A Ganger of the Eleventh Doctor was accidentally created during a solar storm in the 22nd century after he left a DNA imprint in the Flesh. It took the form of his eleventh incarnation after having some trouble with residual traces of his previous lives.

He sacrificed himself to allow his counterpart to leave with the survivors while he and a fellow Ganger destabilised themselves to stop an insane Ganger. The only thing remaining of him was the shoes he swapped with the Doctor.


When a bolt of solar energy struck the vat the Flesh was held in, it formed a copy of the Eleventh Doctor from a tiny measure of his genetic material, gained when he touched the Flesh. When the Doctor returned to complete his scanning of the Flesh, this Ganger's lips formed in the vat, saying "Trust me" in a distorted voice. He tried to make contact with Jennifer Lucas, but scared her away as he had not yet stabilised his form. When the humans and the real Doctor fled from the other Gangers into the chapel, this Ganger confronted them and told them to trust him. (TV: The Rebel Flesh)

At first, the Ganger had some trouble adapting to the Doctor's DNA due to the residual traces of his previous incarnations in his body. These caused him to briefly act like his first, third, fourth, and tenth incarnations, which he, like the real Doctor, did not like. He stabilised into a form and manner virtually identical to the Eleventh Doctor's; the only way to distinguish them was their difference in shoes, as the original Doctor had replaced his after the initial scan. The two Doctors subsequently swapped shoes while their companions were distracted in order to prove that Gangers were no different from their originals.

Ganger geronimo

The Ganger Doctor and Cleaves say, "Geronimo!" (TV: The Almost People)

Posing as his original, Ganger Doctor tried to get Amy to see there was nothing different about the Gangers. Just like the Eleventh Doctor, he knew Amy was a Ganger herself but kept quiet.

The Ganger Doctor sacrificed himself and Ganger Miranda to stop Ganger Jennifer, setting the sonic screwdriver to a frequency that would cause the Flesh to collapse, in full knowledge that this would destroy him too so that the others would be encouraged to negotiate better conditions for the Gangers. (TV: The Almost People)



The Doctors know the other's mind. (TV: The Almost People)

He and the original Doctor finished each other's sentences and knew each other's mind, as shown by their cooperating on a plan for one to replace another. This version of the Doctor also seemed to share the original's beliefs and values, as evidenced by his self-sacrifice. (TV: The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People)

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