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New Series Adventures Edit

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The Eleventh Doctor featured in a number of original audiobooks produced by BBC in 2010-2012, during the Eleventh Doctor era on TV. In 2017, he appeared in the Twelfth Doctor audio story The Lost Magic by way of a degeneration cycle, going back from his eleventh incarnation to his first. These stories were typically read by one of the show's actors, including a couple of stories featuring the voice of Matt Smith.

Title Author Read by Featuring Published
The Ring of Steel Stephen Cole Arthur Darvill Amy 5 August 2010
The Runaway Train Oli Smith Matt Smith 6 October 2010
The Jade Pyramid Martin Day 10 February 2011
The Hounds of Artemis James Goss Matt Smith, Clare Corbett 5 May 2011
The Gemini Contagion Jason Arnopp Meera Syal 14 March 2011
The Eye of the Jungle Darren Jones David Troughton Amy, Rory 7 July 2011
Blackout Oli Smith Stuart Milligan 9 September 2011
The Art of Death James Goss Raquel Cassidy 5 January 2012
Darkstar Academy Mark Morris Alexander Armstrong 8 March 2012
Day of the Cockroach Steve Lyons Arthur Darvill 3 May 2012
The Nu-Humans Cavan Scott and Mark Wright Raquel Cassidy 5 July 2012
The Empty House Simon Guerrier 6 September 2012
Sleepers in the Dust Darren Jones Arthur Darvill 1 November 2012
Snake Bite Scott Handcock Frances Barber 6 December 2012
The Lost Magic Cavan Scott Dan Starkey 4 May 2017

Destiny of the Doctor Edit

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Produced jointly by AudioGO and Big Finish in 2013, many of the stories of the series Destiny of the Doctor celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who featured the Eleventh Doctor, who was to pass the reigns to his next self at the end of the year. Described as dramatised readings, none of these stories, however, featured the voice of Matt Smith.

# Title Author Featuring Released
2 Shadow of Death Simon Guerrier Second Doctor, Jamie, Zoe February 2013
3 Vengeance of the Stones Andrew Smith Third Doctor, The Brig, Mike March 2013
4 Babblesphere Jonathan Morris Fourth Doctor, Romana II April 2013
5 Smoke and Mirrors Steve Lyons Fifth Doctor, Adric, Nyssa, Tegan May 2013
6 Trouble in Paradise Nev Fountain Sixth Doctor, Peri June 2013
7 Shockwave James Swallow Seventh Doctor, Ace July 2013
8 Enemy Aliens Alan Barnes Eighth Doctor, Charley August 2013
9 Night of the Whisper Cavan Scott and Mark Wright Ninth Doctor, Rose, Jack September 2013
10 Death's Deal Darren Jones Tenth Doctor, Donna October 2013
11 The Time Machine Matt Fitton Eleventh Doctor, Alice November 2013

The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles Edit

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In 2018, Big Finish released a set of limited-cast stories focused on the Eleventh Doctor where acting was combined with narration and featuring Jacob Dudman as the Eleventh Doctor.

# Title Author 11th Doctor's voice Featuring Released
1 The Calendar Man AK Benedict Jacob Dudman Amy 15 August 2018
2 The Top of the Tree Simon Guerrier Kazran
3 The Light Keepers Roy Gill Dorium
4 False Coronets Alice Cavender Clara, Jane Austen

The Churchill Years Edit

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Several of the stories released by Big Finish and revolving around Winston Churchill and his encounters with the Doctor involved the Eleventh Doctor. Despite being full-cast dramas, the Doctor in these stories was narrated by Ian McNeice.

# Title Author Narrator Featuring Released
1.3 Living History Justin Richards Ian McNeice Churchill, Kazran Sardick, Daleks 14 January 2016
1.4 The Chartwell Metamorphosis Ken Bentley Churchill, Lily Arwell
2.1 Young Winston Paul Morris Churchill, Eleventh Doctor, Vastra 15 February 2018

Short Trips Edit

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The two-part short trip story produced by Big Finish to celebrate 40 years since the release of The Talons of Weng-Chiang, though advertised as a Tenth Doctor story, additionally featured a surprise appearance of the Eleventh Doctor. As all other roles, he was narrated by Trevor Baxter and Christopher Benjamin.

# Title Author Narrator Featuring Released
7.3 / 7.4 The Jago & Litefoot Revival Jonathan Barnes Trevor Baxter, Christopher Benjamin Tenth Doctor, Jago, Litefoot, Ellie
26 March 2017
(Act one)
4 April 2017
(Act two)
10.1 The Infinite Today Sharon Bidwell Katy Manning Jo Jones 30 January 2020
10.5 Regeneration Impossible Alfie Shaw Jacob Dudman Twelfth Doctor 23 May 2020

Main Range Edit

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# Title Author Featuring Released
267 Thin Time Dan Abnett Fifth Doctor 12 August 2020

BBC Audio Dramas Edit

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Title Author Featuring Released
Paradise Lost Darren Jones Clara 6 February 2020
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