Mistress Ellen was the maid for Lady Jane Grey since she was born, including during her nine day reign as Queen of England in July 1553. She was a Protestant.

When Rani Chandra was sent back in time to 19 July 1553 to acquire a piece of Chronosteel, Ellen assumed Rani to be the Queen's new lady-in-waiting. She gave Rani a dress and led her to the queen. She learned that Mary had claimed the throne and thus Jane was a traitor and would be sentenced to death. Lady Matilda tried to kill Jane that night but Rani stopped her. Matilda wanted to kill Jane so she would become a martyr. Rani worked out that the dagger Matilda tried to kill Jane with was the object the Shopkeeper was after. She retrieved it and stayed to comfort Jane before using it to teleport back to 23 November 2010. Ellen suspected that Rani was a witch but Jane suspected Rani was an angel and this strengthened her. (TV: Lost in Time)

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