millennium and that he was to spread the word. (TV: Cold Blood)

Personality Edit

Elliot showed pluck for one so young, willing to go into the dark. (TV: The Hungry Earth)

Elliot was also capable of kindness, willing to make friends. He bonded with the Doctor to the point of trusting him and forgiving him for failing to save him. He also liked Malohkeh straight away, reacting with fascination instead of fear. He was horrified when he learned that his mother killed Alaya, showing that he doesn't like bloodshed. (TV: Cold Blood)

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