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Explosive, exuberant, emotionally unpredictable and adventurous, the Eleventh Doctor was the last incarnation of the Doctor's first regenerative cycle. By this point in his life, the Doctor's reputation had grown immense, attracting a new strain of conflicts. Wishing to withdraw from the dangers it created, he became a secretive and guileful individual for the sake of himself and those he held close.

This incarnation's most notable enemy was the Silence, who were responsible for destroying his TARDIS, causing the cracks in time, which eventually consumed the universe, though he restored it with the Pandorica. His multi-century war with the Silence critically involved companions Amy Pond, Rory Williams and their daughter, River Song. Ultimately, the most significant defeat of the Silence required him to marry River in a dubious wedding ceremony, but one that they both seemed to regard as genuine.

After the touch of a Weeping Angel robbed him of Amy and Rory, a heartbroken Doctor retired to Victorian London and associated himself with the "Paternoster Gang". During this period, he rediscovered a woman named Clara Oswald, whom he thought had died previously in the distant future; she once again died here. Fascinated by this "impossible girl", he set off to solve the mystery of her multiple lives, and take her on as his latest travelling companion. He discovered her to be part of his timeline, having entered it in order to save him from the Great Intelligence. In doing so, he revealed to her his secret incarnation, who had fought in the Last Great Time War.

With his previous incarnation, the Doctor revisited the Time War, and discovered that he and his past incarnations had actually saved the Time Lords from destruction, but lost knowledge of the event with only the Eleventh Doctor retaining his memories of what had actually happened. This allowed him to cleanse his hands of a genocide he never enacted and happily accept the incarnation he once renounced, becoming the first incarnation to know the Time War's true conclusion.

After receiving a message broadcast throughout time and space by the Time Lords, the Doctor spent the last nine hundred years of his life defending the planet Trenzalore from his greatest enemies. Though the Time Lords wished to be released from their pocket universe, the Doctor feared a new Time War would start but also refused to abandon the planet to destruction. Growing old, weak and frail, the Doctor faced his imminent demise as witnessed during a trip into his own personal future. At the pleading of Clara, the Time Lords granted the Doctor a new regeneration cycle at the end of his life, enabling the Doctor to undergo an explosive change into his next incarnation, changing his personal future but leaving the Time Lords trapped outside the universe.


A day to come[]

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The First Doctor would occasionally have premonitions of his future incarnations, the Eleventh Doctor included. (PROSE: A Big Hand for the Doctor)

While dining at Rosa's, the First Doctor overheard a message from a future incarnation addressed to Susan Foreman and Cedric Chivers. (AUDIO: Hunters of Earth)

Shortly before his regeneration, the First Doctor was told of "a few false starts" before he became the Twelfth Doctor. (TV: Twice Upon a Time)

The First Doctor was shown footage of the Eleventh Doctor, as well as his ten other successors, by the Testimony when he expressed doubt over the Twelfth Doctor's identity. (TV: Twice Upon a Time)

While evading the Quiet Ones on a planet orbiting a pulsar in 2724, the Second Doctor found a psychic paper with a message on it from his eleventh incarnation, and also received a psychic image of what his eleventh incarnation would look like, including his bowtie. (AUDIO: Shadow of Death)

While combating the Armidians, the Third Doctor received a phone recorded message from a future incarnation, telling him to save some therocite and send it to Professor Reynart. (AUDIO: Vengeance of the Stones)

During a visit to the Heligan Structure, the Fourth Doctor saw a statue of his eleventh incarnation, and expressed surprise at his future self's choice of clothing. He also learnt of his future self's actions on the Heligan Structure from Director Sprawn. (PROSE: The Roots of Evil)

While overloading the Prolocutor with trivial information in the Hephastos network, the Fourth Doctor and Romana received aid from the Eleventh Doctor, who also told them not to destroy the Babblesphere. (AUDIO: Babblesphere)

Mawdryn attempted to force the Fifth Doctor to use up his eight remaining regenerations to end his follower's cycle of perpetual rebirth, but this was rendered unnecessary when Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart made physical contact with his younger self and a discharge of temporal energy was released that allowed Mawdryn and his followers to die. (TV: Mawdryn Undead)

While examining an Ovid sphere, the Fifth Doctor received a message from his eleventh incarnation, telling him not to destroy the sphere, but to return it to the Ovids, while also alerting the Fifth Doctor to the presence of the Master by accident. (AUDIO: Smoke and Mirrors)

After losing his body to the Time Lords, the Master made a failed attempt to steal a regeneration from the Fifth Doctor. (PROSE: The Velvet Dark)

After the TARDIS became "stalled in the equivalent of a galactic lay-by", the Sixth Doctor had a worried thought of Peri Brown growing old and dying in the TARDIS, while he would "go on regenerating until all [his] lives [were] spent." (TV: Vengeance on Varos)

The Sixth Doctor was contacted by his eleventh incarnation through the TARDIS's messenger system, asking him to acquire an omniparadox and store it in the TARDIS for him. (AUDIO: Trouble in Paradise)

When the Master exposed the Valeyard's alliance with High Council to the Sixth Doctor at his trial, he revealed that the Valeyard was acting as the prosecutor for the trial in exchange for the Doctor's remaining regenerations. The Master then made the claim that the Valeyard was an "amalgamation of the darker sides of [the Doctor's] nature, [taken] somewhere between [his] twelfth and final incarnation". (TV: The Ultimate Foe) The Valeyard would later claim he was created when the Doctor, in his thirteenth incarnation, was experimenting with ways to break the twelve-regeneration limit. (AUDIO: Trial of the Valeyard)

While attending Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot's knighthood ceremony, Jago accidentally let slip that one of the Sixth Doctor's future incarnations would wear a bow tie. (AUDIO: Jago & Litefoot Forever)

While aboard the Obscura, the Seventh Doctor received a hypercube with a message from his eleventh incarnation, telling him that he needed the Seventh Doctor's assistance to achieve an objective, and his part in the plan was to protect Captain OhOne. (AUDIO: Shockwave)

The Seventh Doctor wondered if any of his successors would have longer legs than him. (AUDIO: Fiesta of the Damned)

When Ace was sent into the Seventh Doctor's mind, she discovered a room with thirteen cubicles, seven of them empty, while the other six contained shadowy white figures, representing the Doctor's future incarnations. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation)

After sealing Gallifrey away in a pocket dimension, (TV: The Day of the Doctor) the Seventh Doctor was able to recall teaming up with his other twelve incarnations to save Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Cold Fusion)

During tea with River Song, the Seventh Doctor was told that one of his future incarnations had given River strict instructions not to interfere with their history. The Doctor was "glad to hear [he] retain[ed] a sense of temporal responsibility". (AUDIO: The Eye of the Storm)

After using a Deathworm Morphant to possess a human body, the Master tried to use the Eye of Harmony to steal the Eighth Doctor's remaining regenerations to heal himself, but his plans were foiled when Grace Holloway sent the TARDIS into a temporal orbit. (TV: Doctor Who)

While dealing with the Relic, the Eighth Doctor had a moment of "wondering whether he'd make it to the end of [his] twelfth regeneration". (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

The Eighth Doctor received a message from his eleventh incarnation on the TARDIS Internal Communication System, but interference from Hilary Hammond's gang made the message hard to receive, until the Eighth Doctor found Hammond and heard about how his operations were interfering with his future incarnation's attempts to contact his other selves. He later saw his future self repel an invasion. (AUDIO: Enemy Aliens)

When talking about the future, the Eighth Doctor noted he would die again, and that one day he would "run out of deaths". (AUDIO: The Gift)

The Ninth Doctor saw the Eleventh Doctor when he hijacked a giant television screen in New Vegas to tell the Ninth Doctor to save the life of Police Chief James McNeil. By this point, the Doctor could identify his eleventh incarnation on sight. (AUDIO: Night of the Whisper)

While possessed by the Torajii star, the Tenth Doctor feared he would regenerate during the extraction process of freezing his body, and even tried to explain regeneration to Martha Jones in case he did, but he was able to survive the experience. (TV: 42)

After saving the Ood from Klineman Halpen on the Ood Sphere, the Tenth Doctor was informed by Ood Sigma that his "song [would] end soon". (TV: Planet of the Ood)

Following a Morse code message to Howling Jupiter, the Tenth Doctor received a pre-recorded message from the Eleventh Doctor, informing him that he had to stop the Wraith Mining Cartel and expose the existence of slaughter crystals, while also protecting Lyric Erskine. (AUDIO: Death's Deal)

When meeting River Song, the Tenth Doctor was told of adventures she had had with his future self, and was told that it was against "[his] rules" for him to look at her diary. (TV: Silence in the Library) He later overheard River tell Anita how "[her] Doctor" had "whole armies turn and run away", while "he'd just swagger off back to his TARDIS and open the doors with a snap of his fingers." (TV: Forest of the Dead)

When the Tenth Doctor was wounded by a Dalek's energy blast, it triggered a regeneration, (TV: The Stolen Earth) but the process was stopped when the Doctor siphoned the excess energy that would have changed his appearance into his severed hand. (TV: Journey's End)

While waiting for his execution by beheading, the Tenth Doctor speculated whether a regeneration would be possible. (AUDIO: Expiry Dating)

Upon meeting Jackson Lake, a man who believed himself to be the Doctor due to tampering with an infostamp to protect himself from the Cybermen, the Tenth Doctor believed Lake to be "the next Doctor", with Lake telling him that he "regenerated" when the Cybermen "made [him] change". However, the Doctor eventually figured out Lake was not a future incarnation after finding many inaccuracies about him, finally confirming Lake's true identity with his initialised fob watch. (TV: The Next Doctor)

The two Doctors meet in a dream. (COMIC: To Sleep, Perchance to Scream)

After the 200 returned to London from San Helios, the psychic Carmen predicted the Doctor's "song" would end soon, warning him of someone who would "knock four times". (TV: Planet of the Dead) The Trickster also made a prophecy of the Tenth Doctor's death by telling him that "the Gate" was "waiting" for him. (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith)

After his attempt to alter a fixed point in time resulted in Adelaide Brooke committing suicide to salvage the timeline, the Tenth Doctor saw Ood Sigma appear before him, and took his appearance as a harbinger of his impending regeneration. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

When Brian the Ood mentioned meeting the Doctor in the TARDIS, the Tenth Doctor, not being able to recall a previous meeting, concluded that Brian must have met him after he had "changed". The Doctor later considered regenerating to use the residual energy to fight of the Kotturuh's revenants, but ultimately decided not to. (PROSE: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead)

While interfering with the Time Agency, the Tenth Doctor was told he would be imprisoned for the rest of his regenerations. (AUDIO: The Shattered Hourglass)

After investigating Zygons in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, the Tenth Doctor was able to recall his eleventh incarnation appearing from a time fissure, but lost the majority of his memory of the event due to the timelines not being synchronised, (TV: The Day of the Doctor) only being able to properly recall his wedding to Elizabeth. (TV: The End of Time)

The Eleventh Doctor later appeared to the Tenth Doctor in a dream. He said that they would both be fine. (COMIC: To Sleep, Perchance to Scream)

After a return visit to the Ood Sphere, during which he was again alerted to his "song" ending, the Tenth Doctor met up with Wilfred Mott and confided in him about his prophesied regeneration, even telling him how the transformation resulted in "everything [he] [was] [dying]" while "some new man [went] sauntering away". (TV: The End of Time)


The Doctor, moments after his twelfth regeneration. (TV: The End of Time)

After absorbing a vast amount of radiation from the Immortality Gate in order to save Wilfred Mott, the Tenth Doctor rewarded himself by visiting old friends for a final time. After being assured by Ood Sigma that "the story never ends", the Doctor regenerated in his TARDIS, with the energy released causing great damage to the vessel. More focused on his new limbs, facial features and hair colour, the Eleventh Doctor did not immediately realise the TARDIS was on fire and about to crash. (TV: The End of Time) As the TARDIS spiralled out of control above London, (TV: The Eleventh Hour) the Doctor made a mental note to apologise to all the friends the he had visited for having overstated the seriousness of his illness. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

The Doctor crashed in 1996 Leadworth where he met Amelia Pond and shared fish fingers and custard with her before sealing the crack in her wall and offering her adventures in the TARDIS, leaving her to pack her things whilst he dematerialised the TARDIS to cool down the engines. He accidentally returned in 2008 and met an older Amy who had spent her childhood waiting for him to return. He teamed up with her and Rory Williams to capture Prisoner Zero, after which he summoned the Atraxi to the Royal Leadworth Hospital and scared them away by showing how he had thwarted all those who had posed a threat to humanity in the past.

Afterwards, the Doctor took his newly-regenerated TARDIS, which had a refurbished exterior and a new console room, (TV: The Eleventh Hour) and spent seven-and-a-half hours in the TARDIS looking for a mirror to examine his new face, whilst hearing the War Doctor's voice challenging his claim of having eleven faces. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) After a short trip to the Moon to run the new TARDIS engines in, the Doctor returned to Amy and invited her to join him on his travels. Though he accidentally arrived two years late, Amy agreed to join him, just as the TARDIS gifted the Doctor with an upgraded sonic screwdriver. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

The first adventures[]

The Doctor witnesses the Daleks emerge from a Progenitor device. (TV: Victory of the Daleks)

In the TARDIS, the Doctor had to deal with Amy's numerous questions, including why the TARDIS disguised itself as a police box and whether or not he was a slug in a human suit. He opened the TARDIS doors to show her the stars and, when she asked if they were special effects, he pushed her out to prove that they were not (HOMEVID: Meanwhile in the TARDIS) and held her by her ankle.

The Doctor materialised the TARDIS on Starship UK in the 3290s and quickly realised that the ship had no engines. In the course of investigating, he and Amy allied themselves with Liz 10 and learnt of the last of the star whales, which the Doctor planned to euthanise at the cost of stripping himself of the name of "the Doctor". However, Amy, who had previously angered the Doctor by choosing to have her memory wiped to keep him from learning of the whale, released it due to seeing comparisons between it and the Doctor and believing that it would continue to help regardless.

Preparing to leave, the Doctor got a phone call from Winston Churchill, asking for assistance, (TV: The Beast Below) and he and Amy arrived in 1941 a month later to help. The Doctor refused to believe that the Daleks were genuine allies of the British Army and inadvertently gave them the testimony that they required for the Progenitor, allowing them to build a New Dalek Paradigm. Forced to choose between saving Earth from the Oblivion Continuum within Edwin Bracewell and finishing off the Daleks, the Doctor chose to deactivate the bomb whilst the Daleks escaped through a time corridor. Leaving Churchill to "win the war", the Doctor was perplexed by Amy not recognising the Daleks despite living through the 21st century Dalek invasion. (TV: Victory of the Daleks)

The Doctor took Amy to Primrose Hill to get a view of London, but accidentally materialised the TARDIS around Stephen and learnt that Space Leeches had swarmed the city. Realising that Stephen was unaffected by the leeches because of his cold, the Doctor used his cold to weaken them before drawing them into the TARDIS to deposit them on another planet. (COMIC: Attack of the Space Leeches!)

In 1959, the Doctor and Amy stopped the Petrolions on the M1, after which the Doctor told them to return to their home and leave the Earth in peace. (COMIC: Madness on the M1!) He also took Amy to 1953 to watch Queen Elizabeth II's coronation (COMIC: Where's the Doctor?) and gave her a TARDIS key.

After an encounter with Skeleton People, the Doctor took Amy for a visit back to 2010 and found that humanity was extinct and that the Earth was under the ownership of the Kin. Identifying the divergence in the timeline to 1984, the Doctor and Amy travelled there and were captured, after which Amy was replaced with a disguised Kin. Aware of this, he trapped the Kin before time, undoing its actions and allowing him to reunite with Amy in the corrected timeline and suggest that they get some gazpacho. (PROSE: Nothing O'Clock)

The Doctor and Amy arrived in the Wild West in 1864 where they prevented the Cei from transforming the planet into an aquatic world to be used as an outpost during their war. (AUDIO: The Runaway Train)

The Doctor and Amy went to the Moon to investigate an astronaut in a shopping centre and, with Professor Jackson's help, he was able to prevent the Talerians from taking over the bodies of the humans on the base. After he saved Jackson from being brainwashed and controlled, Jackson smashed the large windows of his office, killing the Talerians with the low atmosphere at the cost of his own life, to the Doctor's dismay. (PROSE: Apollo 23)

The Doctor next brought Amy to the Gyre, where they encountered the Sittuun and a primitive society of humans who believed they were on Earth. The Doctor tried convincing them that they were not, offering to save them from a bomb the Sittuun were going to set off to destroy the Gyre. Unsuccessful, he found Dirk Slipstream after the Mymon Key holding the Gyre together.[statement unclear] Though successful in stopping Dirk, the Doctor felt remorseful for being unable to save the humans. (PROSE: Night of the Humans)

The Doctor next took Amy to New York City for the best burgers in all of history and to look for any cracks in the city. His attention was drawn to a recently-thawed mammoth causing havoc and which he learnt to be a spaceship piloted by the Vykoids. They captured the Doctor, planning to use him and kidnapped humans as enslaved miners, but they were rescued by Amy, after which the Doctor reversed their teleporter and sent the Vykoids back to their home. (PROSE: The Forgotten Army)

The crash of the Byzantium[]

Discovering a Home Box containing River Song's calling card in a 171st century museum, the Doctor was led into a hunt with River and the Church for a Weeping Angel at Alfava Metraxis in the 51st century. Neither of them realised that they were surrounded by an entire army of Angels, who had been waiting for them in a mortarium on Alfava Metraxis. As the Angels were gradually being revived by the leaking radiation from the crashed ship's engine, the Doctor shot a light bearing gravity globe (TV: The Time of Angels) and led his allies into the remains of the Byzantium.

Inside, they discovered a crack in time similar to the one in Leadworth. The Doctor began to realise that it had been erasing certain events from history, including the 21st century Dalek invasion. A scan showed it had been caused by an explosion cracking all of time and space, which occurred on 26 June 2010. Needing a complicated space-time event that could shut the crack, the Doctor knew it would take him or the entire army of Angels, so he waited for them to drain the Byzantium's power until the artificial gravity shut off and they fell into the crack. (TV: Flesh and Stone)

Joined by Rory[]

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The Doctor crashes Rory Williams's stag party. (TV: The Vampires of Venice)

After learning Amy was getting married and fighting off her sexual advances, (TV: Flesh and Stone) as well as explaining his need to see the wonders of the universe through her eyes and showing her images of his past companions, (HOMEVID: Meanwhile in the TARDIS) the Doctor collected her fiancé, Rory Williams, gate-crashing his stag night by jumping out of a fake cake meant for a stripper, (TV: The Vampires of Venice) having acquired the location from twitbook. (PROSE: Rory's Stag) He took them to Venice in 1580 as a wedding present, but found what seemed to be vampires there, led by Rosanna Calvierri.

Investigating, he discovered they were actually Saturnyns from the planet Saturnyne who fled through a crack in time to escape "the Silence"; they were converting human girls into Saturnynian hybrids through blood transfusions to make them compatible for breeding with Rosanna's sons, and intended to sink Venice in order to re-create Saturnyne. After the girls were killed in an explosion by Guido, and he sabotaged Rosanna's weather control devices, the Doctor was unable to prevent Rosanna from committing suicide by feeding herself to her sons. Soon after, Rory decided to join the Doctor and Amy on their travels instead of immediately returning to Leadworth. While leaving Venice, the Doctor became concerned when the busy market he parked the TARDIS at suddenly became empty, with Rory noting that nothing was to be heard except silence. (TV: The Vampires of Venice)

The Doctor paid a visit to William Shakespeare and told him of his visit to Venice. (PROSE: A Sonnet by Will Shakespeare) He next visited Kenya in 2013 and saved a farm and its owners from giant hornets. (COMIC: Buzz!)

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor, Amy and Rory came under the influence of psychic pollen and appeared between two dreams; one in 2015 Leadworth, after Amy and Rory had returned to home life, and another with Amy and Rory travelling in the TARDIS hurtling towards a cold star. Both dreams appeared real, and a being called the Dream Lord ordered Amy to choose which world was real, either to freeze towards the cold star, or be killed by the Eknodine in Leadworth.

As the Dream Lord taunted him, the Doctor realised he was a manifestation of his own self-hatred and had no power over the real world, meaning both worlds were dreams. He killed himself, Amy and Rory in both dreams to wake them. He revealed to them that psychic pollen created the Dream Lord from the abundant darkness in his mind, and blew the pollen into space. While preparing to set a new course, the Doctor saw the Dream Lord in place of his reflection for a moment. (TV: Amy's Choice)

The Doctor next came across a fake town with undercover robot assassins for residents, with a bomb set to destroy them. As this would've killed them along with the robots, the Doctor used the TARDIS to take the bomb backwards in time to disperse its force. He eventually entered the military base the robots came from and warned them of an incident the robots would cause, preventing the scientist that created them from being killed. With this done, the Doctor rescued his companions from the robots and allowed the bomb, now with a great amount of its force gone, to explode. (PROSE: Nuclear Time)

On a trip to Geath, the Doctor found that the society of the city had changed from politics to royalty. It was caused by a dragon made of enamour, a mineral that made people love having it in their possession to the point of kleptomania. Both a herald and a regulator claimed the device belonged to them and not the false king. The Doctor learned the regulator and her people were once slaves to the herald's now deceased masters because of the enamour. He allowed it to be taken along with the herald, allowing Geath to return to normal. (PROSE: The King's Dragon)

Trying to take Amy and Rory to Brazil, the Doctor accidentally took them to Cwmtaff in Wales and found a drilling operation had disturbed a Silurian city and its inhabitants were retaliating. Capturing a Silurian Hunter named Alaya, the Doctor went to the Silurian city to negotiate a treaty between humans and the Silurians. (TV: The Hungry Earth) However, due to Ambrose Northover accidentally killing Alaya and threatening the city by reactivating the drill, Alaya's sister, Restac, decided to retaliate with war. The Doctor destroyed the drill with an energy pulse and had the Silurian leader, Eldane, put the Silurians to sleep for another thousand years while humanity prepared for them.

On the way out of the Silurian habitat, the Doctor found another crack in time and fished a piece of shrapnel from its explosion. Before he could properly examine it, however, Rory took a blast shot by a dying Restac meant for the Doctor and died in Amy's arms. The Doctor left Rory's body behind as it became absorbed by the crack, dragging a distraught Amy into the TARDIS and ignoring her plea to save Rory. He tried to help Amy remember Rory when he was erased from history, but failed. Alone, the Doctor examined the piece of shrapnel and was horrified to discover it was part of the TARDIS' outer shell. (TV: Cold Blood)

After Rory's death[]

Haunted by what happened to Rory, the Doctor treated Amy by taking her to visit Arcadia, and the Trojan Gardens. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor) The two also travelled to the Trans-Vegas Casino, where the Doctor challenged criminal businessman Hubert Crimp to a card game and Amy rescued a group of slaves. (COMIC: Winning Hand)

The Doctor returned to the biggest library in the universe and defeated an army of book monsters, (COMIC: Booked Up) and saved a group of peaceful bird creatures. (COMIC: Bad Vibrations) On board a spaceship, the Doctor and Amy helped Cormac, the last surviving crewmember, to stop the shapeshifting Charonid, who took control of both Amy and Cormac until the Doctor trapped it in a force-field. (COMIC: About Face)

On a trip to 1963 to watch a Beatles concert, the Doctor found the Earth in ruins after the Daleks had exterminated humanity, creating a paradox that began erasing Amy. The Doctor went to Skaro to discover the Daleks accomplished this by salvaging the Eye of Time, which had been lost in the Last Great Time War, and were using it to rewrite time. Using the Eye to jump back in time before the Daleks attacked Earth, the Doctor constructed a vision disruptor to blind them and overloaded the magnetic field generator, causing the Daleks to lose the Eye and to have never used it to alter history. He and Amy resumed their trip to see a Beatles concert. (GAME: City of the Daleks)

After the Doctor prevented the Earth from being ripped apart in 1885, (COMIC: Track Attack) the Doctor and Amy met Brox, a hundred-year-old space traveller, who had been travelling on the outer rim of the universe, failing in his mission to find alien life. The Doctor steered Brox' ship into the universe and fulfilled his wish to visit other planets. (COMIC: Nowhere Man)

During a trip to a Vincent van Gogh exhibit in the 21st century, the Doctor was led to travel back in time to the artist himself to protect him from a Krafayis, a beast only Vincent could see. Their battle with the beast ended in the creature's death, something neither Vincent nor the Doctor had wished to happen. The Doctor took Vincent to his own exhibit in the future, where the painter was able to see just how much people would care about his work; he even had the exhibit's curator, Dr Henry Black, give his opinion on van Gogh's work, something that moved the painter to tears of joy. After returning Vincent home, Amy was convinced that they had averted his suicide. However, the Doctor took her back to the museum to show her that the timeline was still intact, except for Vincent dedicated a sunflower painting to Amy. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor)

The Doctor prevented the Caskelliac from draining the energy from all life on 2025 Earth. (AUDIO: The Ring of Steel)

The Doctor and Amy investigated a massive surge of data within a new brand of jackets and the Wi-Fi in 2010, (COMIC: Fashion Victims) discovered the Nebulon Colony had been frozen in time for years by a giant creature in 3515, (COMIC: The Collector) and went undercover as RSPCA inspectors to entrap a Kerra-Berra beast that had disguised itself as a dog to drain the life-energy of an old woman called Betty. (COMIC: The Stray)

Creating the Child of Time[]

The Doctor temporarily loses his head. (COMIC: Supernature)

Attempting to take Amy to Basingstoke, the Doctor ended up arriving on the planet when it held the Van Diemens prison facility, where the inmates were used as test subjects for colonising other planets. The Doctor discovered people were being mutated into hybrids of insects, plants and other animals by a gene splicer left behind by aliens that made the planet habitable, including himself. He undid the mistakes of the machine by using the Time Lord DNA now within it to trigger regeneration, returning everyone to normal. He then suggested the staff lie to their superiors and say a lethal virus was on the loose to keep the inmates from being used in further experiments. As he and Amy left, he suggested the new colonists called the planet Basingstoke. (COMIC: Supernature)

He and Amy next visited a planet under attack from the Shasarak. The population and the invaders were under a musical spell that made them burst into song, which the two soon fell under. The Doctor learnt this was the work of the Muse, an android goddess who had the power to make people break into a musical routine against their will. He repaired her damaged circuits and stopped the Shasarak from using her powers in a galactic war, fighting off their invading plans in the process. (COMIC: Planet Bollywood)

After receiving a call from Martha Jones, the Doctor went on a mission to Japan and joined forces with UNIT to investigate a mysterious new drink called Goruda, which increased the intelligence of the child who drank it. Discovering Axos was behind the plot to have undetectable particles of itself in Goruda that transformed the children into faux Axos, the Doctor managed to turn the tables by having everyone turn on their electronics, draining Axos' energy and destroying it in the process. (COMIC: The Golden Ones)

The Doctor and Amy also wrote a book called The Professor, the Queen and the Bookshop, with the characters being based on the Doctor's friends and enemies and the plot on his travels. Visiting the Eagle and Child pub with Amy, he gave the book to C. S. Lewis. (COMIC: The Professor, the Queen and the Bookshop)

Attending an opera in Paris in 1858, the Doctor and Amy witnessed one of the singers, Cosette, leaving with Monseiur Valdemar to her fiancé’s, Louis, distress. As Louis explained Cosette’s sudden behaviour recently, they heard a scream and found a man dead, despite the scream being from a woman. They broke into Valdemar’s house and discovered he was controlling many opera singers, who he’d given abilities to fly and scream. Valdemar revealed he knew they were there and, ignoring the Doctor’s questions, had Cosette scream to knock them unconscious. Awakening chained to a wall, they learnt that Valdemar was seeking specific genetics, planning to kill ancestors of people who had condemned him in the future. After Valdemar left to test their genetics, Amy freed them and they pursued him. He ordered Cosette to kill the Doctor and Amy, leading to Louis realising he was one of Valdemar’s ancestors and securing their safety by threatening to poison himself. Valdemar fled, however the Doctor used Cosette to pursue him to Notre Dame, where he used the bell to liberate the singers from Valdemar’s control causing them to turn on him. After checking there were no ill effects on Cosette, the Doctor and Amy departed. (COMIC: The Screams of Death)

The Doctor and Amy investigated disappearances at Hawkshaw Manor Nursing Home in 2011. Working with a resident, Arthur, they discovered a malfunctioning Vorlax Regeneration Drone was implanting residents in younger clone bodies upon their deaths. Establishing a dialogue with the Drone after it revived Arthur, the Doctor offered all the residents a choice between rejuvenation and leaving Earth or staying at home. He then took the rejuvenated residents and the Vorlax Drone to another planet. (COMIC: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night)

The Doctor and Amy were attacked by a psychic squid and trapped in psychspace. With the aid of John Lennon, who was also trapped there, they discovered the truth of the dream dimension and convinced the dreamers who were keeping it together to fight back, freeing everyone. (COMIC: Forever Dreaming)

Arriving on a space station, the Doctor and Amy encountered a expedition of nuns who were exploring the station due to exotic particles emanating from it and searching for a previous expedition. The Doctor discovered the station had a malfunctioning time engine onboard which caused time acceleration which had aged the last expedition. Discovering a jungle suddenly growing, they discovered the TARDIS was the source and that Cosette, a resident of Hawkshaw and a Shasarak were trapped within the outer shell. Due to the time acceleration the three suddenly coalesded into a massive single creature which was expelled from the TARDIS, enabling the Doctor to enter it and figure out that the TARDIS had been infected since Planet Basingstoke. The Doctor helped the ageing nuns contain the creature in a teleport booth, and learnt they were fighting a war with robots, Galateans, and hoping to use the engine as a weapon. One of their number, Bridget, revealed herself as an enemy agent and took control of plague robots. Cornered with the last surviving nun Ivana, the Doctor was horrified when Amy was suddenly aged decades by the accelerated time. Ivana detonated the time engine to stop Bridget getting it, causing a time storm with the Doctor and Amy in the eye. The storm caused the TARDIS creature to evolve into Chiyoko, who the Doctor begged to help the ageing Amy however she refused and dematerialised. The Doctor used the nuns’ bio scanner, which had scanned him and Amy when they arrived, and the teleport to restore them to how they were when they arrived. As the station disintegrated, they returned to the TARDIS via the teleport with the Doctor intent on pursuing Chiyoko. (COMIC: Apotheosis)

Pursuing Chiyoko, the Doctor witnessed her ensuring her own creation by releasing Axos to attack Japan, sending Valdemar back in time during his execution and diverting the Vorlax Drone to Earth in 2011. They finally arrived on Earth during the Human-Galatean War, discovering the last humans were planning to detonate Earth to stop it falling to the Galateans. Chiyoko arrived to explain she caused the war as a test of who were superior, and the humans had failed, and left them on Earth as it exploded. The Doctor and Amy were time scooped to the Museum of Lost Opportunities in the future, where they met a robot duplicate of Alan Turing. Duplicates of the Brontë Sisters caught them, revealing they’d brought the Doctor there so he could use their time scoop to change history to wipe out the Galateans, as they’d gone insane and had wiped out everynspwcies. As they were attacked by insane Galateans, the Brontës managed to send the Doctor. Amy and Alan back in time to the day the Galateans were activated. Before they could interfere to stop it, Chiyoko took them out of time to let events occur as she wanted and then dumped them on the last day of Earth again.

Using their foreknowledge to their advantage, the Doctor arranged for himself, Amy and Alan to take their past selves’ places so they were time scooped by the Brontës to the Museum and then sent his and Amy’s past selves to Alan’s simulation. Chiyoko interrupted, furious at his meddling, however he discretely used the time scoop to bring the humans who had caused her creation from before their absorption by the TARDIS there, endangering her existence. This caused Chiyoko’s human empathy to resurface and she wept for what she had done, so the Doctor embraced her. She un-made her own creation, causing the Museum’s timeline to cease to exist. The Doctor brought the TARDIS to them and they escaped, though Chiyoko was dying due to never existing. Travelling back to the activation of the Galateans, the Doctor arranged a peaceful co-existence between them and humanity, with the help of Alan showing them the disastrous outcome if they fought, and arranged for Chiyoko’s consciousness to be uploaded to a Galatean body so she could continue living. (COMIC: The Child of Time)

Further adventures with Amy[]

When Amy was mistaken for a criminal shapeshifter called "Egron the Flesh-Eater", the Doctor tried to clear her name by tracking down Egron. However, he discovered Egron had disguised himself as the TARDIS. He stopped Egron from taking Amy hostage and had him imprisoned. (COMIC: Mistaken Identity) The Doctor next took Amy to the Wembly Space Stadium in 2050 and foiled the schemes of the Chronos Corporation, a company which had kidnapped aliens and footballers throughout history. (COMIC: Foul Play) Afterwards, the Doctor became a celebrity after saving the planet Ekthelios and used this to save Amy from execution at the hands of the GateBots, robot ticket inspectors. (COMIC: Attack of the GateBots!)

The Doctor next visited 13th century Japan, and saved a village from a dragon and turned the local outcast, Shoju, into a great hero. (COMIC: Samurai's Secret)

Following a distress beacon, the Doctor and Amy arrived at the GSO Arctic Drilling Station in 2010. They discovered the crew had accidentally excavated Cybermats belonging to the Cybermen, whose ship was buried beneath millennia of ice. The Cybermats had infected the crew with a nano-virus that turned them into Cyberslaves needed to excavate the Cyber-ship. The Doctor was forced to awaken the Cybermen in stasis by Elizabeth Meadows after she threatened to convert Amy. Once awoken, the Cybermen destroyed Meadows. However, the Doctor quickly rescued Amy and used the Cybermen's nano-virus to put them back to sleep. Their ship promptly exploded, destroying the virus and returning the remaining infected GSO crew members to normal. (GAME: Blood of the Cybermen)

Soon afterwards, the Doctor was launched through the TARDIS doors and out into the Time Vortex. While trying to rescue the Doctor from being trapped in a space-time riptide, Amy accidentally released an Entity from its container in the TARDIS. After the Doctor managed to get back inside the TARDIS, the Entity created a lesion in time to send Amy a thousand years into the future and began feeding on her timeline. The Doctor built a tachyon feedback loop which he sent to Amy to bring her and the Entity back to him. He captured the Entity and sent it into the riptide, where it could freely gorge on the four-dimensional Chronomites without harming them, though the Doctor forgot to mention the Chronomites were itchy to punish it.

The Doctor continued to their intended vacation spot, Poseidon 8, where he found it under attack by a Zaralok, (GAME: TARDIS) occupied by the Vashta Nerada and its people under a "sickness". He returned power to the undersea farming facility, treated the vortron radiation poisoning of its crew and used a triangulation device to trace the appearance of the Zaralok and the Vashta Nerada to a World War II era warship, the USS Eldridge. The vessel had been brought through a dimensional vortex caused by a malfunctioning cloaking device. The Doctor and Amy deactivated the device, returning the Zaralok and Vashta Nerada to their proper time period, and ended the radiation. Though invited to a Christmas feast of "sea pumpkins" as a show of gratitude, the Doctor and Amy promptly left. (GAME: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada)

The Doctor intended to take Amy to the paradise world of Pomarius, but the TARDIS was caught in a spider's web. After being saved by Pomarius farmer Heldan, the Doctor stopped cyborg spiders from seizing control of Pomarius, (COMIC: The Steel Web)

Flying through the asteroid belt to Jupiter, the Doctor and Amy traced a signal to the SS Lucy Gray. However, the asteroids separated them from the TARDIS, and matters were further complicated when Cybermen invaded the ship, with the ship's computer putting the human populace into hibernation for their protection. Though the Doctor destroyed the Cybermen, the Daleks followed them. Ultimately, they too were defeated when their ship was sent into the sun as Amy salvaged the TARDIS. The Doctor and Amy took their leave as the Lucy Gray returned to Earth. (GAME: Return to Earth)

The Doctor visited Birmingham during the Ice Age and stopped three alien scientists from experimenting on humans, (COMIC: Snow Globe) and took Amy to Smilonda, the top holiday destination of the 423rd century and stopped a disgruntled holidaymaker named Grone from causing chaos amongst the holidaymakers. (COMIC: Wave Machine)

The Doctor assisted an alien called Elpha to shut down a zoo and a prison on a wealthy planet. (COMIC: Cell Shock)

The Doctor and Amy were separated from the TARDIS when it was taken aboard the SS Lucy Gray as it was preparing to leave the Earth on the eve of a solar storm. In order to recover the TARDIS, they became honorary crew members assisting the ship's operations and passengers. Finding that a Silurian's ship had attached to the Lucy Gray, the Doctor helped foster peace between them and the humans. However, a Dalek ship attacked the Lucy Gray. The Doctor left them stranded at the edge of a black hole many light-years away, noting that it would take them a long while to return. (GAME: Evacuation Earth)

The Doctor and Amy became school inspectors and defeated a monster made out of pencil, (COMIC: Pencil Pusher) and, visiting Usunru in Galaxy 57, were taken prisoner by the Kreech. Seeking freedom, the Kreech brainleader, Ragnorr, made the Doctor a reluctant king to the Kreech. The Doctor managed to trick Ragnorr into continuing his powerful reign on Unsunru. (COMIC: The Cleverest King) The Doctor then took Amy to 1940s Earth and defeated the Mirrorite. (COMIC: Seeing Things)

When the TARDIS materialised in Colchester, the Doctor was thrown out as it dematerialised, with Amy trapped inside. Finding a clue from Amy's future self, the Doctor became the flatmate of Craig Owens, disrupting his normal life. He discovered the flat upstairs was actually a makeshift timeship, with its computer trying to find a suitable pilot to allow it to leave; all humans it tried died, causing temporary time loops threatening to strand the TARDIS in the Time Vortex forever. When the Doctor was found to be "the correct pilot", he convinced Craig to declare his love for his close friend, Sophie, and Craig shut down the machine with his desires to stay with Sophie, saving Earth. (TV: The Lodger)

Receiving an invitation to a reunion, the Doctor and Amy arrived at galactic space-time co-ordinates 2-0-0-0-11-0 by 01, where they were met by a Dalek, a Cyberman, a rogue Ood and a Weeping Angel. All four attempted to kill the Doctor first, resulting in them attacking each other and allowing the Doctor and Amy to escape in the commotion. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Last Stand)

The Doctor followed a distress signal to a family spaceship where a Scientist Dalek was attempting to steal the technology. When the engine overloaded, the whole family were scattered into space and time, and the Doctor and Amy travelled to many different locations, such as an ancient Incan temple, facing many different monsters like Cybermen and Silurians, on their quest to find and help the family. (GAME: The Mazes of Time)

After they visited Space Florida, (TV: The Big Bang) the Doctor and Amy became embroiled into the Battle of Trafalgar, and saved the children population of Earth on Christmas Day in Victorian London. (COMIC: Red Christmas)

Rebooting the universe[]

The Doctor imprisoned in the Pandorica. (TV: The Pandorica Opens)

While visiting Planet One, the Doctor found a message from River Song, that led Amy and him to 102 AD England, where River showed him The Pandorica Opens, a painting by Vincent van Gogh that showed a premonition of the TARDIS exploding. Reminded of Prisoner Zero's warnings of silence falling, the Doctor was led to Stonehenge, where an alliance of alien species that he had defeated in the past imprisoned him in the Pandorica, the ultimate prison built to contain the most feared being in creation; him. This was to prevent the cracks in time from occurring as the Doctor was the only one they knew able to pilot the TARDIS. When the Doctor was sealed away, the TARDIS exploded anyway with River inside; everything but the Earth vanished. (TV: The Pandorica Opens)

The Doctor was immediately released by an Auton copy of Rory, who had been created from psychic residue from the home of the Doctor's companion Amy Pond, including a children's book on Roman centurions and a photograph of Amy and her fiancé Rory Williams taken at a costume party where Rory had worn a Roman centurion costume, on orders from the Doctor's future self. After placing a dead Amy inside the Pandorica, he used River's vortex manipulator to travel to 1996. In a museum where the Pandorica was now stored, he resurrected Amy using the DNA of her seven-year-old self and they reunited with Rory, who had lived two-thousand years since their last encounter. Taking a fez from an exhibit for headwear, the Doctor managed to save River from his exploding TARDIS, but was unable to stop the explosion itself. River promptly destroyed his fez after the Doctor stated his newfound attachment to it.

After a confrontation with an echo of a Dalek, the Doctor was non-fatally shot by the Dalek. Using the vortex manipulator to separate himself from his three friends, he wired himself into the Pandorica to reboot the universe with its restoration field powered by the exploding TARDIS, which would also erase him from existence. He piloted the Pandorica into the explosion and found his time stream was unravelling as a side-effect. Before skipping the rest of his "rewind" to oblivion, he left a psychic imprint in Amy's mind to allow her to remember him back into existence.

On Amy and Rory's wedding day, the Doctor was returned to the restored universe by Amy and attended her wedding reception, where he met her parents. After the party, he once again attempted to discover who River Song was, but was left with more vague answers. (TV: The Big Bang) Returning to his restored TARDIS, the Doctor received a call for help from Gus concerning an "ancient Egyptian goddess" loose on the space Orient Express, but decided to dismiss the summons, (TV: The Big Bang, Mummy on the Orient Express) and, with his mind concerned on other matters, left Amy and Rory to themselves on their wedding night, (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) while he ordered a new fez from the Kerb!am warehouse. (TV: Kerblam!)

Amy and Rory's honeymoon[]

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While Amy went sunbathing on Gauss Electra, the Doctor and Rory went to the coronation party for the King in Crystal on Numina Vitri, but instead had to protect the Mantle, a self-sustaining life support suit that would keep the King in Crystal alive for a millennium, with the Crown Prince Maanaster when the Zygons came to steal it. When Maanaster used the Mantle to end the situation, a single Zygon managed to escape, and the Doctor and Rory elected to skip the party to track it down. (PROSE: The King in Glass)

The Doctor has a nostalgic reunion with Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith back in his TARDIS. (TV: Death of the Doctor)

After the Doctor left Amy and Rory on a planet on its own honeymoon with an asteroid, his TARDIS was taken by a rogue branch of the Claw Shansheeth. They left him stranded in the wasteland of the Crimson Heart while they arrived on Earth in 2010 and joined forces with corrupt UNIT Colonel Tia Karim to fake the Doctor's death. They faked a funeral to lure in his old companions, Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Grant, and drain their memories to create a new TARDIS key using a memory weave in their plot to use the TARDIS to prevent death on a universal scale.

The Doctor travelled to Earth by engineering a transfer using residual artron energy Clyde Langer had absorbed from the TARDIS during Sarah Jane's wedding, but she and Jo were captured by the Shansheeth while the Doctor was rescuing Clyde, Rani Chandra, and Santiago Jones. As the Shansheeth used the weave on them, the Doctor encouraged them to think of everything they encountered during their travels with him along with the lives they'd been living after him. The weave overloaded and blew up, killing the Shansheeth and Karim, while Sarah and Jo were saved by the empty lead-lined coffin. After saying goodbye to Sarah Jane and Jo, the Doctor set off for new adventures on his own. (TV: Death of the Doctor)

The Doctor attended a party at Frank Sinatra's hunting lodge with his friends, Albert Einstein and Santa Claus, (TV: A Christmas Carol) during which he borrowed a toothbrush off of Einstein, only for it to be destroyed by the Daleks in a later adventure. (TV: Death Is the Only Answer)

The Doctor tracked the energy signature of an alien inside a warehouse, where the alien had started using fear to feed the dead body he possessed alongside his crashed spaceship. The Doctor found Louie Rollins and tried escaping with him. A crystal skull tried firing at Louie, but Louie instinctively held up a piece of machinery, which exploded, and started a fire. The Doctor and Louie escaped, seemingly seeing the alien and the warehouse destroyed, when he had actually faked his death with a perception filter, as an "elaborate ruse" for his later preparations.

That Bonfire Night, the Doctor took Louie and his cousin, Millie Peterson, to the burning of effigies of Guy Fawkes that began to be animated across the United Kingdom. The Doctor, Louie and Millie rushed to the TARDIS and landed back at the warehouse. Inside the warehouse, the alien appeared, his body fully regenerated and his spaceship ready to take off from the fear they had consumed. The Doctor palmed a device from the TARDIS to Louie, gesturing towards the alien's equipment. The Doctor gave the alien a choice, pointing out the alien's fusion engines would destroy everything in a twenty-mile radius if he activated them. After the alien shot energy at the Doctor, in the confusion, Louie placed the device in the alien's equipment. The device broke the link with the Guy Fawkeses and reversed the fear-consuming's effects, draining energy from the alien, as it withered to dust. (PROSE: The Night After Hallowe'en) Afterwards, the Doctor left Amy and Rory in 1605 to see Romeo and Juliet. (PROSE: Honeymoon Horrors)

While he picked up a new fez, the Doctor accidentally opened a time portal to 18 September 1945, which transported the Fez's original owner, Albert Einstein, on board the TARDIS. After being exposed to an unknown substance, Einstein turned into an Ood, and tried to kill the Doctor. However, the Doctor quickly reversed the transformation, closed the time portal, and deposited Einstein back in his native time. (TV: Death Is the Only Answer)

The Doctor received a letter from Amy telling him to collect her and Rory from 1605 due to James I arresting them. The Doctor then dropped them off at the Gardens of Zul-Thep in the year 3104. (PROSE: Honeymoon Horrors)

'The Doctor received a telemessage from Rory telling him to save him and Amy from giant bees in the Gardens of Zul-Thep. The Doctor then sent them to meet Wyatt Earp. (PROSE: Honeymoon Horrors)

The Doctor visited the New Regency Theatre, where he rescued Henry Gordon Jago from a member of the Gentlemen of the Dice. (AUDIO: The Jago & Litefoot Revival)

The Doctor received a telegram from Amy detailing the disastrous results of Rory's meeting with Earp. The Doctor then dropped Amy and Rory off on Drago14 for a beach holiday, and later receives an Instant Message that they had booked a cruise on the Thrasymachus cruise ship. (PROSE: Honeymoon Horrors)

Rewriting Kazran's history[]

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The Doctor prepares to show Kazran Sardick the price of his apathy. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

Receiving a distress signal from Amy, the Doctor discovered the starliner they were honeymooning on was trapped in a cloud belt that prevented the TARDIS from landing aboard. Seeking help from the man who could unlock the barrier, Kazran Sardick, the Doctor was refused. Inspired by Charles Dickens' tale, A Christmas Carol, the Doctor used time travel to make Kazran's otherwise unhappy childhood better by befriending him as a child, taking him on trips in the TARDIS every Christmas Eve and letting him fall in love with Abigail Pettigrew, who also joined them on their adventures. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

Before one such Christmas adventure, the Doctor visited Winston Churchill and invited him on a trip to ancient Britain with him and Kazran. However, as Winston and Kazran stepped out ahead, the TARDIS was repulsed by a time lock and sent out of phase. The Doctor returned immediately after, only to find that hours had passed for Winston and Kazran, during which they had rallied the warring Romans and British against the "Bronze God", arriving just in time to save them from the destruction of the crashed Dalek ship which caused the time lock. (AUDIO: Living History)

Much to his own embarrassment, the Doctor accidentally married Marilyn Monroe during one of his last Christmas trips with Kazran and Abigail; however, he did not count it as valid due to not using a real chapel.

However, Abigail revealed that she was dying and would only live one more day outside her ice box; a broken-hearted Kazran still ended up the cruel old man the Doctor tried to change. However, he managed to succeed by showing child Kazran the mirror image of his father that he would become, and the elder Kazran was forced to let Abigail out as her singing would open the belt. With Kazran now a better person, the Doctor collected Amy and Rory and continued to take them to romantic destinations for their honeymoon. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

Ponds' extended honeymoon[]

While doing some repair work on the TARDIS together, the Doctor became annoyed when Rory got distracted by a view up Amy's skirt through the TARDIS control room's glass floor and messed up on his part of the repairs. The Doctor found that the mistake had caused the TARDIS to materialise within itself, effectively trapping them inside forever. A second version of Amy arrived, (TV: Space) and explained the outer shell had drifted into the near future. The Doctor used the time drift to tell himself how to undo the space loop. (TV: Time)

As Amy and Rory slept in the TARDIS, the Doctor went for a party night out with River. The Doctor was caught by Amy while he was dealing with the Queen's transformation into a goldfish, a matter complicated when he found that Amy had swatted a Warrior Chief in the form of a fly. To his further horror, the Doctor realised he had the wrong goldfish and left to catch the right one before the pet shops opened. (HOMEVID: Bad Night)

Later, the Doctor did "a bit of local work" on Brixton, wrote a history of the universe all in jokes, and prevented two supernovas before helping out a possessed orchestra on a moonbase, after which he returned to the TARDIS with a euphonium following a party with River and Marilyn Monroe. He was again met by Amy, who was troubled at having remembered two different lives following the restoration of her parents. Explaining that alternate histories could be recalled in memory as dreams, the Doctor comforted her and reminded her of the saddest moment of her life; when she dropped an ice cream at a fair. While recalling the event, Amy suddenly remembered that she was cheered up once she was given a new ice cream by a woman with red hair and dressed in the same nightie she was wearing, just as the Doctor revealed he had landed the TARDIS at the fair. (HOMEVID: Good Night)

The Doctor rides a Robot Camel. (COMIC: The Salt Solution)

When Amy was infected by the Chronic Spasm Virus, the virus caused her to jump randomly through time and space with a Vortex Predator Bulge. Tracking her, the Doctor and Rory travelled to 1917 France, ancient Rome, the court of Queen Elizabeth I and prehistorical Earth. When Rory was taken, the Doctor raced them to medieval England and used the TARDIS to draw the energy from the Bulge and cured his companions. (COMIC: Random History) The Doctor, Amy and Rory next visited the desert of Bruvoldaveer, where they joined forces with the bravest warriors in the galaxy to defeat a Natrium Worm, a powerful creature that thrived on pure salt. (COMIC: The Salt Solution)

They also went undercover at a hospital in 2011 Leeds to entrap an alien earworm called the Harmonelid, but instead allowed it to inhabit the ears of Mr Richards, a deaf patient, (COMIC: Earworm) took a trip to the picnic planet of Floriosophon Fidestra, where they followed a distress signal, only to discover that it was a trap set by an alien creature, (COMIC: If You Go Down to the Woods Today) and joined four teenage aliens on a camping trip to the third moon of Callicial, where they encountered the ghosts of TV characters, including footballers, singers, knights and dancers. (COMIC: Ghost World)

The Doctor discovered a stranded Skaratid creature was hunting humans and gold in 19th century California, and caused the Skaratid to explode after tricking it into eating dynamite, (COMIC: Mine, All Mine!) and saved Cleopatra from a Gold Assassin from the Court of Xones. (COMIC: Golden Slumbers)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory next returned a Heyvaalay to its own dimension in 1985 San Francisco, (COMIC: Chasing Rainbows) and stopped Ellis the Illusionist's plot to hold Hoolak's Pier on Arriman B ransom for 1 million credits, instead getting him his old job at the pier back. (COMIC: Pier Head From Space)

The Doctor gave Venghu, king of the swamps on Senecca B, a second chance in life after firing a beam at Venghu that sucked out all the rage that had built up inside him. (COMIC: The Rage)

The Doctor eventually deposited Amy and Rory back home in February 2011, eight months since their wedding, for a break to enjoy their married life. The Doctor promised Amy that he would keep in touch. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)

Solo adventures[]

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Info from The Unnamed Doctor

The Doctor visited the Maldovarium and ordered two pots of the finest oolong tea and three dozen fruit scones. He neglected to pay his 12 credit bill before leaving. (AUDIO: The Light Keepers)

The Doctor came to the assistance of Amelia Earhart when the co-pilot of her plane, the Electra, was transformed by a swarm of alien bugs that had slipped through a crack in space-time. When Earhart tried to fly off to safer land, another swarm of bugs appeared in her path and she was infected. Despite the Doctor offering to help her, Earhart decided return to her plane and blow it up, destroying the swarm. (PROSE: Chasing the Dawn)

The TARDIS crashed through Geryon's Eye and caused serious damage to the Maldovarium, leading Dorium Maldovar to impound it and demand the Doctor's help with the Light Keepers in payment of his 260,000 credit debt. The Doctor defeated the Lux by deflecting them into Geryon's Eye with Dorium's gravity wave manipulator and left days later, telling Dorium that Dorium now owed him. (AUDIO: The Light Keepers)

Plagued by SERVEYOUinc[]

The Doctor invites Alice aboard the TARDIS. (COMIC: After Life)

The Doctor followed a Kharitite that he suspected of falling through a dimensional riftto 2014 London. As he chased it down the street, he enlisted the help of the passing Alice Obiefune. Just as he was gaining on the creature, the Doctor briefly caught a glimpse of a Time Lord, before he ran into a light pole, which gave him a bloody nose. After accepting a tissue from Alice, the Doctor got into his TARDIS and left.

He later found Alice again and landed the TARDIS in her flat, making her tea, and listening to the problems that had recently occurred in her life. Afterwards, he handed her a TARDIS key and asked if she would once again help him to catch the Kharitite. When she became overwhelmed with emotion inside the TARDIS, he offered to take her to the TARDIS swimming pool, where they talked about the Doctor's friends and the Kharitite. Alice accidentally gave the Doctor an idea of how to stop the Kharitite by asking who would tag a dog, which made the Doctor realise the Kharitite was a pet. He dropped Alice off at the House of Commons and used the TARDIS to trace the Kharitite's signal back home. He picked up the creature's owner and returned just in time to stop UNIT from destroying the Kharitite. He then offered to take Alice anywhere she wanted to go. (COMIC: After Life)

The Doctor took Alice to the planet Rokhandi for her first adventure, but was disappointed to discover that a theme park, Rokhandi World, had been built over the previously untouched planet. They discovered that troublemakers in the park were being brainwashed through the use of the Entity to become park employees or work in toxic waste mines by SERVEYOUinc and stopped them. (COMIC: The Friendly Place)

The Doctor and Alice next visited 1962 London, to see the first performance of John Jones, the favourite singer of Alice's mother. They were left disappointed by the performance, however, and Jones followed them into the TARDIS when he overheard them criticising his show, accidentally being brought along with them to 1931 Mississippi Delta. The Doctor, Alice and Jones discovered a large group of possessed people, who were being taken over in search of talent, by a mysterious man known as the Talent Scout. The Doctor realised that they would die soon if he did not reverse the effects of the crude life-force enhancement. He told Alice and Jones to return to the TARDIS while he found the reprogramming frequency, but was coerced by the Talent Scout to join the ranks of the possessed.

Due to him sending Johnson to the TARDIS with the sonic screwdriver, his friends managed to free him and everyone else from the Scout's control. Although the day was saved, the Doctor was disturbed by the fact that several of the recent incidents had been connected to the mysterious SERVEYOUinc corporation and could not remember what he was coerced with. (COMIC: What He Wants...)

Attempting to return to Alice's flat, the trio ended up on the United System Research Base. While Alice and Jones explored the station, the Doctor posed as an inspector and learnt that members of the crew had fallen into comas. The Doctor was brought to the chief suspect, Janet Rutherford, though he didn't believe Rutherford was responsible and suspected Security Chief August Hart was attempting to cover something up. Hart then pulled a gun on the Doctor, telling him he knew too much. (COMIC: Whodunnit?) The Doctor and Janet overpowered Hart and went to investigate the cause of the comas.

They came to a testing facility, in which the Doctor realised that a creature had been tortured aboard. They returned to Hart, who was holding Alice and Jones hostage, as the creature revealed itself. The Doctor faced the creature, whom the research files called "Autonomous Reasoning Center", and realised ARC had no intentions of violence, merely learning from people's minds. The Doctor, Alice and Jones brought ARC aboard the TARDIS with them and left. (COMIC: The Sound of Our Voices)

The TARDIS received a distress call from the planet of Datastore 8 and picked up a Nimon. The Nimon had destroyed the planet by draining it of its resources, knowledge and energy to create materials for a black hole bomb to destroy the Nimon homeworld. He just needed the TARDIS engines to power it up. The Nimon killed Jones and began to power the black hole. Disguised as the Doctor, ARC let the Nimon attack him, but he was unable to handle all of ARC's energy and exploded, and the black hole was safely ejected into the Time Vortex.

However, a Time Vortex leech had attached itself to the exterior of the TARDIS, causing time inside to go backwards in jumps. The Doctor, being the only one to possess the secondary backward consciousness to register the jumps and remember the original events, then used a vortex manipulator to engineer the Nimon blowing up much earlier before it could kill Jones. The Doctor used the Nimon's temporal armour to get rid of the leech and thereby prevent the TARDIS from exploding. The Doctor then took the TARDIS crew to Datastore 8 before the arrival of the Nimon and prevented the destruction of the planet. (COMIC: Space in Dimension Relative and Time)

Intending to visit 1945 Berlin, the Doctor, Alice and Jones found themselves in 2015 London on Free Comic Book Day, where there was a massive craze for comics, books and magazines about the story of Zzagner. Acquiring a book, the Doctor found that the stories had a narrative virus to hypnotise humans. He came to the thought that Zzagner was alive within the story. Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor had ARC vomit waste matter, and, using the telepathic circuits, brought Zzagner out of the book and into life, deleting the stories as a result. Zzagner wondered if he was any good, which led Alice and the Doctor to deduce he was just a writer. The Doctor encouraged him to allow humanity to judge his work for themselves. (COMIC: Give Free or Die)

The Doctor returned Alice to her flat in Hackney, but found that two warring alien races, the Amstrons and the J'arrodic, had brought their ongoing war to Earth. Leaving Alice at her home, the Doctor took Jones and ARC to space with him to investigate. Aboard an Amstron mothership, Jones ate a cream doughnut he found and soon fell ill. Escaping an onslaught from Amstrons, ARC fell under a mysterious possession, but the Doctor broke it out of it. ARC then told the Doctor it would "serve him", reminding the Doctor once again of SERVEYOUinc. The trio then entered an Amstron library to seek a legal rule that could end the war, only for Alice to suddenly join them with her "resurrected" mother. (COMIC: The Eternal Dogfight) However, the Doctor quickly deduced that Alice's mother was not real.

Alice discovered a note in a legal book calling for Earth to send an "infinite astronaut" through the Gate of Creation. The Amstrons explained that the infinite astronaut would find what happened to an Amstron and J'arrodic that disappeared in space on a mission, which sparked the war. The Amstrons requested that Alice and Jones, as humans, were the only ones who could go through the gate. "Alice's mother" revealed herself to be the Talent Scout, who then teleported away, telling the Doctor they would meet again. Alice and Jones then travelled through the gate, finding nothing but lights, while Jones recovered from his illness. The Amstrons and J'arrodic founded peace and ended the battle, but the Doctor, having had enough of SERVEYOUinc's mysteries, took his companions to their headquarters. (COMIC: The Infinite Astronaut)

With all his money and a few favours, the Doctor saved up enough money to purchase a fifty-one percent share in SERVEYOUinc before taking his companions to their headquarters in SERVEYOUinc City. (COMIC: The Rise and Fall) In preparation of his plans going wrong, the Doctor gave Alice a watch that contained a back-up of his personality, telling her to use it if something went wrong. (COMIC: The Rise and Fall, The Other Doctor) The Doctor revealed to a SERVEYOUinc employee his shares deal, thus making him the majority shareholder and self-declared owner of the company. Leaving his companions, the Doctor was summoned to see Enoch Thorne, the company's CEO. Upon arriving at the office, the Doctor discovered Thorne had been killed by the Talent Scout, who revealed he had been woken by the Doctor and saw talent in him. When Alice, Jones and ARC saw the Doctor next, he had changed his hairstyle, was wearing a black version of his suit and calling himself the "Chief Executive", saying he would help and rule the whole world. (COMIC: The Rise and Fall)

As the Chief Operating Officer of SERVEYOUinc, the Chief Executive converted his TARDIS into an office skyscraper over SERVEYOUinc City, and drained the world of its creativity. However, the back-up Doctor inside the watch helped Alice, Jones and ARC figure out a solution. Alice took on the Doctor's role to encourage the enslaved people of the city, until the Chief Executive had her, Jones and ARC brought to him so he could assimilate their memories into the Entity. Using her memories of her mother's passing, Alice convinced the Chief Executive to accept what he had done and take back control of himself. Alice's words transformed the Chief Executive back into the Doctor, and the return of his memories caused the Entity to overload, destroying the city and apparently killing the Talent Scout. With the restored TARDIS, the Doctor and his companions brought the people of the city to a paradise planet. (COMIC: The Other Doctor)

Feeling guilty for giving in to SERVEYOUinc, the Doctor planned to find the Entity. He connected ARC to the TARDIS's telepathic circuits to allow ARC to use its connection with the Entity to locate it. However, ARC, under an influence, piloted the TARDIS to before its separation from the Entity, and crashed into a ship carrying it. The resulting paradox flung the Doctor outside into space, knocked out of phase with the rest of reality and into a non-corporeal state. In this state, the Doctor witnessed the Talent Scout stun the Entity in the past, causing the fraction of ARC to break away. Back in the TARDIS, the Talent Scout, having survived the destruction of SERVEYOUinc City by hiding in the TARDIS, appeared and attempted to manipulate the companions, but ARC, still connected to the TARDIS, threw him out. The Doctor re-entered the TARDIS and everything came back together. (COMIC: Four Dimensions)

Tracking the Entity through time, the TARDIS was caught in a crashing comet, having bonded with the Entity to punish the Doctor for harming it. ARC was able to break the TARDIS free, but the comet crashed into 312 AD Rome. The quartet was locked out of the TARDIS as the Doctor realised that the comet had been a Cyberman ship intercepted by the Entity. The Doctor and Jones fell under the Entity's possession, but Roman soldiers, led by Constantine I, arrived to fight off the Cybermen. The Doctor and ARC bonded together to combine with the Entity. Through this, the Doctor showed those possessed by the Entity to see what scared them most. Those possessed were released and the Cybermen escaped in their ship. The Entity jettisoned itself from ARC and ran away through the time stream. However, the TARDIS refused to open its doors and Jones had vanished in the confusion, leaving the Doctor, Alice and ARC stranded in Rome. (COMIC: Conversion)

The Doctor begged the TARDIS to let him in, but it responded by dematerialising of its own accord. The Doctor knew it would travel to the nearest Time Lord, despite there being none left. ARC deduced that Jones had been absorbed into the Entity and using psychic contact, the Doctor was able to help Jones gain control of it. Jones then arrived in Rome, having "sang" to the Entity to form his own spaceship. The Entity ship tracked the TARDIS to 2015 London, where the Doctor rushed out to find it was now in the possession of a Time Lady he recognised as his own mother. The Doctor knew it was just the Talent Scout in disguise, but the Scout told him the image was good enough for the TARDIS and threw him out.

With no TARDIS, the Doctor resorted to walking aimlessly around rainy London in depression, until he ran back into Alice, who informed him Jones and ARC were piloting the Entity as a monster to prevent the Talent Scout from escaping in the TARDIS. The Doctor realised that Alice's psychic link to the TARDIS' telepathic circuits could be used to communicate with it. Through the link, the Doctor apologised to the TARDIS, and it responded by returning to him. The Doctor and Alice confronted the Talent Scout, taking him to the Entity, which re-absorbed him. ARC decided to stay behind with the Entity as the Doctor, Alice and Jones returned to 1962, where Jones had originally come from. Jones had decided to resume his musical career and invited the Doctor and Alice to see his show, knowing Alice's mother would be in attendance. (COMIC: The Comfort of the Good)

Preventing a bad timeline[]

The Doctor buys a bundle of comics. (COMIC: The Doctor Shops for Comics)

The Doctor and Alice visited 1923 Paris, where they defeated radioactive monsters coming out of the Seine. Afterwards, the Doctor, disappointed that his enemies mental stability made him unable to make a pun on their choice of river, suggested Alice get some coffee in a café, (COMIC: Four Doctors) while he visited a local newsstand to pick up an order of comics. While there, he was briefly puzzled by a statement from the newsagent that he had left the cafe only moments before, but soon forgot this after the agent handed him what he believed to be his standing order, which he had found under the counter. The Doctor paid for the bundle with pirate gold before heading back. (COMIC: The Doctor Shops for Comics)

Going to meet Alice in a café, the Doctor ran into his previous and next incarnations, who were also heading to meet their respective companions. When the three Doctors barged into the café to confront each other, Alice, Clara Oswald and Gabby Gonzalez explained what an alternative Gabby from a bad future had said and the six attempted to plan a way to avoid the original timeline. Realising that the picture still existed of the three Doctors arguing, they decided that going to Marinus was still part of the new timeline, and the three left Paris calmly, avoiding the Blinovitch Limitation Effect that summoned the Reapers and destroyed the café.

On Marinus, the Doctors posed for the picture and purposefully fell into the continuity bomb, entering the Eleventh Doctor's alternate timeline and used the TARDIS to go to the Voord's pocket universe. Met with Voord soldiers, the Twelfth Doctor pretended to be his alternate self to gain authority, but a Voord soldier, believing the deception, connected the Twelfth Doctor to the Voord's group mind, while the Eleventh Doctor, Clara and Alice ran to the city's dimensional control room.

When the Twelfth Doctor found his alternate self to powerful to fight alone, he summoned the others to help him. Inside the group mind, the Tenth Doctor turned off the city's force field, threatening to wipe them out with acid lest he change the timeline, and the Eleventh Doctor reprogramed the dimensional controls to return the Voord to the main universe. After Clara apologised to him, the alternate Twelfth Doctor agreed and let history take its normal course, regressing the Voord and Marinus back to their primitive evolution. The deed done, the Tenth Doctor spoke his regret at taking the Voords' development from them, and the Eleventh Doctor said he would arrange for them to receive support and advice from the wider community of species.

Back in Paris, the six considered eating at the café, until they saw the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler seated inside, with the Twelfth Doctor saying that the Ninth Doctor had been left out of the plot due to there being no timeline that even the continuity bomb could find where he was anything but "fantastic." The groups departed, the eleventh and tenth incarnations being aware they would lose their memories of the event, but Gabby and Alice would not. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

Before he lost his memories, the Doctor and Alice bought a Weeping Angel from the Weeping Angel Museum and packaged it with a viewing device in identical packaging to the comics' package to keep it docile. Returning to Paris at a time before their younger selves did, the Doctor distracted the newsagent while Alice swapped the comic package with the Angel package. Happy to have his comics, the Doctor's memory of the encounter with his other selves faded and he began to tell Alice of a café he knew of. (COMIC: The Doctor Shops for Angels)

On the run[]

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The Doctor and Alice break free from captivity. (COMIC: The Then and the Now)

The Doctor and Alice were captured by a space beacon after they tuned into the TARDIS's landing signal. Their Overcast captors told them the Doctor was set to be given his sentence for a crime committed by the War Doctor: annihilating generations of their species. Using the sonic screwdriver, the Doctor broke their psychic moderators, knocking them out and allowing himself and Alice to escape. With the help of the Squire, an old acquaintance of the War Doctor's, they made it back to the TARDIS, driving away the pursuit of the Then and the Now, a being that had accepted a bounty for the Doctor. They entered only to be confronted by Abslom Daak.

The Then and the Now chased the TARDIS through the vortex, as it randomly travelled back in time to the Overcast homeworld before it was abandoned. Daak revealed that he was following the Doctor's bounty as well and attempted to force them back to the courtroom, but the Squire knocked him out. The Doctor, Alice and the Squire exited to see a live sacrifice for beings known as the Malignant. The Doctor attempted to interfere, but the Malignant grew out and attacked everyone. The trio was unable to rescue anyone and escaped back to the TARDIS. Inside, Daak ate the Doctor's bowtie and threatened to take him to imprisonment, but the Doctor pointed out that the TARDIS had hidden the body of Princess Taiyin in its rooms for his behaviour, and he went to find it. Although Alice told the Doctor it wasn't his fault for the attack on the Overcast, the Doctor still felt guilty for creating the Malignant. (COMIC: The Then and the Now)

In his guilt, the Doctor spent two days brooding in the TARDIS control room alone, imagining having to explain his "crimes" to ten of his previous incarnations, who all turned away in disgust. Meeting back up with Alice, Daak and the Squire in the control room, the Doctor declared his intent to solve the crime he'd been accused of, only for the Then and the Now to catch up to the TARDIS. (COMIC: Pull to Open) The Then and the Now attacked the Doctor and began ingesting his timeline, causing him to begin retro-regenerating through his past incarnations, but, upon reaching the War Doctor, the reaction was halted due to that era of his life being "locked".

Escaping through the Time Vortex, the Doctor decided to find the Time War, and brought Alice, the Squire and Daak to Veestrax, a portion of a planet the War Doctor had teleported away to wipe out Dalek battalions. The Doctor recovered a piece of body armour that was identical to that worn by the Squire, which proved her involvement in the Time War. The group were then attacked by metallic spiders made from the wreckage, but Daak and the Squire fought them off. Alice confided to the Doctor that she had had visions of him in the Time War, and the Doctor came to the conclusion that the Master must have framed him. (COMIC: Outrun)

After another of Daak's outbursts, Alice asked why the Doctor kept him aboard the TARDIS while Daak searched the ship for Taiyin. Turning on the TARDIS intercom so Daak could hear him, the Doctor explained that he and Daak were similar for searching for meaning after seeing the horrors of the Daleks, and he understood that Daak gave himself an unachievable goal to distract himself. (COMIC: Obsessions)

Escaping another pursuit by the Then and the Now, the Doctor hoped to show Alice the true nature of the Master by bringing her to one of the many places in the universe where his influence could still be felt. They arrived on a planet in the midst of a battle between the Sontaran High Command and a breakaway legion of Sontarans. The breakaway legion had encountered the Master and had come to view him as a god, notably adapting a faction goatee in celebration of his legacy. The Doctor's team also encountered a Rassilonian Timefly, an endangered species which were used to create Chronal tumours. Leaving the suicide-detonated-planet, the Doctor deduced that the Master had been responsible for his framing and that they could find his TARDIS to get the evidence. He brought his companions to Stormcage Prison to collect River for her assistance in getting it. (COMIC: The Judas Goatee)

The Doctor and his companions went into space so that the Doctor could regain the information of the location of the Master's TARDIS from a Stargate, as he had wiped his memory of the place. Fighting off another attack from the Then and the Now, they arrived in the location: Shada, the Time Lord prison planet. As the Then and the Now attacked the security robots, the group ventured into the prison's Black Vault, where the Doctor, Alice, Daak and River were attacked by the security system and put into stasis. The Squire, however, was immune to the effects as she was a time anomaly, and she freed them. The group finally found the Master's TARDIS, where upon checking his log, the Doctor determined that he was not responsible for his framing. (COMIC: The One)

Feeling renewed responsibility for Overcast, the Doctor brought his companions to a bar on Clundanius XI for drinks. River revealed to Alice that the Then and the Now had been tracking them using a chrono-tracker it had shot into her neck, a fact the Doctor had declined to tell her. She proposed they leave Alice behind to avoid the pursuits, but the Doctor refused. The group were forced to flee the bar anyway once the Then and the Now arrived, and, in the confusion, were forced to leave the Squire behind. Daak informed the Doctor of the Volatix Cabal, a secret Dalek society that disappeared from the Time War before its end, and Alice suggested they could have left records important for their case. However, River realised that the Malignant had found them, (COMIC: Downtime) as it caught and infected River's arm.

Hastily escaping its clutches, the Doctor found that the infection was attempting to corrupt River's timeline. He put her into a cyrobooth to protect her, alongside Taiyan's body. The group arrived on Lujhimene, another planet affected by the Time War, to find information on the Volatix Cabal. Alice suffered another influx of mysterious memories. The Then and the Now tracked them to Lujhimene and begun forcing the Doctor through his previous incarnations, before the Squire returned to combat it, having acquired new weaponry in her absence. She heavily wounded the Then and the Now, but it shot her with energy, mortally wounding her. As the Doctor nursed the Squire, Alice and Daak decided to investigate the Cabal themselves, and activated the chronal tumour in the Master's TARDIS to use it. However, Alice decided she alone was the liability due to the Then and the Now tracking her, and she shot Daak and left in the Master's TARDIS alone. (COMIC: Running to Stay Still)

Furious at her betrayal, Daak turned on the Doctor and threatened to kill him. However, the Doctor countered that he had wanted Daak to protect Alice, which made Daak realise his mistake. The Squire began flat-lining, and despite the Doctor's efforts to save her, she died. (COMIC: First Rule)

Further exploits with Alice[]

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When the Cybermen allied with Rassilon to take over history, the Doctor and Alice were confronted by Cyber-Silurians on prehistoric Earth, where they had travelled to collect some fruit for Jenny Flint and Vastra's anniversary, and learnt they were constructing Cyber-Arks to infect the developing galaxy with their technology. As the situation grew worse, the Doctor sent Alice back to the TARDIS for her safety as he snuck into the Cyberman compound, believing himself safe from the Cybermen due to them being unable to convert Time Lords, but was quickly proven incorrect. Locked within a conversion pod, the Doctor conversed with the Cyberiad, and learnt that Alice was unable to enter the TARDIS, as its power had been stolen away. Determined to save his friend, the Doctor channelled his mental powers into the network, with his emotions freeing the Silurians from Cyber-control. Though the Doctor believed this to be the end to the Cybermen's plan, the Cyberiad simply terminated the Silurians and launched the Cyber-Arks itself, only for everything to revert back to normal. Still able to remember the events when everyone else forgot, the Doctor contemplated what had happened while back in the TARDIS. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)

Protecting the Sapling[]

On a return visit to Plex's adopted home planet, the Doctor, Alice and the Sapling were besieged by Plex's clones, who had broken out into war with each other after the Tenth Doctor had altered their memories. The Eleventh Doctor had to retrieve the Chameleon Arch biodata module to return one clone's memories of Plex to end the fighting. (COMIC: The Promise)

After the Sapling[]

Alerted to a crisis by the Doomsday Circuit while repairing the TARDIS's malfunctioning translation circuit, the Doctor and Alice followed the anomaly to ancient Gallifrey, where the Doctor, after taming a scared Type 1 TARDIS, had found himself conscripted by Rassilon to help develop other TARDISes, and was unable to escape due to his TARDIS's fluid links evaporating. Calling himself "the Other", the Doctor aided Rassilon as best he could without causing too much damage to the timeline, until he hatched a plan to steal the fluid links of the Type 1 to repair his own ship. As he began the dematrialisation sequence, the Type 1 TARDIS panicked due to a leftover dimensional bubble, and wound up in the Void. Content with the peace of the Void, the Type 1 refused to return.

Unable to work the controls, the Doctor wired himself to the Type 1 with the telepathic circuits to try and convince her to return to N-Space with his memories of its wonders. However, the Type 1 perceived the universe as a chaotic place, and sought to end it, using the Void to generate anti-time energies to destroy the universe. Left trapped in the console room, the Doctor was eventually found by his ninth, tenth, and twelfth incarnations. When the Ninth Doctor remarked that TARDISes were not known for listening to Time Lords, the Eleventh Doctor realised that the twelve other versions of their own TARDIS, having been dragged into the Void, could speak to the Type 1. Understanding her error, the Type 1 jettisoned the Doctors, but remained behind in the Void. The Eleventh Doctor was then returned to his proper place by the Ninth Doctor. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

Craving a midnight snack, the Doctor went to Joe's Diner, where he prevented the Vake and the Hoomis from declaring war by having them sit down and share a meal while he ordered some food. After several dishes at the diner failed to appease his apatite, the Doctor returned to the TARDIS kitchen to find Alice making a tuna sandwich, which he ate. (COMIC: Midnight Feast)

Following a homing beacon on the psychic paper to 1896 San Francisco, the Doctor and Alice found proto-forms working to prepare the Earth for colonisation by the Astanzi with Battle Drones. However, the Doctor tricked the Battle Drones into eliminating the leading proto-form, and left the Astanzi a message to withdraw their invasion plans. (COMIC: The Steampunk Conundrum)

Answering a summons from River written in the stars, the Doctor and Alice had to save her from a conviction for attempted theft of the Sacred Oar of Hydron. After gaining the trust of the Mermin by reminding them of the time he saved them from Admiral Icktheus, the Doctor took River as a guilty criminal back to the TARDIS, where she revealed she was really after the astatine lace in the Oar for an anniversary present. (COMIC: Without a Paddle)

First battle with the Silence[]

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The Doctor in the Oval Office. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)

The Doctor had arranged to either have knitting or biplane lessons in 1911, but had to cancel his plans when he got an anonymous invitation leading him to an American diner in 2011. There, he reunited with Amy, Rory and River Song, who he knew were hiding something from him. He reluctantly agreed to find the fifth guest, Canton Everett Delaware III, in 1969. They arrived in the Oval Office in Washington DC where US President Richard Nixon was consulting Canton about a mysterious call. Taking Canton with him in the TARDIS, the Doctor traced it to Florida, where the caller, a little girl, was kept in a biomechanical "spacesuit". There, he finally encountered the Silence, who were occupying Earth because the human race was unable to memorise the Silents, and was told by Amy that she was pregnant, not long before she shot at the little girl in the astronaut suit, (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) but missed the girl by a hair.

For the next three months, the Doctor played the part of a perfectly-secured prisoner in Area 51 to give the Silence a false sense of security as part of a greater plan to uncover their plot. His plan included Canton and the FBI mercilessly hunting down Amy, Rory and River in a nationwide search and pretending to execute them when they were caught on their own nationwide search to find information about the Silence.

Once his companions had been rounded up, the Doctor decided to search for the little girl, sending his four friends off on separate leads, which led to Amy's kidnapping by the Silence. However, he managed to capture a wounded Silent and trick it into saying, "You should kill us all on sight". He had Canton record this and spliced it into footage of the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing, planting a post-hypnotic order in the minds of every human who would ever watch it. With this in place, he rescued Amy, returned Canton to the White House, and returned River to Stormcage prison. Much to his shock, she kissed him. After this, he resumed his travels with the Ponds. However, he was left wondering about the identity of the little girl and Amy's pregnancy, which Amy told him she had got wrong. (TV: Day of the Moon)

New adventures with the Ponds[]

In Hawaii, the Doctor discovered Professor Saurian, a reptilian scientist whose planet was facing an Ice Age, intended to make Earth his new home by unleashing dinosaurs across the world and triggering every volcano on Earth to erupt. The Doctor defeated his plans and saved Earth, but Saurian escaped. (COMIC: Extinction Event) Aboard a mining rig in the 367th century, the Doctor, Amy and Rory helped Karan Marshall defeat a Mercurian energy beast. (COMIC: Hot Stuff!)

The Doctor designed a new bow tie with a perception filter that made people think bow ties were cool. However, when he tested it on an alien world, the masses found the bow tie irresistible and the Doctor found himself in the midst of countless aliens trying to steal it for themselves and unable to find the off switch that would turn the filter off, while his companions tried to pull him away from the riotous crowd. He, Amy and Rory were chased by a lynch mob, and the bow tie was shredded apart in the fight to seize it, thus breaking its power over the alien mob. (COMIC: The Very Cool Bow Tie!)

The Doctor aboard the Fancy trying to protect Captain Avery and his men. (TV: The Curse of the Black Spot)

Receiving a distress signal, the Doctor arrived on a pirate ship, the Fancy, in the 17th century. Met with mistrust as Captain Henry Avery didn't believe the TARDIS was a "ship", the Doctor was nearly forced to walk the plank until the arrival of the Siren that was terrorising the crew. Trying to get everyone off the Fancy whilst also trying to gain Avery's trust, the Doctor watched as the Siren took members of the crew and even the TARDIS. After the crew, Rory and Avery's son, Toby, had been taken by the Siren, the Doctor, Amy and Avery discovered she was a virtual physician from an invisible and intangible spaceship occupying the same space as the Fancy, which was where all those she took ended up, as well as the TARDIS. As the Siren compulsively sought out the injured, the pirates took over the ship and left Earth to prevent her from reaching shore. (TV: The Curse of the Black Spot)

The Doctor followed a hypercube distress signal from his old Time Lord friend, the Corsair, to a sentient planetoid called House in a bubble universe in the hope that he was not the last Time Lord after all. However, it was a trap; House hijacked the TARDIS, with Amy and Rory trapped inside, and left for the main universe while placing the TARDIS matrix in the body of a woman called Idris. The Doctor worked with his TARDIS to build a console from the remnants of other TARDISes to pilot it into his TARDIS's coral interior. When Idris's body expired, the matrix was released back into the TARDIS, where it drove out House. (TV: The Doctor's Wife)

The Doctor and the Ponds persuaded bank robbers to retire from their criminal activates, (COMIC: Reality Cheque) and had Devela arrested for trying to claim insurance money by causing havoc in the city of Metrolos in the 41st century. (COMIC: Road Rage)

The Doctor prevented six Weeping Angels from tricking Mark Whitaker into saving his wife from a car accident in the past, preventing a temporal paradox they could feed on. (PROSE: Touched by an Angel)

The Doctor encountered the Squall, whom he prevented from sucking the memories out of the populace of 1910 London, and sent them back to their home dimension. (PROSE: Paradox Lost)

The Doctor then took Rory and Amy to the Lexington International Bank crash, where they encountered alien con artists who used devices that let people put more time in their lives, unknowingly giving the con artists vast portions of their life. The Doctor stopped the con artists - Symington, Blensinkop, and Jane Smythe - from cashing their investments. He also caused the bank crash as a side effect of this. (PROSE: Borrowed Time)

The Doctor flew equine creatures called Halohawks across Kandalath, and then helped the Halohawks keeper, Jando, to entrap a gang of poachers. (COMIC: Danger Flight)

Answering a summoning from the White House, the Doctor found dinosaurs rampaging in New York City, and encountered Professor Saurian at Times Square. He discovered Saurian had created a rollback machine, with the intention to send Earth back to the Jurassic era. The Doctor sent the dinosaurs back in time, but was too late to stop Saurian from escaping again. (COMIC: Dinosaurs in New York)

Planning to go to Blackpool, the Doctor, Amy and Rory instead found themselves in a castle prison on Argone, where they discovered the dead body of Professor Piritus Eglon. They also discovered that Eglon had created experimental creatures called the Screamers, who rampaged through the castle until the Doctor reversed the frequency of their scream, knocking them out. (COMIC: Screamers!)

The Doctor and his friends took a cruise ship on the planet Ockora, which they discovered was a hunting expedition targeting a huge sea creature named Arix, whom the Doctor helped get justice against the expedition. (COMIC: Peril on the Sea)

After finding Leadworth overrun by dinosaurs, the Doctor travelled to the Jurassic era and discovered that Professor Saurian had rewritten history by building an asteroid shield to prevent the dinosaurs going extinct, which was destroyed when the Doctor broke Saurian's control over the dinosaurs. (COMIC: Dino World)

Boarding a double-decker bus in 1959, the Doctor discovered the bus was actually a shapeshifter who was luring people onto the bus and consuming them. Saving the passengers, the Doctor transported the shapeshifter to the Elliptical zoo on Vetrama III. (COMIC: The Upper Deck)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory fought the Narduni, an alien race that abducted people and animals from Earth in the hopes of gene-splice them into perfect soldiers for their war. The Doctor undid their experiments and returned all the victims to their proper places, freeing the animals from their cages when they were about to be taken to private collections. (AUDIO: The Eye of the Jungle)

The Ganger rebellion[]

Through his failed attempts to scan her for pregnancy, the Doctor realised Amy was a Ganger and that her true self was being held captive somewhere else in time, (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) and that he needed to scan the Flesh in its early stages in order to learn how to stop the signal to her. (TV: The Almost People) When the TARDIS was struck by a solar tsunami, it crash-landed at an acid-mining factory in the 22nd century, where the Doctor was shown the Flesh by the factory's boss, Miranda Cleaves, who used Gangers for her workers to use in hazardous duties. After another storm caused a power fluctuation, the Gangers developed independence, and the Doctor attempted to broker peace between them and the humans. However, Cleaves killed one of the Gangers, causing the other Gangers to declare war.

With the Gangers now distrusting him, the Doctor and the humans were forced to take refuge in the Flesh room, where they met a Ganger of the Doctor. (TV: The Rebel Flesh) The Doctors switched places to test if anyone could tell the difference between them. However, Amy, thinking he was the Doctor's Ganger, confided to him directly that she had witnessed the Doctor die at Lake Silencio in his personal future. Launched into a fit of terror, the Doctor lost control of himself and thrusted Amy against a wall in an attempt to figure out the reasons for his death. However, when he saw that he was frightening her, he remembered he was posing as his Ganger and buried his reasons for yelling "why" under the pretext that it was a lament for the Gangers' fates. However, Amy was convinced the Gangers were dangerous, and the other humans then lured the Doctor away from them to abandon him to the other Gangers.

After winning the other Gangers over, the Doctor tried to evacuate everyone from the island before it was destroyed by the acid. However, Jennifer Lucas' Ganger tried to kill them. Revealing the charade, the Doctor left his and Cleaves' Gangers to destroy themselves and Jennifer's Ganger with a spare sonic screwdriver. Taking Cleaves and Dicken's Ganger to a press conference about the incident, the Doctor told them to make sure the Flesh was never abused again. At that moment, Amy went into labour, and the Doctor revealed to her that she was a Ganger herself. Promising that he and Rory would find her, the Doctor disconnected the link, dissolving Amy's Ganger. (TV: The Almost People)

Discovering the origin of River Song[]

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Realising that Amy had been taken by the Papal Mainframe to bring him down, the Doctor began collecting on old debts from Captain Avery, Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, Dorium Maldovar, Strax, Danny Boy, the Judoon and the Silurians, assembling an army to rescue Amy and her new baby, Melody. He also sent Rory to appeal to River, but she explained to him that she could not assist them until the time was right.

After his masquerading as a Headless Monk caused chaos amongst the Church and the Monks, the Doctor's army won the battle after Colonel Manton had his soldiers disarm their own weapons to prevent any further casualties on their side. However, this was a trap set by Madame Kovarian, who escaped with the real Melody after dissolving the Ganger she had left in her place, and Strax and Church turncoat, Lorna Bucket, were killed in battle with the Headless Monks after Dorium's decapitation.

When River arrived, the Doctor finally discovered her identity: she was Melody. Confident that he would find the baby, the Doctor left his remaining allies to be taken home by River while he searched for her infant self, leaving River to tell Amy and Rory her identity. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

The Doctor listens to Amy's message with a heavy conscience. (WC: Prequel (Let's Kill Hitler))

Searching for Melody, the Doctor became trapped in a nightmarish Escher-esque landscape populated by gravitational shifting aliens, but used his wits to escape, (COMIC: Run, Doctor, Run) and arrived in rural England and met Lum-Tree, a member of the Trylonian race, who were known across the universe for their invasions of many other worlds. (COMIC: Down to Earth) Unsuccessful in finding Melody, the Doctor refused to take any phone calls from Amy, who tried to periodically check up on the progress of his search, instead, listening to her message on the TARDIS answering machine. (WC: Prequel (Let's Kill Hitler))

The Doctor tried to save a spaceship from crashing. (TV: The Crash of the Elysium)

After discovering a newspaper article on a crop circle in the form of his name, the Doctor travelled back to Leadworth to update Amy and Rory on his unsuccessful search. He was then forced at gunpoint by Mels, a childhood friend of the Ponds', to take her, Amy and Rory to 1938 to kill Adolf Hitler. After Mels shot the TARDIS, the Doctor accidentally crashed the TARDIS into a humanoid ship called the Teselecta, piloted by the Justice Department, as it was punishing Hitler for his future crimes. Mels then revealed herself as Melody when she regenerated into her third incarnation, who the Doctor recognised as River Song, after getting hit by a stray bullet from Hitler's gun when he attacked the Teselecta.

After Melody poisoned him with poisonous lipstick, the Doctor kept the Teselecta from killing Melody for his murder, which he learned of from its records on the Silence. Though he succumbed to the poison, he left Melody a message for River Song, and Melody used her remaining regenerations to resurrect him after learning she was River Song. He then left her in the best hospital in the universe to be treated, with a diary to record their adventures. Though he now knew of his death through a download from the Teselecta, the Doctor elected not to tell Amy and Rory as they resumed travelling with him. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

The search for Agent 99[]

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The Doctor finds Amy's mind to be taken over. (COMIC: Funny Phone Call!)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory met the crew of Space Rescue Service Shuttle Alpha Seven on Thosis. The Doctor helped repair a crashed space-freighter, and learned the space-freighter was on a mission connected to the Koth-Kulaar, whom was condemned to a dimension warp centuries prior, and also learnt of a mysterious Agent 99. After ensuring the survivors of the freighter were saved, the Doctor and his companions left, with the Doctor left curious about Agent 99. (COMIC: The Moon of Lost Hope)

Soon after, the Doctor defeated the Shard, (COMIC: Vacuum Packed) and discovered the TARDIS had been invaded by a Chugra, whom he initially planned to deal with, until he discovered the Chugra warship had trapped in the time vortex by the Shadow Proclamation. (COMIC: Funny Phone Call!)

Turning his attention back to Agent 99, the Doctor and the Ponds travelled to Space Service asteroid, who were also searching for Agent 99. Whilst there, the Doctor helped two Xragonis, alien artists and poets, to return home and, as a reward, the Xragonis told the Doctor the last known location of Agent 99. (COMIC: The Deadly Mutant)

Traveling to 1890s France, the Doctor and the Ponds came to the aid of a couple of farmers whose crops of wheat failed to grow due to an underground alien bulb which had feasted and grown by extracting all the nutrients from the soil. The Doctor found that the bulb had an aversion to wine, disposing of it when it was sufficiently weakened. (COMIC: The Mutant Turnip)

After learning Agent 99's telepathic signature in the 33rd century, the Doctor went to Lossk, where he obtained the Tryptic Thought of Crystals of Lossk to locate Agent 99. It led him and the Ponds to Quiok, the deadliest planet in the galaxy, where the Doctor finally met Agent 99 and learned he was the population's leader. Agent 99 asked the Doctor to return him to Earth. (COMIC: The Secret Star Trail)

Returning to Earth, the Doctor discovered he had been set up on his search for Agent 99 by Inspector Gleave and a secret council who wanted to use Agent 99 to conquer the galaxy. With Amy and Rory taken prisoner, the Doctor was unable to stop the council from using Agent 99's powers to free the Kuth-Kulaar from his exile. (COMIC: Agent 99) As the Kuth-Kulaar began destroying every living thing on Earth, the Doctor freed Amy, Rory and rescued Agent 99, who sacrificed his remaining life energy to send the Kuth-Kulaar into oblivion, killing himself. Devastated by his sacrifice, the Doctor left Agent 99's body drifting through space. (COMIC: Dimension Warp)

Further adventures with the Ponds[]

Imprisoned in Gibraltar, the Doctor sent Amy and Rory to lead a resistance force against the Vroon battle fleet, which were using 1950s Earth as their battleground with the Noorve. Escaping, the Doctor discovered Sir Reginald Troupe was manipulating both armies so that he could become King of England and Emperor of the World, but the Doctor stopped him and the Vroon from destroying London. (COMIC: Tuesday)

The Doctor dropped Amy and Rory off at Spaceport One, a leisure and shopping complex on the outskirts of Dorfnan City, so that he could perform repair work on the TARDIS. (PROSE: Rory's Adventure, Amy's Escapade)

The Doctor investigates George's cupboard. (TV: Night Terrors)

Receiving a cry for help on his psychic paper, the Doctor and the Ponds were led to a council estate in search of the source, with the Doctor finding it to be a young boy named George, who was afraid his father, Alex, was going to send him away. Further investigation led to the Doctor and Alex being sucked into the dollhouse in George's cupboard, along with Amy and Rory and several of George's neighbours. Inside the dollhouse, the Doctor discovered that George was a Tenza, who had come to Alex and his wife, as they could not have children; the dollhouse was where George put all his fears, but they were out of control. The Doctor encouraged Alex to help his son face his fears and everyone escaped the dollhouse, with the Doctor promising to check on George in case something else went awry. (TV: Night Terrors)

While Amy and Rory spent some time at their home, the Doctor saved Earth President Vera Fusek from the Daemervoids and made sure Earth was defended against any further attacks from them. (COMIC: Air Force Gone)

While the Ponds slept, the Doctor planned to take River, during her first night in prison, to Calderon Beta to see the starriest night in all of history. (HOMEVID: First Night) However, he had to deal with two future versions of her that appeared in the TARDIS and send them away before they met each other. (HOMEVID: Last Night)

On a trip to Florana, the TARDIS became caught in a time-corridor, depositing the crew in 1992 Peru, where they met Entek, the stranded prince of the Ra'ra'vis Empire. When he contacted their homeworld of Helion to offer his services, the Doctor learnt they had already had the assistance of a Time Lord and rushed to Helion with Entek and the Ponds, where he met a man claiming to be "Castellan Bond". To his anger, the Doctor discovered Bond was actually rogue Time Agent Scott Thrower and joined forces with a band of mercenaries to stop Scott from using the solstice of Pajaro to rejuvenate his body. The Doctor broke Thrower's influence on Helton but failed to stop Thrower from becoming younger. Before the Doctor could take Thrower to the Shadow Proclamation to pay for his crimes, he used his Vortex manipulator to escape. (COMIC: Time Fraud)

The Doctor and the Ponds then helped Elpha to save her tribe from the Atomon, thwarting his attempt to use the Dronebots to wipe out the tribe, but could not prevent his escape. (COMIC: The Atomon Invasion)

Soon afterwards, Rory was bought as a pet by Tygro Lix, but the Doctor convinced Tygro to help them escape the spaceport patrol, who was assigned to kill any unlicensed humans. (COMIC: Humans Aren't Just for Christmas)

While searching for the kidnapped President Vera Fusek, Amy and Rory disappeared and the Doctor discovered he had been lured into a trap by the Atomon, who wanted to seek revenge on the Doctor. However, Vera stopped the Atomon by turning the Dronebots against him, and the Doctor left him in Vera's care. (COMIC: Vengeance of the Atomon)

The Doctor allowed a sentient robotic T-Rex calling himself Kevin to join him, Amy and Rory during their travels after he helped stop the Sontarans. The Doctor was asked by Kevin to help him find a better purpose in life other than being a mechanical T-Rex attraction at the museum. (COMIC: When Worlds Collide) The Doctor had many unsuccessful trips with Kevin, often hindered by his size and appearance, which caused trouble quite frequently. Constructing a battle suit to help Kevin fight, the Doctor left him behind to be the new chief of security on a space station, fulfilling his promise to help Kevin find a better life. (COMIC: Space Squid)

During a visit to Apalapucia, Amy accidentally admitted herself into the Two Streams Facility for Chen-7, lethal to Apalapucians and Time Lords, but harmless to humans. The Doctor was able to lock onto Amy's timestream, but arrived thirty-six years late and had to ally himself and Rory with Amy's older self to rescue her younger self, despite the older Amy resenting the Doctor for abandoning her. Despite claiming to able to save both Amys, the Doctor left the older Amy behind to die at the hands of the Handbots and then erased her timestream, much to Rory's displeasure. (TV: The Girl Who Waited) In secret, the alternate Amy was rescued by Faction Paradox, enabling her to take on the name Wade and live to resent the Doctor. (PROSE: A Farewell to Arms)

The Doctor accidentally released a two-dimensional being from a painting in a futuristic art gallery, but trapped the creature by devouring it with paint with the help of famous artist Zigma, (COMIC: Picture Imperfect) and was forced to venture down a Star Serpent's throat in order to retrieve the TARDIS when it was swallowed by the serpent. (COMIC: The Star Serpent)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory then saved the residents of a 21st century Earth street from being sold as collectables on the planet Burnusta, (COMIC: The Home Store) closed down a clinic in Los Angeles that was capable of turning human beings into shapeshifters, (COMIC: Cold Comfort) and, on the starship Solaros 10, saved two Silurians from a solar storm, and prevented the ship's energy drives from going into meltdown. (COMIC: Faster Than Light)

After The TARDIS collided with a Rutan ship in the 13th century, the Doctor responded to the ship's distress signal in 1605, and landed in London, where proximity to the crashed ship caused dimensional lesions throughout the city. With the town crier, Geoffrey Plum, the Doctor and his companions closed the lesions and infiltrated the ranks of the Gunpowder Plotters, led by Robert Catesby and the Rutan, Elizabeth Winters. Learning that Winters would use the destruction of the Houses of Parliament to allow her ship to take off, the Doctor put Parliament in orbit momentarily, and the Sontarans and Rutans fought over two missing doomsday weapons programmed to destroy the Sontaran race, but the Doctor reprogrammed one to target the Rutan Host, stalemating the Rutan-Sontaran War. After returning Parliament, he left Guy Fawkes inside a locked room filled with gunpowder, where King James' men came to arrest him. (GAME: The Gunpowder Plot)

The Doctor and his companions next encountered the ghost of Carole Rose in 1745 York, (COMIC: Malthill Way) battled the Grayzonian War Monkeys, and defeated Lord Ryzt during a dinner party at Repton Abbey. (COMIC: The Demons of Repton Abbey)

Taking Amy and Rory sightseeing in 2012 London, the Doctor discovered Sammy Star, who he had failed to save from the Weeping Angels years previously, had kidnapped a Weeping Angel in order to use their ability to "disappear" people to make himself a famous magician. Defeating Star, the Doctor stopped the Weeping Angel from using the millions of television viewers to duplicate itself into hundreds of Angels, locking it forever and placing it in Trafalgar Square, under the name of "Monument of the Missing", in memory of all of the Weeping Angels' victims. (PROSE: Magic of the Angels)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory foiled a Slitheen plot to destroy humanity with the use of sympathetic vibration at the Festival of Sacred Music in Morocco, (COMIC: In-Fez-Station) and stopped a Daxzian waiter on the Orion Express space cruiser from selling the Doctor's sonic screwdriver to his enemies. (COMIC: Trouble on the Orion Express)

Hunted by the Yeamorge Warriors, the Doctor was forced to send Amy and Rory to disable the Yeamorge's warships, whilst he hid the TARDIS in a school on Earth. Assisted by a student called Schef, the Doctor fired a stream of background data at the warriors, rendering them unconscious long enough for him to get them imprisoned by the Shadow Proclamation. (COMIC: Finders Keepers)

Teaming up with the USS Enterprise[]

The Doctor joins the Enterprise away team. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory went to Ancient Egypt, where they stopped an escaped alien prisoner from destroying the planet. Through the use of a green crystal, the Doctor learned that the Cybermen had joined forces with the Borg. The trio arrived on the USS Enterprise-D in another universe in 2368 and learnt of the combined Borg and Cybermen threat and the attack on Federation planet Delta IV, troubling the Doctor as he had never heard of such a planet. Through painful flashbacks, the Doctor learnt from himself that he came to this universe in his fourth incarnation and met Captain James T. Kirk along with three of his crew. An attack of the Cybermen was stopped which then caused the Doctor to vanish.

Back in the present, the Doctor met Guinan and both discussed the events unravelling. The Doctor, his companions and an away team went to Cogen V, where both teams found Borg and Cybermen casualties scattered across the planet's surface. The Cybermen betrayed the Borg. Later, a Borg ship that survived the betrayal tried to reason with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Picard refused at first, but after counselling from Guinean and Amy, and seeing the horrible future to come, Captain Picard finally agreed to an alliance.

A plan was made and the Doctor, his companions and the crew of the Enterprise went on the Cyber-ship. The Doctor got a copy of the Borg Executive Library from the Battle of Wolf 359. The Borg were revived with the Cybermen defeated. The Doctor and his friends soon returned to their universe. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

Continued adventures with the Ponds[]

After escaping the Firemen of Fleengarr, the Doctor and the Ponds saved the SS Greensleeves from invading space pirates, whilst also dealing with a creature that could use or absorb other lifeforms. (COMIC: I Scream)

After saving Pietro Rossi from Miyota in Rome, (COMIC: Dungeon of the Lost) the Doctor took Amy and Rory to the Intergalactic Trials in 2412, where they discovered the Galapogans team were using drugs to continue their gaming success, (COMIC: The Intergalactic Trials) and they next visited Vorala, where they discovered a Blehurg had infiltrated the newsroom in a plot to enslave the population through the power of hypnotism. (COMIC: 24-Hour News Invasion)

The Doctor and the Ponds stopped a Panic creature from terrorising an Emperor on Arabia, (COMIC: The Panic Room) and protected a beast from an alligator and a lynch mob in Louisiana in 1929. (COMIC: Terror from the Swamp)

The Doctor leaves the Ponds on Earth where they can be safe. (TV: The God Complex)

Trapped in an alien structure based on a 1980s Earth hotel, the Doctor found an imprisoned creature feeding off the faith of those trapped with it after they found the room that contained their greatest fear, (TV: The God Complex) with the Doctor seeing a crack in time in his room. (TV: The Time of the Doctor) After failing to save most of the others trapped with them, the Doctor broke Amy's childhood faith in her "Raggedy Doctor" to save her and allow the creature to die. Realising his travels were becoming too dangerous for Amy and Rory, the Doctor returned them home, promising Amy he would take care of River and tell her to visit her parents. (TV: The God Complex)

Prolonging the inevitable[]

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Knowing his death was a fixed point in time, the Doctor went on a "Farewell tour", (TV: Closing Time) "waving" at Amy and Rory throughout history. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London by Charles II after being painted nude by Matilda, only to escape via a hot air balloon, took part in a breakout from a World War II POW camp, but was quickly recaptured, and appeared in a Laurel and Hardy film, under the name "John Smith".

He also took a trip to Easter Island with River Song, and met with "Jim the Fish" while he was constructing a dam (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) in the Underwell of Jim the Fish, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) and took him and River to a bar run by the Brotherhood of Maldovar in the 48th century for karaoke. (GAME: The Eternity Clock) He travelled around the universe evading his death for two hundred years. (TV: Closing Time)

The Doctor boarded a spaceship about to attack 1938 Earth, (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe) and eventually found himself trapped with an explosive device. He called Amy in the TARDIS, but realised she couldn't fly the TARDIS, he didn't have the coordinates and she had left the TARDIS long ago. He wished her a merry Christmas and blew up the ship, (WC: Prequel (The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)) but escaped in an impact suit facing the wrong way round, and crashed in a field in England. Madge Arwell was bicycling by and helped him find his TARDIS. To repay her kindness, the Doctor told Madge to make a wish to him and he would do the best he could to make the wish come true. (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

Ending up at the North Pole by accident, the Doctor helped Santa Claus defend the presents from the Roboform, burning out his sonic screwdriver in the process. However, because the reindeer were injured during the skirmish, the Doctor took Santa in the TARDIS to deliver the presents, even leaving winning lottery numbers for a homeless child and mother and received a new sonic screwdriver as his present. (COMIC: Silent Knight)

The Doctor was involved in rescuing several humans and Ood from the Silents, (GAME: Escape the Silence) and met up with River for a picnic at the theme park planet Asgard on 5 May 5147. (PROSE: Picnic at Asgard)

The Doctor saved two children called Abby and Danny from a Zentrabot, which was hiding amongst their Christmas presents. Abby was kidnapped by the robots and, following her to the Zentra mothership in Earth orbit, the Doctor found many other captured children, who the Zentrabots were holding to ransom to get humanity to surrender before their invasion could commence. He, Captain Karvox and the children defeated the Zentrabota by reprogramming one and turning it on the other before the Doctor returned all the children home for Christmas. (COMIC: The Zentrabot Invasion)

After a psychic projection of a sad woman appeared whilst the TARDIS was returning Abby and Danny home, the Doctor took the children with him to Philastra after tracing the projection there. The Doctor was tricked into releasing a tyrant called Shemura, the "sad woman" after her subjects imprisoned her in a stasis chamber for destroying Philastra's civilisation. Shemura stole the TARDIS key and had them thrown into a pit. With Shemura's former ally, Alaban, the Doctor escaped. He regained control by telling Shemura that only he could pilot the TARDIS. Once she was inside the TARDIS, he accelerated the ship's telepathic circuits and allowed the projections of those who Shemura had killed to hound her. Alaban re-imprisoned her, whilst the Doctor returned Abby and Danny home. (COMIC: The Tomb of Shemura)

Further into his farewell tour, the Doctor visited the Gamma Forests, saving Lorna Bucket from a creature, and vanquished the creature using a shield and a cable. (PROSE: Lorna's Escape) Returning to the Maze of the Dead, the Doctor found himself eluding the Weeping Angels to reach the Byzantium. (GAME: Maze of the Dead)

The Doctor met up with Sarah Jane Smith while dropping off flowers at Coal Hill School, and told her the rest of the tale involving Shivani Bajwa and the Space wolves, as well as giving her his fez as a present for Clyde Langer. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Horror of Coal Hill)

Nearing the end of his tour, the Doctor visited his old flatmate, Craig Owens, en route to the Alignment of Exodor. Initially planning to leave straight afterwards, the Doctor noticed power fluctuations and, despite his best efforts to ignore them, decided to investigate. With Craig's help, the Doctor discovered six Cybermen rebuilding their ranks by converting kidnapped people with spare parts and using Cybermats to drain the city's power. Although Craig nearly became their new Cyber-Controller, his "deeply ingrained hereditary human trait to protect [his] own genes", including his son, Alfie Owens, made the Cybermen overload and explode.

Deciding to repair damages to Craig's home caused during their adventure rather than see the Alignment of Exodor, the Doctor was given a Stetson hat as a memento by Craig and then left to face his death at Lake Silencio. As he walked towards the TARDIS, he saw three children and briefly spoke to them. At the Luna University, in the 52nd century, River read from their witness accounts that he seemed "happy, but sad". (TV: Closing Time)

Cheating death[]

Before going to Lake Silencio, the Doctor wanted to know why the Silence wanted him dead. After getting information from a damaged Dalek Supreme and the Teselecta, he was led to Dorium Maldovar by Gantok, where the Doctor learned that the Silence wanted him dead out of fear of him answering a question only he knew the answer to: "Doctor Who?" Realising the ramifications of this discovery, the Doctor decided to extend his farewell tour, phoning up Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart for a night out, only to find that he had passed away sometime before he called. This prompted the grieving Doctor to then cancel his extended tour. After asking the Teselecta captain to deliver letters to River, Amy, Rory, Canton and his younger self, the Doctor was inspired by the captain to have himself and the TARDIS miniaturised and taken into the Teselecta, while it took on his appearance and mannerisms. Hiding inside the Teselecta, (TV: The Wedding of River Song) the Doctor reunited with Amy and Rory in the middle of the Utah desert and had his Stetson shot off by River.

At a café, the Doctor and River compared diaries, and the Doctor told his friends that they were going to have a picnic and then they would go on a trip to "Space 1969". (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) Picnicking by Lake Silencio, Canton arrived, and a younger version of River appeared in an astronaut suit, ready to unwillingly kill the Doctor. Ordering his friends not to interfere, the Doctor told the young River that he forgave her for her part in his assassination and prepared for his faked death. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut, The Wedding of River Song)

The Doctor posing as a soothsayer in a paradoxical timeline. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

However, instead of shooting him, River emptied the suit's weapon system, causing time to collapse, making the date and time always 22 April 2011, 5:02 PM. The Doctor assumed the identity of a soothsayer and spoke before the Winston Churchill of the gestalt timeline, who held the title of Holy Roman Emperor at Buckingham Palace. The Doctor was repeatedly thrown in the Tower of London until Churchill began to see the hidden logic in the Doctor's warnings, and summoned the Doctor from the Tower to elaborate why time remained trapped on the same moment without moving forward and all history was happening at once. Their discussion was interrupted when the two men discovered evidence of a fight they were forgetting and found an entire nest of Silents, and the Doctor was forcibly recruited by an alternate version of Amy, who retained enough memories of her original existence that she knew about travelling with the Doctor.

Brought to Area 52, the Doctor discovered that River and her associates had defeated Madame Kovarian and were trying to restart time without killing him. She had the Doctor handcuffed, knowing that even the slightest physical contact between them would cause them, as the opposite poles of the disruption, to short-out their temporal differential and reboot the progression of time. However, numerous Silents broke out of their holding tanks and attacked the base, killing the soldiers and technicians in the group. River guided the group to safety before the Silents broke through to the control room. She, Amy, and Rory took the Doctor to the top of the pyramid housing Area 52, where they had built a timey-wimey distress beacon. The Doctor was angry that River would risk the suffering and death of everyone and then embarrass him by futilely broadcasting for help, but decided to marry River and revealed the charade to her.

Now that she knew the Teselecta would be shot and not the Doctor, River kissed the robot, erasing the broken reality, and restoring time to the point before she drained the weaponry system. (TV: The Wedding of River Song) After River shot the Teselecta, Canton confirmed the body was the Doctor's, and he, River, Amy and Rory set the body ablaze on a boat in the lake to prevent the Time Lord's body being dissected. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)

Escaping the Teselecta, the Doctor visited Dorium and told him he would "return to the shadows" and allow the universe to forget him. Dorium warned him that he would fall after answering "The Question" on the fields of Trenzalore. However, the Doctor simply paid no mind to his warnings, (TV: The Wedding of River Song) and went on to attend the Brigadier's funeral. (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow)

Return to the shadows[]

The Doctor and River celebrate the retrieval of the Eternity Clock. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

Tracing the source of a temporal disturbance to the four scattered pieces of a powerful artefact known as the Eternity Clock, which threatened to destroy all reality, the Doctor called River for assistance and they went through four different time periods in Earth's history to retrieve the pieces, defeating Cybermen, Silurians, Silents and Daleks, each of whom wanted a piece to fuel their own means. Once the clock was assembled, it began recording and even trying to rewrite fixed points in time. Adding on to the insanity, the clock towed the TARDIS away to an unknown location with both him and River inside for the ride. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

The Doctor took a trip to France in 1917 during the First World War where he learned about the Dalek Project, a mission in which a contingent of Daleks were sent through Earth's history to analyse how humans made war so that they could exploit any weaknesses in future conflicts. However, before the Daleks could exterminate all the witnesses, the combined British, German and French armies came together to destroy the Daleks. The Doctor crashed a plane into the Dalek Survey Ship Sigma and sent it crashing to the ground. The remaining Daleks were destroyed by artillery barrages. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)

On Christmas Eve 1941, the Doctor received Madge's wish and did his best to ensure her children, Cyril and Lily, had a great Christmas. However, things went wrong when a present he gave them, a time portal to the safest planet he knew in the year 5345, was opened prematurely by Cyril. This led him on an adventure to save the life force of the forest with Madge's help by acting as a "mothership" to transport them through the Time Vortex. Madge had accidentally brought her husband, Reg, through the Vortex as well, leading to the belief he had been shot down over the English Channel. Preparing to leave, the Doctor was ordered by Madge to spend time with his family after he told her about the Ponds while she was thanking him for his help with Christmas. This led the Doctor to having Christmas dinner with his parents-in-law, Amy and Rory, in 2013. (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

Despite the tearful reunion, the Doctor continued to travel on his own afterwards, though he kept in contact with his in-laws by phoning them occasionally to let them know how he was doing. (WC: Pond Life) During these adventures, the Doctor arrived at an archaeologist dig in 2017, and found that a team of archaeologists had discovered the crashed Survey Ship Sigma and had accidentally revived the surviving Daleks. Arriving just in time to prevent another disaster, the Doctor attached the Dalek ship to a power line and overloaded all the Daleks. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)

The Doctor escaped from Sontarans on Florinall 9, met up with Mata Hari in Paris, sang backup vocals for an album and went crashing into ancient Greece. (WC: Pond Life)

He also saved an Ood from the Androvax conflict, but it was left behind at Amy and Rory's house by accident during one of his visits. (WC: Pond Life)

After returning the misplaced Ood to the Ood Sphere, (WC: Pond Life) the Doctor saved a Zygon from a witch burning, (PROSE: The True and Most Excellent Comedie of Romeo and Juliet) rode a horse through 18th century Coventry, as well as "accidentally" invented pasta. He also changed the bulb on top the TARDIS, and stopped by the Ponds' house while it was raining, but no one was home. Leaving a message detailing his latest travels, the Doctor decided to use his sonic screwdriver to delete it. (WC: Pond Life)

Wanting to be left alone, (HOMEVID: The Inforarium) the Doctor erased himself from every database in the universe, making sure that no one had ever heard of him. (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Angels Take Manhattan, Nightmare in Silver) Though he could not remove the information about him from the Inforarium's data banks, he managed to reverse engineer the memory-proofing ability of the Silence so that no one could retain any knowledge that they gained about him from there. (HOMEVID: The Inforarium) However, he was unable to erase Earth's records of him because he had played a major role in the planet's history and future, with organisations across the world having been influenced by him. (COMIC: Hunters of the Burning Stone)

Alongside River, the Doctor took the robot clown he had saved in his ninth incarnation to the TARDIS workshop to finally repair it. Unbeknownst to the Doctor, River used the robot clown on him, erasing his memory of counting the children present on Gallifrey on the last day of the Time War. They then released the robot clown near a farming settlement. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

Occasional trips with the Ponds[]

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After rescuing Egypt from alien locusts, Queen Nefertiti joined the Doctor when he received an alert from the Indian Space Agency in 2367, asking him to investigate a ship that would collide with Earth within six hours. (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship) The Doctor went to get Amy and Rory, but found the Helmic regulator had malfunctioned and brought him to earlier versions of the Ponds that didn't know what he was talking about. The Doctor wished them good-night, (WC: Pond Life) and went to collect John Riddell, before collecting Amy, Rory and, unwittingly, Rory's father, Brian Williams, to investigate the Silurian Ark.

They found it contained dinosaurs and, after the group was separated, the Doctor, Rory and Brian encountered a space pirate called Solomon, who had killed all the Silurians on the ship and forced the Doctor to repair injuries the dinosaurs had inflicted him with, so he could make off with the "cargo". However, because the ISA planned to destroy the ark with missiles, and Solomon's ship was too small for the dinosaurs, the pirate took Nefertiti instead, as she was just as valuable as the dinosaurs.

The Doctor briefly magnetised the ark, preventing Solomon from departing long enough for him to retrieve Nefertiti and place the ark's signal in Solomon's ship; the missiles launched by ISA destroyed Solomon instead of the ark. The ark was piloted to safety and the Doctor returned his friends home. Having inspired a sense of travel in Brian, the Doctor took his grandfather-in-law on as a brief companion, with the two taking the dinosaurs to a new planet, which they named Siluria. (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory were diverted to the Crystal Palace in 1938, where they met Nazi scientist Kriemhilde Steiner. Kriemhilde had been searching for the eagle of the Ultima Thule, the key to the thousand-year Reich. However, the sphere was an energy-draining phoenix. The Doctor attempted to convince Kriemhilde not to touch the sphere, but she did and was blown apart on the day of the British vs. German football match, taking the Crystal Palace with her. (COMIC: The Eagle of the Reich)

The Doctor and the Ponds stopped the Sonnoid from feeding off their brain whilst they slept, (COMIC: The Planet That Slept) and encountered a primitive tribe created from Rory's DNA. (COMIC: Planet of the Rorys)

Attempting to take his in-laws to Mexico's Day of the Dead festival, the Doctor ended up in 1870 Mercy, Nevada, which was under siege by the Kahler cyborg, Kahler-Tek. Tek was hunting scientist Kahler-Jex, whom the townsfolk had taken in, and had cut off supply deliveries. The Doctor learnt Jex had experimented on his people to create living weapons to win a long war, and became Mercy's doctor in repentance. Tek was a "subject" who regained his sense of self, killing the scientists that experimented on him in revenge, with Jex being the last member, and threatened to start killing the Mercy inhabitants if Jex wasn't handed over to him.

Tired of innocents getting hurt due to his mercy, the Doctor nearly handed Jex over to Tek, out of anger caused by Jex comparing himself to the Doctor. He was stopped by Amy, but Mercy's marshal, Isaac, was killed when he pushed Jex out of the path of Tek's weapon, making the Doctor town marshal with his dying breath. Accepting a high noon duel, the Doctor distracted Tek while Jex escaped to his ship. Jex, feeling guilt for the experiments he conducted, committed suicide by blowing up his ship, and the Doctor talked Tek out of self-destructing, instead having him become the new protector of Mercy. (TV: A Town Called Mercy) The Doctor returned Amy and Rory to their home in July, and later came back to take them for more adventures. (TV: The Power of Three)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory encountered Dawn 726-Alpha Continua, a robot guardian created by Lord Rassilon and the Time Lords to fix damages to the time vortex. Dawn began self-destructing when she learned of the Time Lords demise and Gallifrey's destruction. However, the Doctor saved himself, his friends and the TARDIS from destruction by convincing Dawn to use her powers to explore time and space, hoping that their paths would cross again. (COMIC: Dawn of Time!)

Living with the Ponds[]

The Doctor discovered a strange occurrence on Earth during Amy and Rory's time; black cubes had appeared all over Earth in July 2012. (PROSE: The Whoniverse) Since they seemed harmless and he lacked the patience to stick around, (TV: The Power of Three) and had become melancholy after pondering about the Ponds' lives without him, (COMIC: The Road To...) the Doctor left to go on some solo adventures to "restore sanity". He entrusted Brian with the task of keeping an eye on the cubes. (TV: The Power of Three)

The Doctor met up with River to catch bow-ties that flew like butterflies, (PROSE: Cool Thing) and tried to collect two alien communicators that he had given to Elvis Presley in his tenth incarnation, but Presley was too busy recording his first single to see him. (PROSE: That's All Right, Mama)

The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to the Savoy Hotel. (TV: The Power of Three)

The Doctor returned on the Ponds' wedding anniversary, and as his gift, took them to the Savoy Hotel. However, the staff were Zygons, whose ship was under the hotel.

After seven weeks of failed anniversary trips, including one where Amy accidentally got married to King Henry VIII, the Doctor returned Amy and Rory to the exact day they left. He was questioned by Brian as to what happened to his old companions, making the Doctor grow fearful once more about his in-laws' safety. Wishing to spend more time with them, the Doctor decided to move in with Amy and Rory until the cubes activated.

When the cubes first showed activity, Kate Stewart, head of scientific research at UNIT and the Brigadier's daughter, summoned the Doctor to UNIT HQ to investigate the cubes, just as they released an electric pulse that stopped the hearts of a third of the human populace of the world. The Doctor traced the cubes to the Shakri, who wished to wipe out the "plague" of humanity before they could colonise space. The Doctor reversed the electric pulse, restarting the hearts of those affected, blowing up the Shakri ship in the process. On Brian's urging, the Doctor took his in-laws back as full-time companions. (TV: The Power of Three)

Final adventures with the Ponds[]

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Hoping to avert Romeo and Juliet's tragic suicides, the Doctor, Amy and Rory cloned a false Romeo in a Sontaran cloning pool, borrowed a Teselecta to pose as Juliet, had Paris be replaced with an Auton before Romeo killed him, and collected a Zygon indebted to the Doctor to replace the deceased Tybalt. They then stopped Romeo from drinking the poison, instead, telling him to kiss Juliet, reawakening her from her coma. Informing them of their preparations, the Doctor used Romeo and Juliet's matrimony to unite the Capulets and Montagues. (PROSE: The True and Most Excellent Comedie of Romeo and Juliet)

Working on an alien soap opera called EarthEnders, the Doctor discovered the production had been broadcasting the same ninety episodes for twenty years, and helped form an alliance between the EarthEnders crew and the technologically ignorant creatures, the Arr'Chorrs. (COMIC: TV Hell!) Then, fulfilling one of his previous promises, the Doctor took Amy and Rory to Pondinium, a planet filled with small pools that gave the viewer a possible version of the future, where they returned the only inhabitant, Aquarpey, to her homeworld. (COMIC: Pondnium!)

The Doctor realises that something is afoot. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

Taking a break in 2012 Manhattan, Rory was transported to 1938 by the Weeping Angels while he was getting coffee. While the Doctor read Melody Malone: Private Detective in Old New York Town to Amy, they realised it was written by River Song, and that it was also about the events unfolding around them. Improvising "landing lights", the Doctor landed in the time energy-saturated era and reunited with River, though Rory had already been transported to Winter Quay by baby Angels. After reading one of the book's chapter titles that hinted that Amy would be separated from him for good, the Doctor desperately tried changing the book's outcome. Searching for Rory in the Quay, they found him in a room where an elderly Rory died before their eyes. The Doctor realised the Angels had covertly taken over Manhattan, and transported people into the past, trapping them in the Quay to feed on. To prevent the Angels from taking him, Amy and Rory jumped off the roof while the Doctor and River distracted the Weeping Angels, (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan) as a time fly also tried to kill the Doctor, (COMIC: A Stitch in Time) creating a paradox that destroyed the Angels.

With time being rewritten around them, the Doctor, Rory, Amy and River ended up in a New York graveyard in 2012. Relieved, they decided to go on a family outing, but, before he entered the TARDIS, Rory found his own grave and was sent back by a surviving Angel. Amy, devastated, allowed the Angel to touch her, sending her to Rory and adding her name to Rory's grave, both of them having died of old age by 2012. This caused a fixed point where the Doctor couldn't rescue them, prevented further by the Weeping Angel's temporal shenanigans. Completely devastated, the Doctor asked River to travel with him. She told him she would go anywhere with him, but not on a full-time basis, and also promised to have Amy add an afterword to her yet-to-be-written book when she sent it to her for publishing. He found a message from Amy saying she and Rory loved him and had lived a long and happy life. She asked him to go back in time and tell her younger self of their adventures, as well as to find a new companion. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

Moving on[]

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The Doctor prepared to take River to the Singing Towers of Darillium, but was reminded of her forthcoming death after running into a past version of himself, (HOMEVID: Last Night) and, as he had done several times before, changed his mind at the last minute and took her elsewhere. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

The Doctor runs. (COMIC: Bite of the Morphuse!)

The Doctor visited Denmark to discourage Hamlet from avenging his father's murder, (PROSE: Notes on a Play) escaped the clutches of the Morphuse while meeting an alien Elvis Presley tribute act in 1970s Detroit, (COMIC: Bite of the Morphuse!) stopped Garbage-bots from turning 23rd century Earth into a garbage planet, (COMIC: Garbage Day!) and freed a village from the legendary "Greedy Gulper". (COMIC: The Greedy Gulper)

The Doctor saved the Martin family from a flock of Weeping Angels hunting in a thick purple mist by creating the atmospheric conditions for a storm to blow away the mist and having the Martin family trick the Angels into looking at each other, trapping them. (PROSE: The Mist of Sorrow)

After travelling alone for a year, the Doctor was imprisoned in 1962 Alcatraz with a disguised alien called Mako. The Doctor escaped, travelled back in time and fitted a secret tunnel into the cell. After escaping, the Doctor saved Mako from a team of Silurian hitmen, causing a riot between prisoners and guards. The Doctor used the riot to fake Mako's death to ensure the hitmen wouldn't track him down. (COMIC: Escape into Alcatraz)

After he was unable to save a dying alien race, the Doctor discovered that a young mother named Tilly was receiving their thoughts in her dreams, and told her to remember her dreams so that the memory of the extinct species would live on. (PROSE: In Search of Lost Time)

Facing the Creevix[]

Visiting Oxford on the 23 November 2013 alone, the Doctor discovered that Alice Watson and Cedric Chivers had apparently created a time machine. However, this turned out to be a plan by an alien race called the Creevix, who wanted to control time. To stop them, the Doctor sent messages to his previous incarnations. (AUDIO: The Time Machine) Via the TARDIS, he contacted the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown to ask them to obtain an omniparadox from the Santa Maria on 12 October 1492, and store it in the TARDIS, (AUDIO: Trouble in Paradise) allowing him to escape from the Creevix. (AUDIO: The Time Machine)

He sent a message to Susan Foreman via a radio DJ while she and the First Doctor were on Earth in October 1963. The message involved introducing Cedric Chivers to Bob Dylan. (AUDIO: Hunters of Earth) He contacted the Fourth Doctor and Romana whilst they were inside the Babblesphere, to make sure they didn't destroy it and sent it to the Stellaris Museum of Artificial Intelligence. (AUDIO: Babblesphere) Via the TARDIS Internal Communication System, he contacted the Eighth Doctor in London in 1935 to get him to clear up interference in the form of an alien invasion using the William Tell Overture to invade the Earth. (AUDIO: Enemy Aliens) Clearing the interference not only allowed the Fourth Doctor copy to lure the Creevix to 2013, it also allowed the Eleventh Doctor to send the messages to his other incarnation. (AUDIO: The Time Machine)

Using his psychic paper, he sent a message to the Second Doctor in 2724 to ensure he saved Sophie Topolovic's research on the Quiet Ones. (AUDIO: Shadow of Death) Using an Ovid sphere, he contacted the Fifth Doctor in England in the 1920s to ensure that he delivered the Ovid sphere back to the Ovids instead of destroying it. (AUDIO: Smoke and Mirrors) Via a recording on a telephone, he sent a message to the Third Doctor to ensure he saved the therocite and sent it to Professor Reynart. (AUDIO: Vengeance of the Stones) In the form of a distress beacon of the Howling Jupiter and a video message left in the control room of the wreck, he told the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble to stop the Wraith Mining Cartel, by locating Professor Merrit Erskine, obtaining his research and using it to make sure the existence of slaughter crystals on the planet of Death's Deal is made known to galactic authorities. He also told them to ensure that Lyric Erskine survived. (AUDIO: Death's Deal) Using the Voice of Stone, he contacted the Seventh Doctor and Ace aboard the Obscura in the 49th century to make sure that they saved Captain OhOne. (AUDIO: Shockwave) Hijacking a giant television screen in New Vegas, he told the Ninth Doctor to save the life of Police Chief James McNeil. (AUDIO: Night of the Whisper) The omniparadox allowed the TARDIS to escape and rescue the Eleventh Doctor from the alternate future created by the Creevix timeline. (AUDIO: The Time Machine)

The Ovids, impressed with Tegan, shared their knowledge with humanity in the far future, giving the Eleventh Doctor the technology he needed to use the therocite, left behind by Reynart in his lab, which was now being used by Cedric, to destroy Cedric's time machine. The research on the Quiet Ones was used to create sub-pulsar transmissions, which were used to lure the Creevix into seeking out Cedric in 2013 after the copy of the Fourth Doctor inside the Babblesphere lured them there. The Bob Dylan music led to Cedric meeting his wife, and when the time came for him to use the time machine to complete the final step that would ensure the Creevix timeline, he hesitated, giving the Eleventh Doctor the time he needed to stop the Creevix. Lyric Erskine was the mother of Guy Taylor, the Time Agent that the Creevix erased from existence in order for their plan to succeed, and her survival led to her meeting Captain OhOne, who was Taylor's father, and conceive Taylor on their second honeymoon at the Memorial Hotel, founded by Mayor James McNeil. Taylor's restoration and arrival in 2013 was the final piece in erasing the Creevix timeline. (AUDIO: The Time Machine)

A new companion[]

The Doctor goes skiing. (COMIC: Snowball!)

The Doctor arrived on Earth and met Decky Flamboon, a Brancheerian shapeshifter who had lost his spacecraft and the co-ordinates to his homeworld. After saving Earth from a shower of meteorites, the Doctor offered to help Decky find his homeworld. (COMIC: Meteorite Meeting)

Travelling with Decky, the Doctor stopped a rogue robot from turning the peaceful planet Cobaltikar 45 to dust, (COMIC: Tower of Power) visited the Pheezel galaxy and saved a shark-like spaceship and its crew, (COMIC: The Shark Shocker) and accidentally turned the TARDIS into a child's toybox where he fought toy soldiers. (COMIC: The Toybox)

The Doctor also became trapped in another dimension and helped a young couple to rescue their children from Edgar, a two-dimensional predator, (COMIC: On the Cards) and stopped the Arch-Mayoress from making Christmas illegal in 2034. (COMIC: Decky the Halls)

The Doctor took Decky skiing in the Alps, where the TARDIS fell down a mountain. Whilst retrieving it, he stopped a Vendraxxo fleet from launching an attack on Switzerland. (COMIC: Snowball!)

Trying to return Decky home, the Doctor visited an asteroid on the Cosmic Museum, only to discover the asteroid had been dedicated to his eleven lives, with items and creatures from his past. He stopped the curator of the museum, his biggest fan, from turning him and his TARDIS into exhibits, which resulted in the Asteroid's destruction when the creatures contained inside went on the rampage. (COMIC: Museum Piece)

On Valentine's Day, the Doctor and Decky encountered a being calling himself Cupid, who was "spreading the love" across the world. Suspicious, the Doctor discovered he was actually an ugly alien called Ameteli, who, with the use of a shimmer disguise, was shooting arrows containing a mind-controlling drug called Porceen into humans so that he could plunder Earth's resources. When Ameteli tried attacking the Doctor, Decky shot him with one of the arrows, filling him with love. Afterwards, the Doctor left Ameleti to find love on Mascoda 6. (COMIC: Love is in the Air)

The Doctor eventually returned Decky to his homeworld, Sirus, and stopped a rogue Flamboon from erasing the planet's population. He also relocated the whole population to Flamboon Moon 2, where he parted company with Decky. (COMIC: The Tail of Decky Flamboon)

Reunion with Ian and Barbara[]

The Doctor is reunited with Ian, who disbelieves his identity. (COMIC: Hunters of the Burning Stone)

Investigating a Sontaran battleship in orbit around 1960s Earth, the Doctor discovered Captain Gol Clutha and his army had killed the Sontarans who inhabited the battleship. Involving himself in their war with Cornucopia, the Doctor was transported to a dream world, where he was reunited with Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. After he helped them escape and located the TARDIS, the Doctor was met with distrust by Ian, who failed to believe he was "the Doctor", brushing off his intimate knowledge of their adventures by suggesting he might be a mind-reading alien. Barbara, on the other hand, was more willing to believe him, citing all the strange things the Doctor had done during their travels. They went with the Doctor to Cornucopia, where they discovered the planet in ruins.

When the Hunters of the Burning Stone attacked, the Doctor got their attention by claiming to possess the item they sought, allowing Ian to attack their leaders from behind, and finally convincing him that he really was the same man he once knew. Barbara was then kidnapped by Miss Ghost and the creators of the metal the hunters sought, the Prometheans, appeared. The Doctor demanded to know why he, Ian and Barbara had been brought to Cornucopia, to which the Prometheans replied that it was not the Doctor they needed, but Ian and Barbara. The Doctor and Ian escaped the Prometheans with the help of Horatio Lynk. Horatio took them to Miss Ghost's base, where they found a doll that the Doctor recognised. Horatio was then shot by Patrick Lake, a man the Doctor had previously encountered in 20th century Prague. The Hunters then arrived and, referring to Ian as "teacher", removed their helmets to reveal themselves as the Tribe of Gum.

The Prometheans revealed that they visited primitive worlds and granted them the gift of their psychic metal, and that they had witnessed Ian, Barbara and the First Doctor's encounter with the Tribe of Gum, and given the tribe the psychic metal after the TARDIS departed. The Tribe became the Hunters, who travelled through time and space in search of more of the metal. The Doctor was shown Patrick's memories; shortly after a repelled Cyberman invasion in the early 21st century, Patrick lobbied for a new branch of MI6, one dedicated to space travel and defence against alien threats, to be formed. He trained his daughter to become one of the branch's agents. The Doctor, realising the Prometheans were feeding on Patrick's psychic energy, shut down Patrick's conscious mind. The Prometheans turned on the Doctor, and sent him to relive his most terrifying memories, transporting him to the last day of the Last Great Time War and filling his head with visions of his deadliest foes.

The Doctor was able to overcome the onslaught, and the memories changed to the moment during their time in prehistoric Earth, when Ian persuaded the First Doctor not to kill Za. The Doctor told Ian that he helped him to be better, and revealed that his first incarnation had been inspired by Ian and Barbara to take on more human companions. He also told Ian of the many deaths he brought about, particularly those of the Time War. Ian reassured the Doctor that he was a good person, and the two finally escaped the psychic realm. They then discovered that the Prometheans' craft was a "neural reverser", which the Prometheans used to regress humanity to the level of cavemen. The Doctor, Ian and Patrick were then picked up by Barbara and Patricia. Once onboard their ship, the Doctor admonished Patrick for turning his daughter into a weapon, with Patricia retorting that she was honouring her fallen mother, and telling the Doctor to think of a solution himself. When the Doctor was unable to, Ian encouraged him, and he suddenly hit on a plan, departing in the TARDIS. He arrived in 1963, at Totters Lane, where he entered his first incarnation's TARDIS, and used his sonic screwdriver to break the TARDIS' chameleon circuit.

As the Tribe of Gum instructed the primitive humans to worship the Prometheans, the Doctor returned, having planted images of the TARDIS throughout human history, and using that image to alter the neural platform, reversing the effect, destroying the platform, and "locking" the minds of the human race from being altered again. Incensed, the Tribe of Gum, at the Prometheans' urging, attacked the Doctor. Ian and Barbara landed their ship on a fragment of the neural platform and convinced the Tribe to stop by telling them of love and sacrifice, and how the Doctor protected the people of Earth for years. When the Tribe of Gum ceased their assault, the Prometheans attacked Ian and Barbara. The Tribe of Gum then turned on the Prometheans. Both sides were destroyed in the ensuing struggle. The Doctor tried to shut down Hugo Wilding and Patrick Lake's MI6 organisation, but Hugo had information on the Doctor and threatened to upload it to every database in the universe and make the Doctor a popular figure again, which the Doctor had spent a long time trying to erase. After ensuring his existence was to remain shadowed, the Doctor attended Barbara and Ian's wedding as Ian's best man. (COMIC: Hunters of the Burning Stone)

Weary travels[]

The Doctor landed in 19th century Klimtenburg, where he discovered Cyber-Technology spreading an illness to all the villagers, a problem which the Doctor promptly solved. Upon investigating the mystery further with help from Olga Bordmann, the Doctor found a Cyber-ship crashed underground. The surviving Cybermen seeded the atmosphere to create their own rainstorms so they could harvest the lighting and revive. As more and more Cybermen began to wake from hibernation to defend themselves, the Doctor rallied the villagers of Klimtenburg to fight against them. As the battle was fought, the Doctor, Olga and a partially-converted Victor Ernhardt infiltrated the Cybermen's base of operations and Victor, flowing with excess power, linked himself to the rest of the Cybermen, causing all of them to explode. With Klimtenburg safe and able to recover, the Doctor slipped away quietly in the TARDIS, without a proper farewell. (PROSE: Plague of the Cybermen)

Afterwards, the saved Jo Jones when she was caught in a time loop between London and Mexico. (AUDIO: The Infinite Today)

While looking into the matter of a hypercube he received from an unknown messenger, the TARDIS picked up a distress call from a married couple, but arrived on their ship too late to save them. The ship's logs revealed they had committed suicide to prevent the Daleks from learning a formula, and the Doctor found the couple's children — Sabel, Jenibeth and Ollus Blakely — hiding in an escape pod, and took them home to Carthedia, where he learned the Daleks were considered a force for good after establishing the Dalek Foundation and the Sunlight Worlds following a recession. The Doctor was charged with a hate crime for publicly announcing the Daleks' evil, forcing him and the children to escape off the planet. He tried again on Sunlight 349 and the Dalek Litigator arrived to subject him to another public trial. Completely outwitted by the Litigator, the Doctor was made to leave alone.

Still not convinced that the Daleks had reformed, the Doctor arrived on Gethria, the location of the Cradle of the Gods, where he was taken prisoner by an aged Dalek puppet Jenibeth and the Dalek Time Controller, who revealed the Daleks had been manipulating the Doctor so that he could activate the Cradle of the Gods for them and use it to transform the Sunlight Worlds into copies of Skaro. However, Jenibeth managed to resist Dalek control and fought off the Time Controller and the Doctor set the Cradle to self-destruct, causing the Daleks to abandon the plan and retreat. Before exploding, the Cradle reverted the Sunlight Worlds to how Jenibeth remembered them as a child, with herself and her siblings turning back into children and their parents being recreated. The Doctor realised afterwards how much his interference put all the citizens of the Sunlight Worlds in danger and thought of what would happen if the Daleks had succeeded. He left in the TARDIS without a farewell, decreeing, "No more meddling. No more." (PROSE: The Dalek Generation)


No longer feeling like "the Doctor", (PROSE: Retiring) the Doctor decided to retire from his constant adventuring in Victorian England. (TV: The Great Detective) To ensure that he would have solitude, the Doctor parked the TARDIS on a cloud. (TV: The Snowmen) As they lived in Victorian London, Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax, who had been resurrected from his death at Demons Run, tried constantly to get the "old" Doctor back by explaining weird happenings that could pique his interest. However, most of them were unimportant or mediocre, but no matter how often the Doctor told them he had retired, they kept trying. (TV: The Great Detective)

After deciding to investigate spikes in artron energy when he found traces of regeneration energy, the Eleventh Doctor found his next incarnation undergoing multiple false regenerations in a morgue. Working together, they discovered that a regeneration vampire had trapped the Twelfth Doctor in an Assassination Box to drain his regenerations. After a tussle with the vampire and his Time Ring, the Eleventh Doctor was able to return his future self's regenerations by overloading the Assassination Box, killing the vampire and erasing his memory of meeting the Twelfth Doctor, who returned him to his TARDIS. (AUDIO: Regeneration Impossible)

The Doctor met up with his fifth incarnation, who had recently left behind Nyssa, Tegan and Marc. Not wanting to end up like him, the Fifth Doctor decided to go back for his companions. (AUDIO: Thin Time)

The Doctor with Clara in the Latimer family's house. (TV: The Snowmen)

The Doctor eventually came out of retirement to investigate the Christmas snow, which had a telepathic quality to, when he met a woman named Clara Oswin Oswald. Clara grew a fast attachment to him, both out of curiosity of who he was and what the snow was, and was able to convince the Doctor to help investigate a pond at a house she was governing for, only for them to discover that the previous governess, who had died in the pond and had been trapped when it froze, had come back as an ice duplication. With the help of the Paternoster Gang, the Doctor was able to stop their opposing enemy, but not before Clara was killed by the Ice Governess.

Facing the man controlling the snow, Dr. Walter Simeon of the Great Intelligence Institute, the Doctor erased Simeon's memories by letting a Memory worm bite him. Doing so allowed the Doctor to discover the real mastermind was the Great Intelligence, but the telepathic snow caused the grief those felt for Clara's death to defeat it. Reading Clara's gravestone, the Doctor recognised her as the same woman he had met in the Dalek Asylum, and set off in the TARDIS to find a third version of her somewhere in the universe, (TV: The Snowmen) hoping that he "might bump into her again" while "wander[ing] about a bit". (WC: The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel)

The search for Clara[]

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The Doctor appeared on stage during Red Nose Day 2013, where the presenters, Dermot O'Leary and Claudia Winkleman, gushed about the Doctor Who series. The Doctor was then forced to flee to escape the flirtatious advances of Winkleman. (TV: The Doctor Appears)

The Doctor found the astro-raptors had invaded Earth with the use of Easter egg meteorites. He allied with a woman called Pippa and transported the astro-raptors to a hovering deserted island. (COMIC: The Egg Hunt)

The Doctor intercepted a call from cosmonaut Alexey Leonov on a Russian space capsule called Vlostok 11 in 1965, and discovered Alexey was the last surviving crew member, as all the others had been killed by the Vashta Nerada. He led them into the TARDIS, stopped them from hijacking the ship before they landed on Earth, and deposited them on an inhospitable jungle planet. (COMIC: Space Oddity)

When the Doctor realised he had dropped his fez after his "very busy day filled with danger", he was accompanied by River as he retraced his steps in order to retrieve it, facing Zygons, Silurians, Weeping Angels and a giant spider in the process. (PROSE: Dr. Eleventh)

Finding Clara[]

The Doctor took a break from his search at a playground in Blackpool, where he met a little girl who advised him to find a quiet place to help him on finding his friend. (WC: The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel) Working in the solitude of a Cumbrian monastery in 1207 to find out the meaning of "the woman twice dead", a 21st century version of Clara called the TARDIS' phone to speak to the Doctor about a problem with her Internet connection, having been given his number by "[a] woman in a shop". Recognising Clara's voice, the Doctor left Cumbria for 2013 London.

The Doctor put Clara under his protection when the Spoonheads tried to upload her mind through the Wi-Fi. When Clara was successfully uploaded, the Doctor reprogrammed a Spoonhead to reach Rosemary Kizlet's office in the Shard and uploaded her himself. He also used Miss Kizlet's tablet to make one of her workers, Mahler, obey her request to download her back to her body, as well as everyone else's minds uploaded, due to her being part of the data cloud. After Clara was saved, the Doctor offered her a place in the TARDIS, but she told him to ask her again the following day. (TV: The Bells of Saint John)

Unwinding the mystery[]

The Doctor and Clara explore Akhaten. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)

Setting off to find out who Clara was, the Doctor travelled back through her time stream, observing her parents' meeting and her mother's funeral. Finding no evidence that she was any different than any other normal girl, and with no answers to the mystery, he returned to Clara the day after he left her and, as she wanted to see "something awesome", the Doctor took her to her to the Sun-singers of Akhet, during the Festival of Offerings and the time of the Queen of Years Merry Gejelh's singing to the Old God, Akhaten. Clara met Merry, who was having second thoughts, and convinced her to sing the Long Song at the Festival. The Doctor and Clara went to see Merry sing, but Merry was taken by the Mummy. The Doctor and Clara saved her, and discovered that the planet Akhaten itself was the ancient god that wanted to feed on memories, with the Mummy just being an avatar.

Merry was taken to safety by Clara while the Doctor remained behind, trying to satisfy the parasite god with the story of his own existence. However, his past was not enough, and it took Clara to defeat Akhaten by feeding it the infinite possibilities of her mother's lost life, represented by the leaf that brought her parents together. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten) After the TARDIS demonstrated her antagonism toward Clara by deleting her bedroom, sending her through a time loop, and creating a holographic leopard while she was in the bathroom, (HOMEVID: Clara and the TARDIS) the Doctor and Clara made an arrangement: he would pick her up every Wednesday and they would have adventures, as she had responsibilities on Earth. (TV: Nightmare in Silver)

The Doctor showed Clara a rare, giant tardigrade-like creature called a Tonnchenform. He told Clara that because the space between galaxies was so big, they were rarely seen, but each of the billions of macroscopic creatures out there were beautiful and unique, just like the trillions of microscopic ones on Earth. (PROSE: Normality)

Picking Clara up again, the Doctor stopped a carnivorous Drokkvid from going on the rampage with compost from Rolle Hill School. (COMIC: Teacher's Pet)

The Doctor and Clara next attempted to travel to Las Vegas, but the TARDIS instead brought them to the Firebird, a sinking Soviet submarine at the North Pole in 1983. The Doctor prevented the submarine from imploding, but the TARDIS automatically dematerialised, the Hostile Action Displacement System having activated. While on the submarine, the Doctor found that an Ice Warrior, Skaldak, had attacked the submarine, and attempted to convince the submarine's crew to be peaceful to him, but Lieutenant Stepashin stunned Skaldak with a cattle prod. The Doctor ordered the crew to restrain Skaldak in chains, but Skaldak managed to escape his capture and threatened to launch the submarine's nuclear missiles. The Doctor and Clara managed to make him hesitate his decision, and Skaldak and the submarine were rescued by an Ice Warrior ship, which Skaldak left in after remotely disarming the submarine. The Doctor then confessed to setting the HADS and found that it had sent the TARDIS to the South Pole, asking Captain Zhukov for a lift there. (TV: Cold War)

The Doctor and Clara met Amy Johnson, offering to take her to Baghdad to repair her plane to complete her journey from England to Australia. After Amy's plane was shot down over the English Channel during World War II, the Doctor and Clara saved her from drowning and took her to where she could continue flying, while history recorded that Amy Johnson died after she was shot down. (COMIC: A Wing and a Prayer)

Travelling to Caliburn House in 1974, the Doctor posed as a government agent as a ruse to get the opinion of empath, Emma Grayling, about Clara, but became intrigued by a paranormal experiment being conducted by Emma and Professor Alec Palmer, a ghost hunter and retired spy. While investigating, he borrowed a camera from Alec and took pictures of the location spanning the history of the planet. Returning to Caliburn House, the Doctor revealed that the Witch of the Well was not a ghost, but another time traveller, Hila Tacorien, stuck in a collapsing pocket universe and pursued by a Crooked Man.

The Doctor helped Emma to save Hila by jumping into the pocket universe, but was trapped there himself, with the Crooked Man after him. After Clara convinced the TARDIS to fly in to save him, the Doctor revealed that Hila was Emma and Alec's descendant, and then realised that the Crooked Man was only trying to make it back to N-Space to be reunited with his mate. He returned to the pocket universe to save the creature and reunited him with his mate. (TV: Hide)

After detecting a summons outside the TARDIS, the Doctor went off to investigate, only to wind up stranded on a scavenger's post called Tipperary Station. Calling himself "the Smith", the Doctor befriended the crew of the Sky Jack, and had them bring him parts so he could try and locate his TARDIS. Though he managed to build a scanner, he was confused by its declaration that the TARDIS was everywhere. After three years stranded on Tipperary Station, the Doctor was found by Clara, with her words leading him to realise that they were still in the TARDIS. Arriving at the control console in the room, the Doctor explained that this was the machinations of "the Hypothetical Gentelman", a disembodied entity that resided within the TARDIS' Matrix that the Doctor presumed to be a digital copy of a Time Lord tyrant, only for the being to reveal that it was the Matrix itself.

After the Matrix spoke of its plan, it flew off for the wormhole to the wider universe, only for the Doctor to realise that Clara had vanished. Recognising that she'd stowed away on the Matrix's ship, the Doctor instructed her on how to sabotage the craft long enough for him to reset the TARDIS and trap the Matrix in a never ending wormhole. After everyone had been returned home, the Doctor and Clara joined the crew of the Sky Jack at VJ Day in Hawaii. (COMIC: Sky Jacks)

The Doctor and Clara visited the Sahara Desert, where they battled a mythical spirit called the "Mighty Djinn". (COMIC: Sandblasted)

Arriving in 1882 Deadwood, the Doctor met Oscar Wilde, and discovered that the Earth was on trial by Es'Cartrss of the Tactire in a plan that involved resurrecting dead people, including Wild Bill Hickok. However, the Doctor defeated these revived people, and entered into the T'keyn Nexus in order to defend himself in the trial, with all his incarnations appearing inside it to defend himself. Winning over the trial, Es'Cartrss was apprehended by the T'keyn and swore further revenge on the Doctor. After this, the Doctor and Clara decided to take a trip to Shoreditch. (COMIC: Dead Man's Hand)

Arriving in Shoreditch on 23 November 1963, the Doctor and Clara discovered a creature called the Shroud had entered Earth soon after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and was feeding off of people's grief all around the world. The Doctor and Clara stopped the alien before it could take over the planet, and the whole event was written off as a chemical attack. (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow)

The Doctor and Clara stand in the heart of the TARDIS. (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)

While trying to teach Clara how to operate the TARDIS, the time machine was caught in a magnetic hobble-field from a space salvage ship, operated by the Van Baalen Bros. The TARDIS was successfully captured by the Van Baalen Bros., causing it to leak the past and future. In the confusion, the Doctor made it out of the TARDIS, while Clara ended up lost in it, her hand burnt from a mysterious device she touched beforehand. After taking the remote control for the magno-grab out of Gregor's pocket, the Doctor forced the brothers, Gregor, Bram and Tricky, to help him find her by putting the TARDIS in lock-down and setting a non-existent self-destruct program.

Despite the Doctor's warnings, Gregor convinced Bram to salvage the console. While doing so, Bram was killed by a Time zombie, and the remaining three ended up in an echo of the console room. Discovering Clara in another echo room, the Doctor pulled her to safety from being killed by another zombie and revealed the apparent self-destruct program had been a ruse, but found the engines had become unstable due to time leakage triggered by the incident, requiring a trip to the engine room to fix the problem. While travelling through the Eye of Harmony, the quartet was trapped by the zombies. The Doctor revealed the zombies were echoes of himself and the others, burnt by the Eye. Gregor and Tricky ended up turning into them, and the Doctor and Clara were forced to run away from them, ending up in a chasm. Believing they were going to die, the Doctor admitted that he knew her two previous incarnations and demanded to know what she really was. Clara didn't understand anything, leading the Doctor to deduce to himself there couldn't be a connection.

Realising the chasm wasn't really a chasm, but the TARDIS "snarling", the duo jumped from the chasm, ending up in the engine room. The Doctor found that the burn marks on Clara's hand had formed words: "BIG FRIENDLY BUTTON". The Doctor realised they needed to go back to the point of the disaster and activate the magno-grab remote, which had caused the burn marks on Clara's hand before, to stop the field and prevent the disaster. After he promised Clara that she wouldn't remember any of the events that had happened, the Doctor passed through a time rift to give the device to his past self. After instructing his past self to use the device, the Doctor disappeared back through the rift as time began to rewrite itself. After he pressed the button, the Doctor said aloud to Clara that two days had been compressed into the space of one, and asked Clara if she felt safe travelling with him, to which she responded positively. (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)

The Doctor took Clara to Cui Palta, but found the city abandoned. Entering the Maze of Cui Palta, Clara discovered that plants infesting the maze were causing her and the Doctor to hallucinate until they breathed through their hankies, with the Doctor deducing that the hallucinatory pollen had caused the population to leave the planet. (PROSE: Clara and the Maze of Cui Palta)

Taking Clara to 1875 Medattia, the Doctor encountered two rival tribes, the Wynals and Gibbles, who had joined forces to hunt down the Gibwyn. Empathising with the creature, the Doctor discovered that Cronker, a voodoo priest, had created the Gibwyn with the aim of using the fear of the Gibwyn to keep the two tribes apart, having bonded his son and his son's lover with a genetic bonding device. After releasing the young lovers, the Doctor and Clara attended their wedding, along with the two united tribes. (COMIC: The Curse of the Gibwyn)

The Doctor next took Clara to "the most beautiful garden in the universe" on the planet Iros, though their peace and tranquillity was ruined when the Doctor accidentally insulted the garden's robot guardians, who hunted them down and tried to poison them. Fortunately, the Doctor fixed the sprinkler system and brought life to a barren patch of the planet, which made him and Clara honoured guests on Iros. (COMIC: Gnome Guard)

When the Doctor jettisoned a room in the TARDIS, he accidentally caused a time corridor that connected 1964 to 2014 and also unleashed a Shadow creature from another dimension. Two children called Annie and Ethan began passing between the time periods, but the Doctor defeated the creature with Ethan's phone and closed the time corridor. (COMIC: The Door to a Winter Long Ago)

Aiming to take Clara to Victorian London, the Doctor instead landed 1893 Yorkshire, where he discovered a plague dubbed the "Crimson horror" and decided to investigate. Under advice from Mr. Thursday, the Doctor and Clara visited a town called Sweetville, which was run by Winifred Gillyflower and her mysterious partner. While investigating the town, the two were taken by Gillyflower's guards into a dungeon, where they were put in the "Crimson horror"; Clara was hypnotised by the matter and became one of Gillyflower's servant girls, while the Doctor was fossilised. After being saved by Winifred's blind daughter, Ada, the Doctor was hidden away in a chamber from Ada's mother, and remained trapped until Jenny Flint found him while investigating the Sweetville factory. She helped the Doctor reach a machine to recover, and the two went to find Clara, who they found as a porcelain doll inside a glass dome in one of Sweetville houses until the Doctor smashed the glass and freed her.

The Doctor and Clara, now joined by the Paternoster Gang, learnt that Gillyflower, along with her mysterious partner, a red leech she called Mr. Sweet, planned to fire a rocket that would spread the "Crimson Horror" across the world, wiping humanity out. The Doctor exposed Gillyflower as a madwoman to her daughter, and Clara destroyed Mrs. Gillyflower's control console with a chair. However, Gillyflower took Ada hostage and attempted to launch the rocket remotely, only for Vastra and Jenny to remove the Crimson Horror from the rocket. Mrs. Gillyflower threatened to kill the Doctor, only to be shot by Strax. Mrs. Gillyflower died and Mr. Sweet was smashed to death by Ada. After saying goodbye to Ada and the Paternoster Gang, the Doctor returned Clara back home in 2013 to the Maitland family house.

However, Clara's wards, Angie and Artie Maitland, had discovered historical photographs of Clara and the Doctor's adventures and blackmailed Clara into letting them go on a trip with her. (TV: The Crimson Horror) The Doctor took Angie, Artie and Clara to Hedgewick's World of Wonders, which he called the "biggest theme park in the galaxy". However, they arrived when the park had been shut down and put under military occupation, though the Doctor convinced the platoon that he was an official searching for their missing Emperor, and met Webley, the park's owner, and Porridge, Webley's partner, and learned from Webley that park had been shut down during the Cyber-Wars.

After Porridge ran some of the park's attractions for them, Clara, Angie and Artie prepared to leave, but the Doctor convinced them to stay, suspicious of strange insects roaming the park. They turned out to be Cybermites, who had converted Webley and reactivated the Cybermen, which then kidnapped Angie and Artie. Setting off alone to rescue them, the Doctor found that Angie and Artie had been put under Cyber-control by Webley, who explained that the Cybermen were rebuilding themselves, and needed a strong brain, so had the Doctor infected by the Cybermites, and a Cyber-Planner took partial charge of the Doctor, dubbing itself "Mr. Clever". The Doctor bluffed a regeneration threat to destroy the implants, setting up a stalemate, and challenged Mr. Clever to a game of chess, the winner getting control of the Doctor's mind.

Temporarily disrupting Mr. Clever's control with a golden ticket, the Doctor returned to Clara and had himself restrained in order to play the chess game. However, Mr. Clever managed to seize control of the Doctor again and destroyed the trigger to a bomb the platoon had that would've been able to blow the planet up. With nothing left to fear, Mr. Clever sent out the army of Cybermen against Clara and the platoon, while he and the Doctor continued their game. When the Doctor bluffed a way to defeat Mr. Clever in only three moves, the Cyber-Planner shut down the Cyberman army in order to use the Cybermen's processing power to find the strategy to win the game. Taking advantage of the distraction, the Doctor used a hand pulse to disable the implants, destroying Mr. Clever.

When Angie revealed that Porridge was the Emperor, and he explained that he'd never wanted to take the title, Porridge activated the bomb's countdown, altering the attention of his flagship. It jumped to Hedgewick's World and beamed everyone to safety before the bomb imploded the planet with the Cybermen still on it. After Clara declined Porridge's marriage proposal, the Doctor returned Clara, Angie and Artie back home, planning to pick Clara up the next Wednesday for more adventures. (TV: Nightmare in Silver)

When the Doctor returned to the Maitland house, Clara informed him that he had been summoned to Trenzalore by the Great Intelligence and that the Paternoster Gang had been kidnapped by the Whisper Men. Feeling he had a duty to save his friends, the Doctor set off to Trenzalore with Clara and, after fighting off the TARDIS' attempts to avoid Trenzalore, they found it to be a war-ravaged planet covered in gravestones, which included the Doctor's tomb; his TARDIS.

Using a hidden entranced disguised as River Song's gravestone, the Doctor and Clara made it to the doors of the TARDIS tomb, where the Great Intelligence was waiting there with his hostages, demanding the Doctor tell him his true name to gain access to his tomb. When he refused, River's ghost, having been connected to Clara during a previous Conference call with her, uttered it, and the door opened.

Inside the tomb, the Intelligence entered the Doctor's timeline through an open wound in his time stream, rewriting his history, and changing all his victories into defeats. The universe began decaying, the thousands of civilisations saved by the Doctor perishing while the Doctor withered in pain. With no other choice, Clara walked into the timeline, scattering herself across time and space, creating many other versions of herself that saved the Doctor from the Great Intelligence.

Recovering, the Doctor bid his wife a final goodbye and went into his own timeline to save Clara. As they embraced each other, Clara noticed an incarnation of the Doctor that she'd never met, and collapsed. The Doctor revealed this incarnation, the "War Doctor", had betrayed the name of "the Doctor", to which the War Doctor responded by defending his actions as "without choice" and in "the name of peace and sanity". Though the Eleventh Doctor admitted that these actions had been necessary, he still declared that they were not made "in the name of the Doctor", and proceeded to carry Clara out of his time stream, with his war incarnation watching them from afar. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

Reminders of the past[]

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The Eleventh Doctor sees his first incarnation. (COMIC: Time Trick)

When the Doctor and Clara received a psychic invite to a Time Conference on Refkeet Nine, they arrived to find the First Doctor and Susan Foreman also in attendance, having received the same invite by mistake. When the invitation turned out to be a trap, the Eleventh Doctor, making sure to not be noticed by his first incarnation, freed the captive Nuppino horse that was being "trained" to attack the Doctor, which ran amok. The Eleventh Doctor and Clara slipped away as the First Doctor sharply berated the hosts for their poor treatment of the Nuppino horse. (COMIC: Time Trick)

The Doctor became trapped in a mental projection where he and Clara were an ordinary couple on Earth. He managed to break free using items given to him by various enemies and allies who appeared to him in the projection, and discovered the Trylonians had trapped him to drain his mind of knowledge to advance their plans of conquest. Recalling all his previous incarnations, the Doctor overloaded the Trylonian battle computer. (COMIC: The Birthday Boy)

The Doctor took Clara to another amusement park, Tickle Town, where they found the visitors had been stuck there for twenty years, since opening day. With the help of some visitors and the cartoon character Hopalong Harry, the Doctor freed everyone from the fairground, discovering they had been kept thereby the owner, Tobias Tickle. (COMIC: Welcome to Tickle Town)

The Doctor and Clara were attacked by a mind parasite who fed off the "hellscape" dreams they created in their minds where the victims visualised "the worst thing they could ever imagine". In the Doctor's dream, he lived the life of a coward in a bureaucratic job, where the parasite, calling itself "Mr. Waites", appeared to be a human boss who promoted the Doctor to assistant mediator to deal with members of the public the Doctor was unable to help, such as Ace, Jamie McCrimmon and the Brigadier. The Doctor and Clara were able to escape from their dreams as they knew something was wrong about them. Clara woke the other victims of Mr. Waites by removing them from his tendrils, while the Doctor attached Waites' tendril to Waites' mind, destroying him. (COMIC: John Smith and the Common Men)

After the Doctor and Clara ended a civil war amongst the Frogmen, Adam Mitchell arrived and kidnapped Clara. Returning to the TARDIS, the Doctor traced all the places in which Adam had kidnapped his other companions, just after the kidnappings took place, where he attempted to gain information from people who were there. Arriving at Henry van Statten's vault, the Doctor found Neal Shaw, the Time Agent Adam had captured, and gained the means to track Adam's vortex manipulator from him. He got to Adam's Fortress in Limbo and found all his companions in stasis. Working alongside the Master, Adam then threatened to kill all the Doctor's companions, saying the Doctor could only save one. (COMIC: The Choice)

Refusing to kill his old companions, the Doctor instead brought ten of his previous incarnations to Adam's fortress to save their friends. Under the orders of the Master, Adam released an army of Autons at them, but Frobisher released all of the Doctor's companions, and they began fighting the Autons. The Master then revealed the Auton attack was a distraction, as he blasted the rest of the chronal energy he had drained into the Doctor's TARDISes, which would cause all of them to overload, with the threat of destroying the universe as well. Adam, deciding that he did not want the universe destroyed, fought back against the Master, eventually destroying the computer in an explosion that engulfed him after the Master stabbed him. As the Master fled, the Doctors forgave Adam's crimes as he died and buried him outside his time palace, with the inscriptions; "Adam Mitchell, A Companion True." (COMIC: Endgame)

As a result of an accident caused by his fiddling with the TARDIS' telepathic circuits, the Doctor was left with the majority of his vast memory wiped as he and Clara were preparing to go on holiday. Fortunately, however, the Doctor soon remembered who he was after reading the Twelve Hundred Year Diary provided to him by Clara. The Doctor lamented that it was easier not remembering the people he had lost over the years, but Clara reassured him that he was a man who never ran from danger and had helped save billions of lives. Cheered up, the Doctor put the TARDIS into flight as they proceeded to their holiday. (TV: The History of the Doctor)

The Doctor and Clara travelled through realities to the Obsidian Mainframe, having been summoned by the Kindred of Fel, who were being auctioned off as slaves. The Doctor outbid everyone for the Kindred, but, unable to actually pay, he put the TARDIS up for auction so that the resulting bids would overflow the mainframe, allowing Clara to release the Kindred. However, the Doctor's victory was short when he failed to stop the sale of his TARDIS. It dematerialised, leaving him and Clara stranded. (COMIC: Pay the Piper)

The Doctor and Clara went to a Cornucopia airport to try to find their way home, where they witnessed a girl called Keli dissolve herself with a pill, bearing a triangular symbol on her hand. Meeting up with Amy Johnson and Horaito again, they learnt that the triangular symbol was the mark of Azrael, a necrotist who passed on his skills and memories through his mask. After learning Azrael was in possession of his TARDIS, the Doctor recruited Annabel Lake to help him find it after learning she and Danny Fisher had been hacking the Mainframe for information on bidders. With their help, the Doctor found that Azrael's winning bid came from the Halion Nebula, and the trio set off in a portal to Azrael's world, the Wasting Well, where they were caught in an explosion and knocked out when trying to track Azrael's location.

However, when the Doctor and Annabel recovered, they learnt Danny was really Azrael, who had coated the TARDIS in the deadly Mercy energy and planned to use it to destroy Cornucopia, fuelled by his hatred of the Doctor and all aliens. Annabel finally forgave the Doctor for the past by freeing him and killing Danny. The Doctor grabbed the TARDIS as it took off and was able to convince it to come back to him and destroy the Mercy. He then parted ways with the Lake family on good terms and went to celebrate in a Cornucopian carnival with Clara, Amy and Horaito. (COMIC: The Blood of Azrael)

The Doctor helped Clara get a job as an English teacher at Coal Hill School through his friendship with Ian Chesterton, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) though Clara still had to go to teachers' college. (COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death) So Clara could live a normal life for a while, the Doctor began travelling on his own, (PROSE: Normality) and teamed up with Ryan Goodman to catch an ancient time bird that had sent Ryan fifty years into his future, saving it from being hit by a train, and keeping it in the TARDIS after returning Ryan home. (PROSE: The Fifty-Year Delay)

The Doctor became the physician to the court of Cymbeline and discovered that the lady Imogen was a Skarasen, concealing her true form with a bracelet. Finding out about Iachimo's plan to steal the bracelet, the Doctor travelled to Lud's Town to persuade Iachimo against the theft, but was unable to do so. (PROSE: Cymbeline)

Aiming for 1904, the Doctor landed in the Globe Theatre during the climax of The Winter's Tale, where he interrupted the play when he mistook Hermione for a Weeping Angel. (PROSE: The Winter's Tale)

After the TARDIS fell through a hole in reality into a parallel universe, the Doctor found himself in a universe where his adventures were a fictional television show named Doctor Who. He met Ally, a bullied fan of his show, and the show's current star, Matt Smith, and advised him to cast Peter Capaldi as his replacement. Attending a convention with Ally, where he came second in a cosplay competition, the Doctor came across a Cyberman that had survived the Battle of Canary Wharf and had fallen through the same hole in reality the TARDIS had plummeted through. Defeating the Cyberman by stealing Matt Smith's script and reading ahead to see what happened, the Doctor returned to his own universe after encouraging Ally to tackle her bullying by using her brain. (COMIC: The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who)

While looking for a Lengo that had fallen through a wormhole on Lengos Four, the Doctor found it in Maisie Thompson's house, and quickly returned it home by reopening the wormhole. As he made his leave, the Doctor noticed Maisie sitting glumly by her window due to the Lengo stealing her Christmas presents, and reopened the wormhole to Lengos Four to retrieve the presents from the Lengo, who apologetically returned them when their importance were explained to it. As a show of gratitude, Maisie gave one of the presents to the Lengo, who proceeded to spread the gift of giving amongst its people. The Doctor took Maisie back to Lengos Four thirty-four years afterwards with her husband and children to show her the results of her kindness. (PROSE: The Gift)

During a visit to Mars to conduct research for his memoirs, the Doctor thought back on the Ice Warriors he had met in his travels. (PROSE: Christmas on Mars)

Reunited with River once again, the Doctor and her were taken hostage by the natives of the Planet of the Rain Gods, who planned to sacrifice them. Knowing ahead that it would rain, the Doctor yelled for the gods to show him their power, and the natives were scared off when lightning flashed and it began to rain. He and River ran back to the TARDIS, where she asked him if he had changed the bulb outside, much to his annoyance. (HOMEVID: Rain Gods)

Having attended a lecture by Brian Cox, the Doctor went back in time to intercept him before he gave the lecture. Introducing Brian to his TARDIS, the Doctor proceeded to take him on a tour of the universe before ultimately returning him to give his lecture which, as the Doctor explained to Brian, would inspire a girl with sad eyes who loved science to grow up to be an extraordinary woman who changed the world. The Doctor then decided to go on "one more adventure before tea". (TV: A Night with the Stars)

Revisiting the Time War[]

The Eleventh Doctor chooses to save Gallifrey. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

Feeling bored and lonely, the Doctor phoned Mr. Armitage at Coal Hill School to pass a message on to Clara to meet with him, but Armitage's words awoke a despair in the Doctor that even shook the TARDIS control console, and he elected to ignore the feeling by reading a book while he waited for Clara. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) Reuniting with Clara after her working hours at Coal Hill, the Doctor was contacted by Kate Stewart, who had the TARDIS transported to the National Gallery via helicopter, where he saw a 3D portrait that showed the fall of Gallifrey's second city, Arcadia, during the last day of the Last Great Time War. Disturbed by the painting's presence on Earth, the Doctor was then taken by Kate to see figures had disappeared from the other paintings.

However, a time fissure opened, and the Doctor was transported back to 1562, where he met the Tenth Doctor, who was investigating Zygon activity with Queen Elizabeth I. Both incarnations were then met by the War Doctor, who had also travelled through the time fissure. However, before they could work out why they had been thrown together, the Doctors were arrested by the guards of Elizabeth I, who was apparently being impersonated by a Zygon, after the Eleventh Doctor gave instructions to Clara through the fissure. The three Doctors were imprisoned in the Tower of London, where the Eleventh Doctor inscribed numbers in the cell which would enable Jack Harkness' vortex manipulator to be activated, which Clara used to save them; the door to their cell having been left open. The Queen took them to show them that the Zygons put themselves into stasis in paintings to take over the planet at a future date and revealed herself to be the real Queen who was showing them so that they could defeat the Zygons in the future. She then married the reluctant Tenth Doctor, who left in the TARDIS with his past and future incarnations and Clara.

Back in the 21st century, Kate had activated the countdown to a nuclear warhead inside the Black Archive that would prevent the Zygons taking over the world, but would also destroy London. As the TARDIS was unable to enter the Archive, the Eleventh Doctor called Kate on the space-time telegraph that he had given to Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in his fourth incarnation, but she refused to halt the countdown. The War Doctor then had the idea to have the Eleventh Doctor call UNIT officer McGillop in the past to move the 3D portrait to the Black Archive. The Doctors and Clara froze themselves in the painting and forced their way out as Kate and her Zygon double argued over the countdown, and caused everybody else in the room to forget whether they were Zygon or not, causing both Kates to stop the countdown and begin work on a treaty. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) The treaty was finalised after ten hours of negotiation, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) and the Doctor secretly gave the Osgood Box to Osgood and her Zygon double to prepare for a possible Zygon uprising. (TV: The Zygon Invasion) Unknown to anyone, the War Doctor had discreetly travelled back to the Time War to use the Moment to destroy Gallifrey, having realised how many lives his regret had saved.

However, the Eleventh Doctor, with his tenth incarnation and Clara, followed him back to use the Moment with him, having accepted that the War Doctor's actions were inevitable. Before they could activate the Moment, Clara objected and the Moment projected an image of the war around them while the Doctors were reminded by Clara of who they were. The Eleventh Doctor decided not to use the Moment and formed a plan to save Gallifrey by making the planet disappear; with the Daleks firing on Gallifrey being destroyed in the crossfire, it would appear to the rest of the universe that they had annihilated each other. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) Using the TARDIS, he recruited his previous incarnations, (WC: An announcement from the Doctor...) joined by his immediately future incarnation, to use all their TARDISes to save Gallifrey, the Eleventh Doctor's plan worked, and Gallifrey was sent into a different universe.

The Doctors then met up in the National Gallery, unaware if they had succeeded or failed in saving Gallifrey. The previous Doctors left, knowing they wouldn't remember these events as the timeline was out of synch. Wanting a moment to himself, the Doctor met the Curator of the Gallery, who explained that the title of the 3D portrait was Gallifrey Falls No More. Realising that the attempt at freezing Gallifrey worked, the Curator explained to the Doctor that Gallifrey was lost and the Doctor had "a lot to do". (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

Final travels[]

The Doctor and Clara arrived on a space cargo freighter in 2269 and helped inexperienced crewmember Hogan to stop the freighter from crashing onto Lunar City Six, but the Doctor unleashed a Garaman, a creature made from pure written language who had been rewriting the ship's manual. The Doctor stopped it from thriving on its feed for chaos by locking the TARDIS' telepathic circuits and scrambling the telepathic circuits, making the Garaman unable to understand itself, as the Doctor and Hogan jettisoned it into space. (COMIC: By the Book)

While swimming on Florana, the Doctor and Clara were dragged to an underwater craft by the Teuthida, who had been greatly affected by the noise on the surface, but the Doctor persuaded them to use their protective suits to join in the fun instead of harming the tourists. (COMIC: Creatures from the Deep)

The Doctor dodges balls thrown by the ball-pit monster. (COMIC: Ball-Pit Beast)

The Doctor and Clara then investigated disappearances on a windswept moor, finding giant spiders had been collecting humans as artefacts by putting them in a suspended sleep. After releasing the humans, the Doctor left the spiders on an asteroid in deep space. (COMIC: A Tangled Web) The Doctor and Clara next ended up on the Drop Zone asteroid, an intergalactic nursery, in 2936 and discovered the low-level comfort field that covered the asteroid had created a childlike monster from the emotions of children who wanted to play with their absent parents. The Doctor stopped the robot nannies from destroying the comfort field and brought everyone on the asteroid together. (COMIC: Ball-Pit Beast)

After answering a mystery message, the Doctor and Clara encountered a group who were worshippers of his TARDIS after hearing numerous legends of "the blue box". However, they thought the Doctor and Clara were parasites feeding off the legend of the TARDIS and plotted to kill them in a sacred disposal chamber. Clara dissuaded them from doing so by telling them the Doctor protected the TARDIS. (COMIC: Fans)

In New York City, the Doctor and Clara discovered Snark using a psychic transmitter to influence and control those around him, making himself an idol who people were in awe of. With no-one to stop him, Snark planned to sell the mineral wealth of Earth to buy himself many other worlds. However, the Doctor stopped him and stripped him of his famous status by destroying the psychic transmitter hidden in Snark's basement. (COMIC: Universally Known)

When the Fourth Doctor used his TARDIS tuner to begin a temporal meta-collision with his other incarnations, the Eleventh Doctor learnt that Earth was under threat from a pandimensional entity that had trapped his fourth incarnation in his TARDIS. While the Eleventh Doctor argued with his other incarnations, the War Doctor used encoded messages from the Sixth Doctor to stop the invasion before it began, and the Sixth Doctor installed a way to expel the entity from the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS. With the crisis over, the Eleventh Doctor went off for "date night". (WC: Doctors Assemble!)

While being pursued by an array of alien creatures, the Doctor worked out that the aliens would never ally with each other, and discovered he and Clara were actually in a virtual reality simulation created by a Thrill-Seeker, who got a buzz from the excitement generated by their minds. The Doctor closed the machine and took Clara and the Thrill Seeker comet surfing to give them both a "real thrill", (COMIC: Thrill-Seeker) and then reversed the polarity of an alien shop beneath the River Thames to thaw 1997 London. (COMIC: Wintervention)

The Doctor and Clara encountered Woodlice creatures in a Time Tree, (COMIC: A Long Way Down) and later visited the Arboretum, a giant interstellar greenhouse and stopped the Paranox Web from eating all the plant life. (COMIC: The Killer Weed)

The Doctor and Clara visited a village called Eternity Springs and discovered the water spring had granted the villagers eternal life, but had also reduced them to a mutated form. Unable to escape, the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to drain the spring's power, and, with the villagers obsessed with saving it, the two travellers slipped away in the TARDIS. (COMIC: Eternity Springs)

After dropping Clara off at home again, the Doctor went to the Maldovarium and bought Handles, the head of a decapitated Cyberman, who became his companion and aide, usually when the TARDIS' teleportation system was required. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

The Doctor returned to Magnox (which he had visited in his previous incarnation during the Kotturuh crisis) and found a date drive containing its history in the ruins of the Chronicon. He travelled to Islos to give it to Oracle Peschell, claiming to be a friend of the Doctor’s as Peschell had fallen out with him. Nevertheless, she realised he was the Doctor, though she seemed to forgive him as she thanked him for the gift. (AUDIO: The Minds of Magnox)

The Doctor tried to help Sontaran trooper Stron who had been abandoned by his people after being assumed dead on Ubreus. The trooper rejected his repeated efforts to help, admantently believing his people would return and that he had been deliberately left as a rearguard. The Doctor visited him again when he'd been found by Sontaran forces and sentenced to execution, as they deemed his survival an act of cowardice, however Stron still refused to come with him. (AUDIO: Rearguard)

The siege of Trenzalore[]

Arriving on Trenzalore[]

The Doctor and Clara face the Weeping Angels. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

Eventually, the Doctor, along with thousands of other ships, discovered a mysterious message being broadcast across the universe from a planet. After boarding both Dalek and Cybermen ships to find out more, and barely managing to escape, he visited Clara at Christmas and met her family. After helping her prepare Christmas dinner, the Doctor and Clara travelled to the Papal Mainframe, where the Doctor met up with Tasha Lem, an old friend of his. Tasha sent the Doctor and Clara to a town on the planet, Christmas, to investigate the message.

Arriving at the town's clock tower, the Doctor was horrified to find a crack in time, through which the message was being broadcast - "Doctor Who?" The Doctor found it was the Time Lords, trapped in a pocket universe, trying to get out. If he spoke his name, they would come out, but then the other ships would descend on the planet, beginning a new Time War. Realising he was on Trenzalore and knowing the battle that lay ahead of him, the Doctor tricked Clara into going home in the TARDIS, but she clung on to the exterior and the TARDIS didn't return due to extending its force field to protect Clara. With his ship gone, the Doctor lived on Trenzalore for three-hundred-years, defending the planet against Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and Sontarans, in what was known as the Siege of Trenzalore. During this time, Handles was the Doctor's only companion, but he was forced to keep repairing him without the necessary spare parts. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

Defending Christmas[]

During the siege, the Doctor prevented Lord Ssardak and his Ice Warriors from burying Christmas through an avalanche, (PROSE: Let it Snow) lost his left leg fighting a blind Tsunami Snake and replaced it with a wooden one he whittled, (PROSE: The Dreaming) and battled a Krynoid with the help of Theol Willoughby and the townspeople of Christmas. After the Krynoid's defeat, Theol made a special walking stick for the Doctor in memory of the farmer Pieter who had been taken over by the Krynoid. (PROSE: An Apple a Day...) On a later occasion, the Doctor fought the Autons in the Outland. (PROSE: Strangers in the Outland)

When the TARDIS returned with Clara clinging onto the door, the Doctor and Clara reconciled and watched the short dawn as Handles broke down completely, which reduced the Doctor to tears. The Doctor also revealed that despite being “number Eleven”, he had actually used all twelve of his regenerations, and would die here. The Doctor and Clara returned to the Papal Mainframe, discovering it was now the Church of the Silence, where they discovered Tasha and her crew had been killed and turned into Dalek puppets, but Tasha was able to retain her mind and fought back against the Daleks, but was unable to stop them damaging the Papal Mainframe's shielding, allowing all-out war on Trenzalore. Not wanting her to die in battle, the Doctor tricked Clara back home again. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

Open warfare[]

The Doctor spent a further six-hundred-years fighting back-to-back with the Silents, and eventually all but the Daleks were destroyed or retreated. (TV: The Time of the Doctor) The Doctor defeated the Krotons after a grain warehouse was destroyed and the villagers hiding inside were killed, with the loss of life standing as a reminder for the townspeople that the Doctor could not save everyone. (PROSE: The Dreaming)

Final fights[]

With his mind now deteriorating from old age, the Doctor encountered the Mara, who attempted to make a new body for itself, but it was defeated when it melted from the salt-flavoured snow. (PROSE: The Dreaming)

The fall of the Eleventh[]

The Doctor dares the Daleks to take his life after being granted a new cycle of regenerations. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

As the Doctor began ageing to death, Tasha returned Clara to Trenzalore, not wanting the Doctor to die alone. Though very close to dying from old age, the Doctor still refused to leave Christmas or release the Time Lords. Realising he would die soon anyway with no means of survival, the Doctor decided to surrender to the Daleks.

At the top of Christmas' clock tower, the Doctor accepted his fate, knowing that he had no weapons or any regenerations left to him. However, as the Daleks began their final attack on the town, another crack from Gallifrey opened in the sky, and the Time Lords granted the Doctor a new cycle of regenerations after Clara appealed to them to aid the Doctor. Recovering from the initial shock of seeing his hands glowing with regenerative energy, the Doctor taunted the Daleks about breaking the rules with "regeneration number thirteen" before using the explosive discharge of energy from his hands to destroy their fighter pods, and channelling the remaining energy to destroy the saucer above the clock tower. The shock-wave resulting from his regenerative energy was so powerful, it obliterated the Daleks' ground forces. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)


The Doctor reassures a future Clara about his new incarnation. (TV: Deep Breath)

His youth temporarily restored due to the regenerative "reset", the Doctor returned to his TARDIS, where he quickly changed out of his battered old clothes and dragged the still-unpatched TARDIS telephone handset from the exterior call box into the control room. (TV: The Time of the Doctor) Knowing that, even with his youth restored, he was still going to regenerate, the Doctor took a moment to call Clara's future self, asking her to stay with the Twelfth Doctor, assuring her that he was still him, but that he would be even more scared of the transformation than she was. Disappointed to learn he would become older in his next incarnation, and dismayed when Clara confirmed that his successor had grey hair, the Doctor told Clara that he would need her more than ever in his new body. (TV: Deep Breath)

When the present Clara arrived in the TARDIS, the Doctor confirmed that he was still regenerating, with his current return to youth just his body resetting itself in preparation for the new cycle of regenerations. Finally free to leave Trenzalore now that the siege had ended, the Doctor set the TARDIS in-flight and, reminiscing about his life, he enjoyed one last bowl of fish custard and made a promise to never to forget "when the Doctor was [him]", while experiencing hallucinations of Amy Pond.

As a sign of his impending change, the Doctor then removed his bow tie and dropped it to the floor. With a final weary smile to Clara, the process begun. Clara tearfully objected, reaching for him and begging him not to change, but, after one last reassuring "Hey...", the Doctor suddenly regenerated, in a quick burst, into his next incarnation (TV: The Time of the Doctor) subconsciously choosing to change into Lobus Caecilius's form to remind himself that he "saved people." (TV: The Girl Who Died)


The Eleventh Doctor appears in the Twelfth Doctor's memory. (COMIC: Petals)

While the Twelfth Doctor was on the planet Eed'n, he became infected with pollen from the plants and possessed by the entity that controlled all of Eedin's plants, but he was able to fight off the possession by summoning the memories of his past incarnations, such as the Eleventh Doctor. (COMIC: Petals)

When he was exposed to energy from a time storm, the Twelfth Doctor degenerated through all of his previous incarnations, starting with the Eleventh Doctor. (AUDIO: The Lost Magic)

Undated events[]

Alternate timelines[]

Multi-Doctor event[]

The Doctor and his successor begin a chain of the Blinovitch Limitation Effect. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

The Doctor and Alice became involved in a "Multi-Doctor Event" with the Tenth Doctor, Gabby Gonzalez, the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald due to the machinations of an alternate timeline version of the Twelfth Doctor who had joined with the Voord after being "betrayed" by Clara, and was manoeuvring events to ensure his existence. However, though he was able to set his younger counterpart on the path to joining with the Voord, his plot was undone by Gabby being sent back in time by a Weeping Angel and giving her younger self a warning. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

Living in River Song's world[]

In an alternative timeline envisioned by a continuity bomb, the Doctor allowed River to prevent his death at Lake Silencio. The two then married and settled down for a domestic life in River Song's World, where time was frozen and all of history was happening at once. Even though he could feel the universe dying, the Doctor decided not to care about it. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

Time zombie[]

In one outcome to the Van Baalen Bros. attacking the TARDIS with a magno-grab, the Doctor was turned into a Time zombie when exposed to the Eye of Harmony along with Clara Oswald, Gregor Van Baalen and Tricky Van Baalen, with his right hand fused to his face. (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)

Death on Trenzalore[]

The Doctor's corpse. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

In an alternate timeline where the Time Lords never gave the Doctor more regenerations, (TV: The Time of the Doctor) the Doctor died on Trenzalore and was buried in a giant tomb made out of his own dying TARDIS. The tomb was surrounded by a battlefield graveyard containing the fallen from the Siege of Trenzalore, with the planet itself became a desolate wasteland covered with molten cracks. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

Other references[]

Prior to the Last Great Time War, a fixed point in time was recorded on Gallifrey concerning the assassination of the Eleventh Doctor at the hands of River Song at Lake Silencio. (AUDIO: Songs of Love)

Psychological profile[]


An upset Doctor plays on some swings. (TV: The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel)

Never shying away from adventure, (GAME: Evacuation Earth) the Eleventh Doctor preferred a life of excitement, and would deliberate avoid a stable situation to keep things from being "boring", (TV: The Time of Angels) with his one condition to his companions choosing a destination being that had to pick somewhere "amazing", (TV: The Vampires of Venice) though he also longed for a "simple life". (TV: A Christmas Carol) More childish in nature than his previous incarnations, he would advise others against "[growing] up", (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The God Complex) and frequently defined himself as a "a madman with a box". (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Doctor's Wife, The God Complex) As he struggled to act as a mature adult in his socialising, (TV: The Lodger, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe) to the extent that the psychic paper failed to register him as a "mature and responsible adult", (TV: A Christmas Carol) the Doctor had trouble reading a room, which would lead to him saying something inappropriate or even offensive. (TV: The Vampires of Venice, The Lodger, Hide)

Unable to resist the call to adventure and the need to help others, (TV: The Beast Below, Closing Time, The Snowmen) though in a reckless fashion, (TV: The Girl Who Waited) the Eleventh Doctor tried to be a figure of comfort in the universe by standing by those who were afraid and defenceless, (TV: The Time of Angels, The Hungry Earth, A Christmas Carol, Night Terrors, The Crimson Horror) never abandoning those who were in need, (TV: The Vampires of Venice, The Rings of Akhaten) even if he believed they weren't real, (TV: Amy's Choice) but prioritised those in more immediate danger than those who could be saved later. (TV: Victory of the Daleks, Death of the Doctor)

He enjoyed a vocabulary populated by unconventional adjectival-noun structures, (TV: A Christmas Carol, Time, The Impossible Astronaut, The Curse of the Black Spot, The Doctor's Wife, The Girl Who Waited, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, Asylum of the Daleks, The Snowmen, The Rings of Akhaten, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, The Day of the Doctor) with one of his more favoured phrases being "timey wimey". (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Wedding of River Song, The Day of the Doctor) However, he often gave long and scientific explanations to certain phenomena, before his examples were simplified by or for the benefit of others. (TV: A Christmas Carol, The Doctor's Wife, Closing Time, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

Much like his second incarnation, the Eleventh Doctor showed a childlike recklessness, but always had a grand scheme behind his actions. (TV: Day of the Moon, A Good Man Goes to War) Because he believed that secrets "make [people] safe", (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) he was often deceptive and manipulative, habitually putting elaborate plans in place and executing them, even if his plans emotionally hurt his loved ones. (TV: The Almost People, The Girl Who Waited, The Wedding of River Song, Asylum of the Daleks) However, when in an emergency, the Doctor would prefer to speak hard truths than try to falsely alleviate the situation by lying, (TV: Flesh and Stone, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, Asylum of the Daleks, The Rings of Akhaten) but would be gentle with those who had no control over their actions. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor)

A strong believer in hope and redemption, (TV: The Hungry Earth, Vincent and the Doctor, A Christmas Carol, The Day of the Doctor) the Doctor saw every life as important and meaningful, (TV: A Christmas Carol, The Rebel Flesh) believing that "every life [was] a pile of good things and bad things", and that while "the good things [didn't] always soften the bad things", he also thought that "the bad things [didn't] necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant". (TV: Vincent and the Doctor) He tried to see the best in people, thinking that anyone would help someone else in need. (TV: The History of the Doctor)

The Eleventh Doctor could be self-interested, eavesdropping on conversations about him, (TV: The Time of Angels) wanting to be impressive and admired, (TV: Flesh and Stone, Amy's Choice, The Impossible Astronaut, The God Complex) being concerned about not being thought of as attractive, (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) and frequently boasted about how impressive he thought he was. (TV: The Time of Angels, The Impossible Astronaut, Let's Kill Hitler, The Snowmen) However, this arrogance was a façade to hide his insecurities, (TV: The Doctor's Wife, A Good Man Goes to War, Closing Time) and the guilt he felt over ruining his past companions' lives. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

He found it difficult to stay still for long, (TV: Amy's Choice, Vincent and the Doctor) needing to keep himself entertained because he'd "lose his mind out of boredom", and had a poor concept of time, doing a series of tasks in an hour without realising the amount of time that had passed. (TV: The Power of Three) Despite his impatience, he enjoyed reading, (TV: Night Terrors) often sitting down with a book in moments of leisure. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan, The Snowmen, The Bells of Saint John, The Day of the Doctor)

Able to find positive outlooks in negative situations, (TV: The End of Time, Vincent and the Doctor, A Christmas Carol) he preferred to settle problems through negotiation rather than violence, (TV: The Vampires of Venice, The Hungry Earth) but was willing to fight and kill when he deemed it necessary, (TV: Day of the Moon, A Good Man Goes to War, Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship) as well as physically intimidate someone when he was supressing his anger. (TV: The Vampires of Venice, The Hungry Earth, A Good Man Goes to War, The God Complex, A Town Called Mercy)

While he could succumb to emotional outbursts and rudeness when under stress, he would apologies for his words and actions once he had calmed down. (TV: The Time of Angels, Amy's Choice, The Almost People) He also tried to make new friends wherever he went, taking the time to get to know their names and some details, as well as do odd jobs for them, (TV: The Vampires of Venice, The Lodger, Closing Time, The Bells of Saint John) and would be especially aggravated when killers could not remember their victims' names. (TV: The Vampires of Venice)

Aware that he was more absent minded than his predecessors, (GAME: Evacuation Earth) the Eleventh Doctor got distracted easily, disregarding important matters once he noticed something that he found more interesting. (TV: Flesh and Stone, A Christmas Carol) He thought aloud when he was panicking or stressed, and tended to babble about what he knew about the current situation to come up with a plan, believing that he would have one when he finished talking, (TV: The Eleventh Hour, Flesh and Stone, The Vampires of Venice, The Lodger, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang, Closing Time) but would also "take credit" if a situation resolved itself. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

Always striving to honour his bargains, (GAME: TARDIS) the Doctor would be immensely disappointed with himself if he let others down or had broken a promise he had made. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Time of Angels, The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood, A Good Man Goes to War, The Girl Who Waited, The God Complex, The Snowmen)

While he knew it was important to hold onto tragedy as motivation in the face of adversity, (TV: The Beast Below) the Eleventh Doctor would not dwell on despair, choosing instead to move on with his life, (TV: The Vampires of Venice) but would still take a period to mourn when he lost someone. (TV: The Snowmen)

The Eleventh Doctor had a tendency towards self-loathing for his actions, (TV: Amy's Choice, The History of the Doctor) such as holding himself accountable for the actions of his enemies when they put his friends in danger or when he failed to stop them. (TV: Victory of the Daleks, A Good Man Goes to War, Closing Time, A Town Called Mercy) In an imaginary interrogation session with his previous incarnations, the Doctor imagined them all leaving him in disgust and disgrace after he made the claim that he always left things better than he found them. (COMIC: Pull to Open)

The Eleventh Doctor also had an intense sadness that was almost an exhausted pain, (COMIC: Hunters of the Burning Stone) with Amy concluding that he was lonely inside. (TV: The Eleventh Hour) He missed Gallifrey, and admitted that he still felt the loneliness of being the last of his kind when he interrogated Alaya. (TV: The Hungry Earth) When the Doctor was given a ray of hope that he wasn't the last of the Time Lords, and it turned out to be a trap, he reacted with quiet rage. He also expressed a desire to be forgiven for what he had done in the Time War. (TV: The Doctor's Wife)

After losing Amy and Rory to the Weeping Angels, (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan) but especially after the Dalek Time Controller tricked him, (PROSE: The Dalek Generation) the Doctor exiled himself to 1892 London, referring to it as him being "retired", (TV: The Great Detective) having sworn to "no more meddling". (PROSE: The Dalek Generation) He remained in strict solitude, turning away from adventures, (TV: The Great Detective) until Clara Oswin Oswald reinvigorated his wants for adventure. When she was killed by the Ice Governess, the Doctor tried to "bargain with the universe" by saving the Earth from the Great Intelligence to save Clara, believing that he was "owed" a victory, but he instead settled with adventuring again to uncover the mystery of Clara's connection to Oswin Oswald. (TV: The Snowmen)

Though he initially hated certain foods, such as apples and bacon, because of his "new mouth", (TV: The Eleventh Hour) he eventually came to like them. (TV: The Lodger, The God Complex) However, he did not like sea pumpkins, (GAME: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada) or drinking any kind of wine. (TV: The Lodger, The Time of the Doctor) The Eleventh Doctor favoured the combination of fish fingers and custard, which he called fish custard. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Power of Three, The Time of the Doctor) He liked Jammie Dodgers most of all, (TV: Victory of the Daleks, The Doctor Drops In, The Impossible Astronaut, Night Terrors, The Bells of Saint John) but also had a liking for cake, (TV: The Bells of Saint John) with Pontefract cakes being one of his favourites. (TV: The Crimson Horror)

The Doctor liked Torodon tea, (PROSE: Hunter's Moon) and decaffeinated frappuccinos, (PROSE: Touched by an Angel) but disliked ginger biscuits, (PROSE: Dead of Winter) musk tea, (PROSE: Dark Horizons) and bourbon biscuits. (PROSE: Chasing the Dawn) His favourite fruit was the pomegranate, (PROSE: The Water Thief) and his favourite number was 11. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

The Doctor loved visiting new planets, (TV: A Christmas Carol) and having new experiences. (TV: The Snowmen) His favourite places in time and space included 1963 London, (GAME: City of the Daleks) 1892, (GAME: The Eternity Clock) the Lake Distinct in 1927, (TV: The Rings of Akhaten) and his favourite species included the Ood, (TV: The Doctor's Wife) and the Kahler. (TV: A Town Called Mercy) He also had a fondness for strange words, such as "Shenanigans", (TV: The Almost People) "Toggle", (TV: Hide) "Vim" and "vigour". (PROSE: The Dreaming)

The Eleventh Doctor liked museums, (TV: The Time of Angels) fluid controls, (TV: Cold Blood) sweets, football, custard cream biscuits, (TV: The Lodger) "big flashy lighty things", cupboards, (TV: A Christmas Carol) cockerels, (TV: The Rebel Flesh) fairgrounds, (HOMEVID: Good Night) buttons, hat stands, (GAME: The Eternity Clock) rocks, (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship) video games, (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan) and carrier pigeons. (TV: Hide)

The Doctor also showed a fondness for music, and claimed to have played with various composers and musicians. (TV: Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship) Amy Pond even once caught him attempting to conceal a Euphonium behind his back. (HOMEVID: Good Night) He liked The Beatles, and thought that Ringo Starr was the most unappreciated member of the band, (GAME: City of the Daleks) but also liked music more contemporary, at one time visiting a studio to contribute some urban backing vocals. (WC: Pond Life) However, he appeared to greatly dislike the "Chicken Dance", even grimacing upon hearing it and plugging his ears. (TV: The Power of Three)

The Doctor felt distressed when the subject of his future came into question, (TV: The Almost People) preferring to keep his goodbyes short and swift, (GAME: Return to Earth) and wanting to avoid his future rather than investigate it, (TV: The Time of Angels) due to his dislike for endings. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan) However, he knew that things had to end in order for new things to begin. (TV: A Christmas Carol) Reflecting on bygone times or thinking about a season of his life coming to a close saddened him, especially if it concerned his own mortality. (TV: Death of the Doctor, Closing Time, The Power of Three, The Angels Take Manhattan) Despite his dislike of looking back on his previous lives, (TV: The Big Bang) he was comfortable with keeping mementos of his past, (GAME: TARDIS, The Gunpowder Plot) and enjoyed seeing old friends. (TV: Death of the Doctor)

He was afraid of spiders, (GAME: Blood of the Cybermen) and got scared on ghost trains, (HOMEVID: Good Night) and also disliked monologues, (TV: The Hungry Earth) clowns, Rubik's cubes, (TV: Night Terrors) Twitter, (TV: The Girl Who Waited) lamps, vegetables, (TV: Closing Time) rats, (TV: The Wedding of River Song) shapeshifters, (GAME: The Gunpowder Plot) "cold [and] brutal" places, (GAME: The Eternity Clock) and teleportation. (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)

Because he saw the universe as "vast and complicated and ridiculous", (TV: The Pandorica Opens) where everything was "forever growing and shrinking and creating and destroying and never remaining the same for a single millisecond", (TV: The Power of Three) the Doctor believed that "impossible things" were the result of "miracles". (TV: The Pandorica Opens)

He believed that one should "never ignore a coincidence, unless [they were] busy", (TV: The Pandorica Opens) because it was what "the universe [did] for fun", (TV: Closing Time) and that they should "never knowingly be serious", (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) though he claimed he was "always serious", but had "days off". (TV: Cold War) He also saw board signs as "suggestions rather than orders". (TV: A Town Called Mercy) He viewed Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons as "boring" times, but liked Saturdays, believing them to be "temporal tipping points [where] anything [was] possible." (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)

While he could get annoyed when others ignored him due to kissing each other, (TV: The Big Bang, A Christmas Carol, Asylum of the Daleks) and was extremely confused on what to do after River and Clara kissed him for the first time, (TV: Day of the Moon, The Snowmen) the Eleventh Doctor was good at giving relationship advice, (TV: A Christmas Carol, Hide) and could become quite flirty with those he knew would be annoyed by his friendly remarks. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) However, he rejected the idea of being intimate with his friends, doing everything he could to stop Amy kissing him when she tried to seduce him, (TV: Flesh and Stone) and disliked being sniffed. (TV: The Doctor Appears)

Believing that time was "not the boss of [him]", (TV: The Time of Angels) the Eleventh Doctor firmly believed that "time [could] be rewritten". (TV: The Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone) However, he knew that history could not be changed at random, (TV: The Vampires of Venice) and that events had to happen if they had already been experienced, (TV: Time, Let's Kill Hitler, The Angels Take Manhattan) as well as avoiding changing fixed points in time, (TV: The Wedding of River Song, Hide) but was willing to take advantage of temporal tipping points to change history for the better. (TV: Cold Blood)

The Eleventh Doctor didn't think of himself as a good man, (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) being more susceptible to becoming more vicious and unforgiving when he didn't have company to restrain his dark side. (TV: A Town Called Mercy) In his more ruthless moments, he was not afraid to strike down those who committed horrific acts. (TV: Day of the Moon, A Good Man Goes to War, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, A Town Called Mercy, The Snowmen) When he prepared to euthanise a star whale when he thought it was the safest option to keep the Starship UK afloat, the Doctor did not mince his words on the "murder" he was about to commit, and how he "won't be the Doctor" after he does it, and refused to hear anything from Amy and Liz 10, declaring that "nobody human [had] anything to say to [him]". (TV: The Beast Below)

Though he showed disdain for guns, (TV: The Vampires of Venice) claiming they "made people stupid", (COMIC: Assimilation²) the Doctor was willing to use a gun in non-harmful ways, (TV: The Time of Angels) or to threaten his adversaries. (TV: A Town Called Mercy) He also disliked knives, but believed them useful for spreading butter and jam on crumpets. (PROSE: The Dreaming)

Much like his previous incarnation, the Eleventh Doctor felt his age when it took him a long time to figure things out. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, Vincent and the Doctor, Night Terrors, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, Hide) Because of his age, he was sometimes pessimistic, looking at the negative things about life. (TV: Closing Time, The Snowmen) However, he admitted he could see the positive things with help from companions, (HOMEVID: Meanwhile in the TARDIS) and described sharing his travels with them as the "greatest adventure". (TV: The Curse of the Black Spot)

When thinking about how to solve a problem, the Doctor blocked out all outside distractions, even his companions' comments. (TV: Flesh and Stone, The Vampires of Venice) and would use reverse psychology to help people revaluate themselves and their situation. (TV: The Lodger, The Big Bang)

He fully expected his companions to disobey him, as most of his previous ones had, and was surprised when Clara Oswald listened to his instructions. (TV: Cold War) He also took a liking to people who were observant and good at making deductions. (TV: The God Complex) He also showed great sympathy for those who had suffered terribly at the hands of outside influences, even when others looked at them as "creature[s]". (TV: The Beast Below, Vincent and the Doctor, The God Complex, A Town Called Mercy)

Openly describing himself as "obsessive-compulsive", (TV: The Time of the Doctor) the Doctor was known to let his curiosity over enigmas get the better of him, often putting himself and others in harm's way for answers. (TV: Flesh and Stone, The Vampires of Venice, Cold Blood, The God Complex, Hide, Nightmare in Silver) His insistence on solving mysteries also led him to take on Amy Pond and Clara Oswald as companions. (TV: The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang, The Bells of Saint John) River was aware of the Doctor's interest in enigmas, and would be purposely cryptic to allure his assistance on an adventure, (TV: The Time of Angels) and the Alliance knew the best way to trap the Doctor was to lure him in with a mystery. (TV: The Pandorica Opens)

Much like his sixth incarnation, the Eleventh Doctor was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good, (TV: The Big Bang, Cold War) He often put aside his own safety if his companions were endangered, (TV: The Name of the Doctor) Despite all this, the Doctor admitted that he could be selfish at times, telling Amy that he had taken her with him because he was vain and wanted to be adored. (TV: The God Complex)

The Eleventh Doctor saw himself as being "way past strange", but also thought that he was "probably incredible." (WC: The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel)

Regarding his other incarnations, the Eleventh Doctor liked to make fun of his younger selves, especially his tenth incarnation, jokingly calling him "sandshoes" and joking about his skinny figure. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) He did, however, admire the Ninth Doctor, believing him to have been "fantastic". (COMIC: The Promise)

He held great admiration for the Twelfth Doctor, viewing his mere existence as uplifting as it assured him that he had a future despite thinking he was the last incarnation. (COMIC: Four Doctors) He also displayed joy at the Curator's resemblance to the Fourth Doctor and the hope he gave him that Gallifrey still existed. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

The First Doctor, based on visions he had of his future, considered his eleventh incarnation to be "fit and agile". (PROSE: A Big Hand for the Doctor)

Though he preferred the attention of his friends while he was "being clever", (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) and deeply enjoyed having an audience, he was also content talking to himself on occasion. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) He once claimed he took on companions solely to have someone other than himself to talk to, (TV: The Eleventh Hour) but was aware he had a tendency to talk to people without checking if they were there. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

When facing a personal problem, or when seeing a situation as too dangerous for his companions, the Doctor would demand they return to the TARDIS, (TV: The Time of Angels, The Vampires of Venice) or would leave them in the safest place possible. (TV: Victory of the Daleks, The Rings of Akhaten, The Time of the Doctor) At times, he would trick them into returning to the TARDIS, (TV: The Doctor's Wife) or have someone else return them to safety for him. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

He was very affectionate to his TARDIS, (TV: The Curse of the Black Spot) calling it the "best ship in the universe", (TV: The Snowmen) and addressing it as "dear" and calling it "sexy". (TV: The Eleventh Hour) He would also get defensive when others criticised his piloting of the TARDIS, such as how he "[left] the breaks on" when landing, (TV: The Time of Angels) or when they had already figured out how to explain how it was "bigger on the inside", as he enjoyed seeing their reactions, (TV: The Vampires of Venice) and was easily aggravated when someone harmed his ship. (TV: The Doctor's Wife, Let's Kill Hitler)

The Doctor initially had a very distrusting nature towards River Song. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) However, the two eventually grew to love one another, even marrying on the battlefield of a broken timeline. (TV: The Wedding of River Song) The Doctor came to love River so much that he couldn't bear to think of her death and the prospects of never seeing his eccentric wife again. (TV: The Name of the Doctor) He also delayed what he knew to be their final date for as long as possible to keep from losing her, repeatedly cancelling them going to Darillium. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

His lack of trust in others was also shown by the way he acted with Clara Oswald. Although he was nice to her whenever they were together, the Doctor grew brooding and suspicious whenever Clara's back was turned, (TV: The Rings of Akhaten, Hide) until he finally confronted Clara about her impossible nature, and realised that Clara genuinely had no idea that she had lived other lives and was happy to find out that she wasn't part of whatever had happened to her. (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) This also led the Doctor to think of Clara as a person and not just a puzzle that needed solving, leading him to start trusting her. As his feelings and attachment to Clara grew, he became somewhat possessive of her and jealous of other men expressing attraction to her with Mr Clever sarcastically noting how eager he was to please Clara. (TV: Nightmare in Silver) The Twelfth Doctor later indicated that the Eleventh Doctor thought of himself as Clara's boyfriend, as he clarified to Clara that "[he] [was] not [her] boyfriend" and that it wasn't her mistake he was referring to when he said that. (TV: Deep Breath)

The Doctor was admired by children for his eccentric, tender, playful and childlike personality. (TV: The Big Bang, Closing Time) He did not talk down to them, talking to them as equals, (TV: The Eleventh Hour, Cold Blood, A Christmas Carol, A Good Man Goes to War, Closing Time, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, The Time of the Doctor) not dismissing their issues, (TV: The Beast Below, A Christmas Carol) and tried to encourage them to rise to the occasion. (TV: TV: The Hungry Earth, Night Terrors, The Rings of Akhaten) He showed a great deal of compassion for children, unable to resist helping if one was upset or scared, (TV: The Beast Below, A Christmas Carol, The Impossible Astronaut, Night Terrors, The Rings of Akhaten) and was greatly enraged when people tried to use children as weapons. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

The Eleventh Doctor thought the Daleks as being "masters of hate and fear and destruction", (GAME: The Eternity Clock) and was very hostile to them, saying they were "the worst thing[s] in all creation" and attacking one to provoke it into revealing its true nature to Winston Churchill. (TV: Victory of the Daleks) He showed considerable brutality towards them and took great enjoyment in destroying them. (TV: The Wedding of River Song) He was also disgusted when he learned the Daleks considered hatred to be beautiful, having previously thought they had "run out of ways to make [him] sick". However, the Doctor felt genuine pity for Oswin Oswald after he realised that she had been turned into a Dalek and, although he told her that she was no longer human, he still treated her as such due to her still retaining her humanity. He was grateful to her for allowing him and his friends to escape and reluctant to leave her behind, only doing so when she ordered him to run. (TV: Asylum of the Daleks)

He also believed that the Weeping Angels were the "most malevolent life form evolution [had] ever produced". (TV: The Time of Angels)

According to Amy Pond, the Eleventh Doctor was "a complete buffoon, with a silly fringe, and bandy legs, and the most bizarre way of talking", (PROSE: The Forgotten Army) with Tasha Lem calling him a "fatuous egotist". (TV: The Time of the Doctor) Alec Palmer compared the Eleventh Doctor to a Ministry agent, calling him "capricious [and] brilliant", while Emma Grayling called him "deceitful", saying he had "a sliver of ice in his heart". (TV: Hide)

During his time on Trenzalore, the Doctor grew to love the people of the town of Christmas, (PROSE: The Dreaming) repairing and building toys for the town's children, (TV: The Time of the Doctor) as well as becoming a parental and protective figure to them, (PROSE: Strangers in the Outland, The Dreaming) telling them tales of his exploits, making an ice skating ring for them, (PROSE: An Apple a Day...) celebrating his victories with them, receiving drawings of his achievements, teaching them the Drunk giraffe dance and being the centre of the celebrations' group hugs. The Doctor also assisted the adults of the town, repairing Barnable's family barn, and making it bigger on the inside, (TV: The Time of the Doctor) fixing the Snow Farm after it was sabotaged by Ice Warrior Zontan, (PROSE: Let it Snow) and venturing into the Outland with the Trenzalore Lifeboat crew to find Tiberius Gluck's body. (PROSE: Strangers in the Outland) Growing protective of the people of Christmas, the Doctor refused to leave them at the mercy of the Papal Mainframe, (TV: The Time of the Doctor) and ensured they remained out of the way of the siege's incursions, (PROSE: Let it Snow) informing them to tell him of anything out of the ordinary. (PROSE: An Apple a Day...)

He especially developed a friendship with a child named Barnable. (TV: The Time of the Doctor) In his final days, when he was in a senile state, the Doctor still remembered Barnable and looked for him, Amy and Clara in those around him. (PROSE: The Dreaming) He also grew closer to Handles, seemingly carrying him everywhere with him, (PROSE: An Apple a Day...) with the head's deactivation upsetting him greatly. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

Afraid for his life every day, (PROSE: Let it Snow) the Doctor would stand and look down from his Clock Tower once a day to remind him of what he was protecting, eventually seeming to "forget he'd lived any other life". However, during the first three hundred years of the siege, the Doctor would argue with himself about protecting the town, eventually concluding that every life he saved was a victory in and of itself, (TV: The Time of the Doctor) but felt guilty over the casualties that came in the siege's wake, especially those directly caused by himself. He forcibly suppressed his memories of these deaths so he could enjoy himself. (PROSE: Let it Snow)

Slowing turning senile in his inhabiting of the planet, the Doctor would have trouble determining the meaning of questions directed at him, forgetting the details of his plans, (PROSE: Let it Snow) taking a while to register information, (PROSE: An Apple a Day...) and forgetting people he had met. (PROSE: Strangers in the Outland) After seven hundred and fifty years of the siege, the Doctor took to whittling to keep his senile mind focused. (PROSE: The Dreaming) However, he would regain his youthful vigour whenever he felt there was any danger. (PROSE: An Apple a Day..., The Dreaming)

No longer able to regenerate, (TV: The Time of the Doctor) the Doctor held a fear of death greater than before, but kept this fear in the back of his mind. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) When he heard about his supposed death at Lake Silencio, he lost all composure. (TV: The Almost People) However, when bestowed a new regeneration cycle by the Time Lords, he was peaceful in death, remarking that change was "good". (TV: The Time of the Doctor) He also expressed joy when finding out he had a future in the Twelfth Doctor. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

Nearing the end of his life, the Doctor grew weary and accepting of his fate, not trying to avoid his death and resigning himself to his fate by refusing to abandon both the Time Lords and the people of Trenzalore. When the time came, the Doctor faced the Daleks fearlessly, wanting to protect Clara and the people of Christmas one last time. However, when the Time Lords unexpectedly granted him a new cycle of regenerations, the Doctor regained his old vigour and fighting spirit, using his regeneration to destroy the Dalek flying saucer and the attacking Daleks with it. Though restored to his youthful form, the Doctor continued to accept his forthcoming regeneration, (TV: The Time of the Doctor) though was unhappy to hear his next incarnation would be old and grey haired. He tried comforting Clara, first by phoning her future self to assure her his new incarnation would still be him, (TV: Deep Breath) and then telling her present self that people change throughout their lives and what was important was to remember who they were, promising to always remember when "the Doctor was [him]". Seeing hallucinations of Amy Pond, the Doctor removed his bow tie as a sign of his passing, closed his eyes and prepared for the change. When Clara still protested, his last act was to smile back at her and offer his hand, but he regenerated before she could reach. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

Habits and quirks[]

The Eleventh Doctor talked with his hands and calculated with gestures, a gesticulation that was outside of his control and often distracted him. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) Indeed, it was rare for the Doctor to go long without wringing his hands together, (TV: Cold Blood, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang, The Doctor Drops In, Time, Night Terrors, The Great Detective, The Doctor Appears, Hide, A Night with the Stars) keeping them clenched just below his lapels, (TV: The Eleventh Hour, Cold Blood, The Pandorica Opens, Time, Day of the Moon, The Girl Who Waited, The God Complex, Closing Time, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, Good as Gold, The Angels Take Manhattan, The Great Detective, The Doctor Appears, The Bells of Saint John, Cold War, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver, The Name of the Doctor) or randomly clapping them together. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Beast Below, The Lodger, The Big Bang, The Doctor Drops In, Space, Time, The Curse of the Black Spot, The Almost People, The God Complex, The Wedding of River Song, Death Is the Only Answer, The Angels Take Manhattan, The Great Detective, The Doctor Appears, The Bells of Saint John, The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver, The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor) Amy Pond also criticised his walking as being an oddity, even believing he was really "a tiny little slug in a human suit". (HOMEVID: Meanwhile in the TARDIS)

He also tended to twirl around in 360 degree spins on his heels, (TV: The End of Time, A Town Called Mercy, The Doctor Appears, Nightmare in Silver) sometimes to scope out an area in a hurry, (TV: The Eleventh Hour, Night Terrors, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, The Snowmen, Hide) when adding a dramatic flair, (TV: The Beast Below, The Almost People, Hide, The Time of the Doctor) as a whimsical act done out of excitement, (TV: The Vampires of Venice, Vincent and the Doctor, A Good Man Goes to War, The Girl Who Waited, Asylum of the Daleks, The Power of Three, The Bells of Saint John) to get a panoramic view of an unfamiliar room, (TV: The Vampires of Venice, The Doctor's Wife, Night Terrors, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship) to quickly address someone behind him while running away from danger, (TV: Death of the Doctor, The God Complex) or when showing off his appearance. (TV: The Time of the Doctor) He even used his habitual twirling as a dance move, dubbed the "drunk giraffe". (TV: The Big Bang, The Time of the Doctor)

The Eleventh Doctor displayed a liking for the word "Geronimo", exclaiming it when diving into a new or unexpected situation, (TV: The End of Time, The Beast Below, Hide, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Day of the Doctor) when about to do something risky and dangerous, (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Big Bang, A Christmas Carol, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Power of Three, The Day of the Doctor) or simply as a sign of approval. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

He also occasionally used the word "blimey", (TV: The End of Time, The Beast Below, Victory of the Daleks, Flesh and Stone, The Vampires of Venice, Amy's Choice, A Christmas Carol) as well as "gotcha", (TV: The Beast Below, The Big Bang, The Girl Who Waited, The Snowmen) and "Yowzah". (TV: The Almost People, The Angels Take Manhattan, The Name of the Doctor)

Due to his fondness for wearing bow ties, the Doctor often insisted that "bow ties [were] cool", (TV: The Eleventh Hour, Amy's Choice, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, A Christmas Carol, The Almost People, A Good Man Goes to War, The Snowmen) He usually referred to other things as "cool", (TV: Cold Blood, The Curse of the Black Spot, Night Terrors, The Wedding of River Song, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, Good as Gold, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) though said things were generally though unpopular, such as fezzes, (TV: The Big Bang) astronaut equipment, (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) bunk beds, (TV: The Doctor's Wife) and eyeglasses, (TV: The Girl Who Waited) though he regarded monks as "not cool". (TV: The Bells of Saint John) Towards the end of his life, however, he renounced "coolness", telling a group of children that, "Cool is not cool." (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

A sociable incarnation, the Eleventh Doctor frequently asked people to "trust [him]", (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Time of Angels, A Christmas Carol, The Rebel Flesh, Night Terrors, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) and would repeatedly say, "no", if something was going wrong. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, Victory of the Daleks, The Vampires of Venice, The Hungry Earth, Vincent and the Doctor, The Doctor's Wife, Night Terrors, The God Complex, Closing Time, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, Cold War)

When his instructions and advice were ignored, he would shout that people should "listen to [him]", (TV: The Eleventh Hour, Victory of the Daleks, The Pandorica Opens, Night Terrors, Cold War, The Day of the Doctor) though he would also say it to illustrate the severity of the need to follow his orders. (TV: Amy's Choice, The Big Bang, The Wedding of River Song, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Time of the Doctor)

He frequently used the phase, "rubbish", to describe something he disliked, (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Big Bang, A Christmas Carol, The Impossible Astronaut, Night Terrors, Closing Time, The Snowmen) and would say, "that's new", when faced with something unexpected. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, A Good Man Goes to War, The Power of Three)

The Eleventh Doctor also used minor curses freely, often using "Hell" as an intensive and noteworthy example, (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Big Bang, A Christmas Carol, The Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon, The Doctor's Wife, The Rebel Flesh, A Good Man Goes to War, The God Complex, The Wedding of River Song, Asylum of the Daleks, The Angels Take Manhattan, The Bells of Saint John, Cold War, The Crimson Horror, The Name of the Doctor, The Time of the Doctor) or uttering the name of God in vain, (TV: Amy's Choice, The Lodger, The Big Bang, The Doctor's Wife, Asylum of the Daleks, The Power of Three, The Bells of Saint John, The Name of the Doctor) and sometimes said, "damn". (TV: Vincent and the Doctor, The Pandorica Opens, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)

The Doctor would try to offer a metaphoric statement or a simile, but often disapproved of his own contrived explanations and rejected them just as quickly, asking those in earshot to forget them as well. (TV: The Time of Angels, A Christmas Carol, Space, The Curse of the Black Spot, The Doctor's Wife, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Day of the Doctor)

When thinking intensely, he had a tendency to repeat himself in quick succession, (TV: The End of Time, The Eleventh Hour, The Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone, The Big Bang, Death of the Doctor, The Rebel Flesh, Good as Gold, The Power of Three) and often made speeches. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang, Day of the Moon, Night Terrors, The Power of Three, The Rings of Akhaten, The Time of the Doctor)

He also had a habit of referring to his companions by surname, though as a sign of affection rather than to annoy them, usually addressing them as such when he told them to "come along". (TV: Victory of the Daleks, The Time of Angels, The Big Bang, Death of the Doctor, A Christmas Carol)

The Eleventh Doctor would often hunch over, (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Beast Below, Amy's Choice, Vincent and the Doctor, Time, Closing Time, Asylum of the Daleks, The Power of Three, The Snowmen, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, Nightmare in Silver, The Day of the Doctor) and frequently pointed his index finger when explaining something, (TV: The Beast Below, The Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone, The Vampires of Venice, Amy's Choice, The Hungry Earth, Cold Blood, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang, Death of the Doctor, A Christmas Carol, The Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon, Night Terrors, The Girl Who Waited, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, The Power of Three, The Rings of Akhaten, The Time of the Doctor) and click his fingers while pointing at someone he was talking with. ((TV: Flesh and Stone, Amy's Choice, Cold Blood, The Curse of the Black Spot, The Almost People, Closing Time, The Power of Three, The Snowmen, Cold War, Hide, Nightmare in Silver, The Day of the Doctor)

He would sit in chairs with his legs crossed over and his hands interlocked by the fingers, (TV: Amy's Choice, The Hungry Earth, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, The Impossible Astronaut, A Good Man Goes to War, The Wedding of River Song, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Power of Three, The Angels Take Manhattan, The Snowmen, The Bells of Saint John) but would also interlock his fingers when in deep thought. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Beast Below, Victory of the Daleks, The Time of Angels, The Vampires of Venice, Cold Blood, The Big Bang, The Doctor's Wife, The Rebel Flesh, The Almost People, Night Terrors, The Girl Who Waited, A Town Called Mercy, The Rings of Akhaten, Cold War, Hide, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, The Day of the Doctor, The Time of the Doctor)

He sometimes held his hands behind his back, (TV: The Beast Below, Victory of the Daleks, The Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone, Vincent and the Doctor, A Christmas Carol, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, Cold War, Hide, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, The History of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor) folded his arms together, (TV: The Beast Below, The Time of Angels, The Vampires of Venice, Vincent and the Doctor, A Christmas Carol, Day of the Moon, The Doctor's Wife, The Rebel Flesh, Let's Kill Hitler, Night Terrors, The God Complex, The Wedding of River Song, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, A Town Called Mercy, The Power of Three, The Bells of Saint John, Cold War, Hide, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver, The Day of the Doctor) kept his hands in his pockets, (TV: Victory of the Daleks, The Lodger, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang, Day of the Moon, The Almost People, A Good Man Goes to War, The God Complex, The Great Detective, The Snowmen, The Crimson Horror) or held his hands under his jacket and on his hips. (TV: The Doctor's Wife, The Rebel Flesh, The Almost People, Let's Kill Hitler, Night Terrors, Closing Time, The Wedding of River Song, Death Is the Only Answer, Asylum of the Daleks, A Town Called Mercy, The Power of Three, The Angels Take Manhattan, The Snowmen, The Doctor Appears, Cold War, Hide, Nightmare in Silver, The Day of the Doctor)

He would often drag his friends in for a shoulder hug. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Vampires of Venice, The Doctor's Wife, Night Terrors, The God Complex, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Power of Three, The Crimson Horror, A Night with the Stars)

When confused or upset, he tended to shift his jaw in bemusement. (TV: The Beast Below, Victory of the Daleks, Vincent and the Doctor, The Pandorica Opens, The Curse of the Black Spot, A Good Man Goes to War, Asylum of the Daleks, A Town Called Mercy, The Snowmen, The Rings of Akhaten, Cold War, Nightmare in Silver)

When thinking, he would scratch at his chin, (TV: Victory of the Daleks, Flesh and Stone, Vincent and the Doctor, Space, Time, Let's Kill Hitler, Night Terrors, The Girl Who Waited, Closing Time, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Bells of Saint John, Cold War, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, Nightmare in Silver, The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor) or pull at his eyes. (TV: The Beast Below, Flesh and Stone, The Vampires of Venice, The Big Bang, A Christmas Carol, The Impossible Astronaut, A Good Man Goes to War, The God Complex)

He also had the occasional habit of bopping someone on the head when they did something stupid, (TV: Amy's Choice, Night Terrors, The God Complex) or holding someone's head when attempting to console them. (TV: Cold Blood, Asylum of the Daleks, The Bells of Saint John)

The Doctor, in a show of vanity, would often admire himself in a mirror. (TV: The Vampires of Venice, The Lodger, Night Terrors, The Bells of Saint John) However, he became annoyed when the TARDIS, in Idris's body, looked at herself in a mirror while Amy and Rory were in danger. (TV: The Doctor's Wife)

More flirty than his previous incarnations, the Eleventh Doctor was fond of kissing his friends' foreheads, (TV:Victory of the Daleks, Flesh and Stone, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Power of Three, The Angels Take Manhattan, The Snowmen, The Bells of Saint John, The Crimson Horror) dancing with strangers, (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) and kissing people square on the mouth, regardless of their gender, sexuality or marital status. (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Crimson Horror) He also used cheek-kissing as a form of greeting and farewell, albeit without any physical contact. (TV: The Lodger, Night Terrors, Closing Time, Hide, The Time of the Doctor)

When he felt the need to affirm someone's faith in him, he liked to "cross [his] hearts". (TV: Closing Time, The Rings of Akhaten)

The Doctor cries after being reunited with the Ponds. (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

More prone to silently crying than his previous incarnations, the Doctor would sometimes cry without even noticing, (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, The Rings of Akhaten) or have an emotional breakdown in moments of horror and sadness. (TV: The Doctor's Wife, The Angels Take Manhattan, The Name of the Doctor)

Much like his previous incarnation, the Eleventh Doctor also had an apparent affinity for Earth pop culture, striking up friendships with the likes of Frank Sinatra, (TV: A Christmas Carol) appearing with Laurel and Hardy in a movie, (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) and even recording backing vocals for a rap singer. He also had a dalliance with Mata Hari, (WC: Pond Life) and married Marilyn Monroe, though he was of the opinion the wedding wasn't official. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

He could be literal minded, (TV: The Vampires of Venice, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, The Day of the Doctor) and overlook obvious details. (TV: Amy's Choice, The Pandorica Opens, Closing Time, The Wedding of River Song, Cold War)

The Doctor spent most of his private time working on the TARDIS interior and mechanics. (TV: The Vampires of Venice, Space, The Doctor's Wife) He occasionally used a stethoscope to help diagnose faults with the TARDIS console. (TV: Amy's Choice, The Lodger)

The Eleventh Doctor grew reliant on his sonic screwdriver for a variety of uses, even using it to directly combat enemies. (TV: Cold Blood, Day of the Moon, Let's Kill Hitler, Good as Gold, The Rings of Akhaten, The Day of the Doctor) While he deemed it valuable enough for him to be reluctant to part with it, (TV: The Rings of Akhaten) and was highly defensive of it, (TV: The Hungry Earth, Day of the Moon) he occasionally used other sonic devices, such as a sonic cane. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) However, he was also adept at using other technology. He used specific glasses to analyse a creature's blood pressure, (TV: Cold Blood) and link the wearer's vision with the TARDIS interface. (TV: The Girl Who Waited)

He sometimes gave salutes as a farewell or greeting, patted people on the head, slapped his own forehead when realising something, and was known to tell people to, "shut up", in a friendly manner.[source needed]


The Eleventh Doctor was a master strategist, able to win the Battle of Demons Run in only three minutes and forty-two seconds, (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) and orchestrate the defeat of the Creevix with the aid of his previous incarnations. (AUDIO: The Time Machine) He was also skilled at chess, able to recognise strategies and beat experience opponents with a wide variety of information. (TV: The Wedding of River Song, Nightmare in Silver) During the Siege of Trenzalore, the Doctor, despite the effect of the Truth Field, was able to defeat many opponents with clever ruses and well-chosen words by telling half-truths, and not elaborating on the subject he was deceitful with, grinning to show an unconcerned attitude. (TV: The Time of the Doctor; PROSE: Let it Snow, Strangers in the Outland) Even when the truth field was not present, the Doctor proved an effective liar. (TV: Victory of the Daleks, The Big Bang, The Doctor's Wife, The Girl Who Waited, The Bells of Saint John, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, Nightmare in Silver, The Time of the Doctor)

The Doctor fights boredom with a football. (TV: The Power of Three)

The Eleventh Doctor was willing to resort to violence when he deemed it necessary, and proved to be a decent hand-to-hand combatant on these occasions, (TV: Asylum of the Daleks) being able to knock someone to the ground with ease, (TV: Victory of the Daleks, A Town Called Mercy) and render his spam duplicate unconscious with a single punch to the head. (COMIC: Spam Filtered) He would often grab common household tools and effectively use them as weapons. (TV: Amy's Choice, Vincent and the Doctor, Night Terror, Asylum of the Daleks)

The Doctor was exceptionally resilient and durable, taking blows that should have been fatal with little injury, (TV: Vincent and the Doctor, The Big Bang, Let's Kill Hitler, The Power of Three) and a good climber. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

He was also stealthy, able to hide from a young Amy Pond while luring her to stay in a museum, (TV: The Big Bang) evade White House security once they were distracted and make his way to President Richard Nixon's desk without them noticing, (TV: The Impossible Astronaut) and disappear from an alley when the Paternoster Gang's view of him was obstructed, (TV: The Great Detective) and when Walter Simeon turned his back on him in his study. (TV: The Snowmen) He even manoeuvred around the Twelfth Cyber-legion's ships without them detecting him, and sneaked on to a stage as a Headless Monk, only being spotted when he freely revealed himself. Even then, he soon sneaked away to a safe space once the room was darkened. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) However, he was only able to pickpocket Mandy Tanner's notebook after three failed attempts, (TV: The Beast Below) and failed to realise when Winston Churchill stole his TARDIS key during a farewell hug. (TV: Victory of the Daleks)

The Doctor was an excellent shot with a pistol, capable of hitting a small target from a long distance. (TV: The Time of Angels) He was also extremely talented at football, (TV: The Lodger, The Power of Three) and juggling. (PROSE: Death Riders)

The Eleventh Doctor could also use telepathy, but only at a low level, being able to pick up thoughts and project his own into others. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) When speed was essential, he chose to head-butt Craig Owens to transfer memories into his mind. (TV: The Lodger) He also showed the ability to quiet a crowd simply by saying the word "hush" and placing his finger on his lip, (TV: Closing Time) and could also apply a mental block to anyone trying to read his mind, even if they had taken over parts of his brain. (TV: Nightmare in Silver) He could use hypnotism to induce amnesia. (PROSE: Touched by an Angel)

The Eleventh Doctor still possessed his predecessor's mechanical skills, being able to assemble a new contraption out of spare parts, (TV: Amy's Choice, The Lodger, Death of the Doctor, The Doctor's Wife, The God Complex, The Bells of Saint John) and once put effective craftsmanship into remodelling a house. (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)

He showed extensive knowledge of computers and coding, and proved to be both a skilled hacker, (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Bells of Saint John) and effective at manually rewiring devices. (TV: Flesh and Stone, The Hungry Earth, Day of the Moon, Closing Time, Asylum of the Daleks) He also knew how to work a vortex manipulator. (TV: The Big Bang)

When someone had been poisoned, the Doctor was capable of mixing up an antibiotic remedy out of nearby materials. (TV: 'The Lodger)

He could also analyse objects and locations by taste or smell. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, The Time of Angels, The Hungry Earth, Day of the Moon, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Snowmen, The Bells of Saint John)

While the Doctor claimed he was incapable of playing a musical instrument other than the spoons, (PROSE: Death Riders) he could play Three Blind Mice, Yankee Doodle Dandy and When the Saints Go Marching In with his old recorder. (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow)

The Doctor could drive a fire truck, (TV: The Eleventh Hour) a camper van, (TV: Amy's Choice) and a sports car, (PROSE: Heart of Stone) and also ride a horse, (TV: The Pandorica Opens) and a motorcycle. (TVThe Bells of Saint John) He also had the ability to open the TARDIS with a snap of his fingers. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, Day of the Moon)

The Doctor knew how to cook omelette fines herbes. (TV: The Lodger)

The Doctor claimed that he "[spoke] everything", (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) including cat, (TV: The Lodger) Southern Judoon, (PROSE: The Coming of the Terraphiles) baby, (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) horse, (TV: A Town Called Mercy) and Lengo, (PROSE: The Gift) as well as the translate the words of the Krafayis, (TV: Vincent and the Doctor) the Minotaurs, (TV: The God Complex) and Dor'een. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)

The Doctor had incredible eyesight and an eidetic memory. He could scan an entire scene and pick out tiny details that most people would miss, (TV: The Eleventh Hour, A Christmas Carol, Night Terrors) assessing a situation from just a few clues, (TV: The Beast Below, The Doctor's Wife, The Rebel Flesh, Asylum of the Daleks, A Town Called Mercy, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) and quickly realising when two people had an unspoken attraction to each other. (TV: The Lodger, Hide) He was also an extremely good detective, able to anticipate how Melody Pond would attempt to assassinate him, (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) and deduced the Great Intelligence's plans by surveying Walter Simeon's study. (TV: The Snowmen)

Because he was a Time Lord, the Doctor could also remember people who were erased from existence, (TV: Flesh and Stone, Cold Blood) and alternate timelines. (TV: The Big Bang, The Wedding of River Song, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Name of the Doctor)

He was also a skilled artist, at one point creating a detailed portrait of Clara Oswin Oswald from memory. (TV: The Bells of Saint John)


The Doctor introduces himself. (TV: The Lodger)

The Eleventh Doctor was one of the more youthful looking incarnations, (TV: The End of Time) something he took great pride in, (TV: Deep Breath) with Amy Pond describing him as a man in his "mid-twenties". (TV: The Eleventh Hour) He had softer features than his previous incarnation, with blue-green eyes, (AUDIO: The Light Keepers) a big nose, a noticeable scar atop his forehead and a large chin, (TV: The End of Time) which was the subject of much ridicule, (TV: The Doctor's Wife, Asylum of the Daleks, The Day of the Doctor) with Artie Maitland identifying the Doctor as an alien purely because of his chin, (TV: The Crimson Horror) although Rose Tyler thought that he had a "fantastic jaw". (PROSE: Rose) Like his ninth incarnation, he had large ears, which became more prominent when his head was shaved. They were described as "rocket fins", and the Doctor was proud of them. (TV: The Time of the Doctor) He had hair under his armpits, a few hairs on his chest (TV: The Eleventh Hour) and small brown hairs on his legs. (TV: The Lodger) He claimed his feet were size 10, but quite wide, when asking for a replacement pair of shoes. (TV: The Rebel Flesh) Due to consuming a large amount of fish custard, he was of a heavy build. (AUDIO: Regeneration Impossible)

Upon first inspection, the Eleventh Doctor initially thought he was "too handsome for comfort", but appreciated the sharp corners of his cheekbones, though he was less enthusiastic upon noticing the chin, exclaiming that he had "a face like a boot". Nevertheless, he was pleased with his appearance, feeling he was a "bit handsome, [a] bit silly, [and a] bit like a banana". (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

Because of his youth, Sophie and Mels considered him attractive, (TV: The Lodger, Let's Kill Hitler) and Amy Pond once tried to seduce him. (TV: Flesh and Stone) Clara Oswald found him "not unattractive", (AUDIO: Paradise Lost) and admitted to having a crush on him when under the effect of a Truth Field. Tasha Lem described his body as "nice" and "tight". (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

George Litefoot described him as "a rangy man with a face that seemed simultaneously ancient and youthful", (AUDIO: The Jago & Litefoot Revival) with Amy Pond teasingly saying he "look[ed] about nine[-years-old]". (TV: The Vampires of Venice) Jo Grant and River Song both poked fun at his youthful appearance, the former showing surprise that the Doctor could turn his face "into a baby's", and the latter referring to it as "the face of a twelve-year-old". (TV: Death of the Doctor, The Angels Take Manhattan)

When he received a psychic image of him, the Second Doctor saw his eleventh incarnation as "a young man, [with] his fringe hanging over one eye, his face [being] long and angular, [and] his eyes glittering with intelligence and mischief". (AUDIO: Shadow of Death)

When Affinity took on the Eleventh Doctor's appearance, the Twelfth Doctor noted that his eleventh incarnation was "a young man in a tweed jacket and mismatched bow tie, with a flop of hair that looked as if it was about to detach itself from his head and go solo". (PROSE: Silhouette)

During the Siege of Trenzalore, the Doctor's age caught up with him; his hair greyed, wrinkles formed on his face and he used a walking stick. By the siege's end, the Doctor had become an old man, his hair having turned white, grown longer with slight balding and his face having deeper wrinkles, and needed to use his walking stick just to get about. After receiving his second regeneration cycle and undergoing an explosive regeneration "reset", the Doctor's youth was returned to him before his regeneration started properly. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

Hair and grooming[]

The Doctor, while imprisoned in Area 51. (TV: Day of the Moon)

The Eleventh Doctor had dark brown hair, which was initially long and combed back, (TV: The End of Time) but was later cut short and stylised as a comb over parted in the right. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

In a moment of boredom, the Doctor shaved his head clean, but his hair grew back during his time on Trenzalore, eventually turning grey. Before being granted a second regeneration cycle, the Doctor's hair had turned white, and began balding in the centre of his head, with him stylising his remaining hair in a backcomb similar to the style he had used in his first incarnation. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

When imprisoned, he would grow a scruffy beard, which he always shaved off at the first opportunity. One of these instances where he had a "beard" was faked, as the Doctor was inhabiting the Teselecta at the time and had the crew imitate hair growth to avoid revealing the deception. (TV: Day of the Moon, The Wedding of River Song)


Main attires[]

The Doctor's first attire. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

The Eleventh Doctor's first outfit, which he stole from the Royal Leadworth Hospital, consisted of a sportjacket forged from light fawn Donegal tweed with elbow patches, a burgundy striped dress shirt and bow tie with matching braces, rolled up navy-blue trousers and dark, laced up boots. (TV: The Eleventh Hour) He also wore a gold wristwatch with an expansion band on his left wrist, wearing the face on the back of his wrist rather than the front. (TV: The Beast Below)

He also wore a Harris tweed sportjacket, (TV: Victory of the Daleks) but lost it while escaping the Weeping Angels aboard the Byzantium. (TV: Flesh and Stone) After that, he resumed wearing his Donegal tweed jacket, (TV: The Vampires of Venice) occasionally wearing a replacement Harris tweed sportjacket. (GAME: City of the Daleks) Following Amy and Rory's honeymoon, the Doctor began wearing a Shetland tweed sportjacket and dark brogue boots. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

He would accompany his tweed jackets with braces and bow ties, with colours ranging from burgundy, navy, and blue. (TV: The Eleventh Hour, Victory of the Daleks, The Impossible Astronaut) His shirt pattern also varied from striped, window pane and plain, (TV: The Eleventh Hour, A Christmas Carol, A Good Man Goes to War) and also a plain white shirt with black buttons. (TV: Death of the Doctor) On at least one occasion, he wore a white undershirt beneath his attire, (TV: The Vampires of Venice) and replaced his trousers with black jeans. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)

During his search for Melody Pond, the Doctor began wearing a double-breasted overcoat of olive green moleskin, (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) and continued to wear it in place of his tweed jacket on occasion afterwards. (TV: The Girl Who Waited, Closing Time, The Wedding of River Song) While deceiving Kahler-Tek in Mercy, Nevada, the Doctor wore a black moleskin overcoat. (TV: A Town Called Mercy)

During his retirement to the Victorian era, the Doctor wore a black top hat, a burgundy frock coat with black collars forged from sheep fur, a plum purple velvet waistcoat and a pocket watch with a fob chain. He initially discarded his bow tie for a black cravat, but inadvertently resumed wearing a purple bow tie decorated with two flowers after he regained his sense of adventure. (TV: The Great Detective, The Snowmen)

After meeting Clara Oswald while wearing a monk's robe, the Doctor adopted a new attire, featuring an eggplant purple cashmere frock coat that reached mid-thigh with a corduroy collar, wearing it with a violet bow tie and braces, dark jeans and a new pair of brown leather boots. (TV: The Bells of Saint John) He later added a grey moleskin waistcoat, complete with a double fob chain with a watch medallion, (TV: The Rings of Akhaten) but later replaced it with a 6-buttoned black velvet waistcoat with lapels, (TV: Nightmare in Silver) before switching it with a light check pattern black waistcoat with smaller lapels. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) While in Victorian Yorkshire, the Doctor wore a brown chequered version of his brugundy attire, as well as a maroon bowler cap. (TV: The Crimson Horror)

He varied the patterns of his bow ties, such ones patterned with wheat, (TV: The Bells of Saint John) chevron squares, (TV: The Rings of Akhaten) polka-dotts, (TV: Cold War) flowers, (TV: Nightmare in Silver) and thistles. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) He also wore cuffs on his sleeves. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)

Whilst on Trenzalore, the Doctor resumed wearing the frock coat from his time in Victorian London, though with a waistcoat coloured in dark purple. During the Siege of Trenzalore, as the Doctor aged drastically, his clothes grew steadily worn out as well. (TV: The Time of the Doctor) To cope with the cold temperatures, the Doctor would also wear a woollen cap, scarf, gloves and a fur coat. (PROSE: Strangers in the Outland)

Before completing his regeneration into his next incarnation, the Doctor's final outfit consisted of his eggplant purple cashmere frock coat, a sky blue shirt, black jeans, the black waistcoat with the light check pattern, one of his black pairs of boots, grey braces and a burgundy polka-dot bow tie, which he removed shortly before regenerating into his next incarnation. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

After losing the Ponds, the Doctor started wearing Amy's glasses. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan, The Snowmen, The Rings of Akhaten, The Day of the Doctor)

Other costumes[]

The Doctor had a fondness for formal attire. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

While attending Amy and Rory's wedding, the Doctor wore a formal tailcoat with a white bow tie, white scarf, and a black top hat. (TV: The Big Bang) He wore it again, while carrying a sonic cane, when confronting the Teselecta while dying of poisoning, (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) and during trips with River. (HOMEVID: First Night, Last Night)

While visiting Abigail Pettigrew with Kazran Sardick, the Doctor wore many different outfits, including a long multicoloured scarf similar to ones worn by his fourth incarnation, a white tuxedo and black bow tie while visiting California in 1952, and a fez on a trip to Egypt. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

While travelling through Malthill Way in 1745, the Doctor wore a burgundy full-skirted knee-length coat with golden edges, raisin purple knee breeches with white silk stockings, a violet waistcoat with golden edges, and a white frilled shirt. (COMIC: Malthill Way)


The Doctor sports the stetson Craig gave him. (TV: Closing Time)

While in the National Museum, the Doctor found a fez and, stating that "fezzes are cool", began wearing it, until it was destroyed by River Song. (TV: The Big Bang) He obtained a new fez from Albert Einstein, (TV: Death Is the Only Answer) and wore it during a trip with Kazran Sardick and Abigail Pettigrew. (TV: A Christmas Carol) Upon spotting a fez in the National Gallery, he immediately donned it, and used it to try the safety of a time fissure, only for it to be brought back by the War Doctor. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

The Doctor was given a beige Stetson by Craig Owens, (TV: Closing Time) which he wore inside the Teselecta, and replicated it for his trip in America, where the replica was shot by River, but the original Stetson remained intact. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut, The Wedding of River Song) He later wore a different one while Marshal of Mercy, but gave it to Kahler-Tek upon making him the new Marshal. (TV: A Town Called Mercy)

Other information[]


The Eleventh was likely the incarnation of the Doctor who had met his own incarnation or copies of himself the most times. Very often through copying himself, the Doctor encountered (and occasionally battled) himself at the very least seven times. Amongst those instances were:

The Doctor encounters his Prisoner Zero duplicate. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

Almost immediately after his regeneration, Prisoner Zero imitated the Eleventh Doctor's form through Amy Pond's mind. He did not recognise himself, having not yet had the time to study his new appearance. When the Doctor made Amy remember the alien's true form, Prisoner Zero immediately reverted to it. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

The Doctor later encountered a version of himself from a few minutes in his future who claimed to be dying. In reality, the older Doctor was buying himself time to enter the Pandorica by letting the Dalek chase his younger self and his friends. (TV: The Big Bang)

The Doctor again met himself when a Doctor from a few seconds later told him to use the wibbly lever to fix the space and time loops occurring within the TARDIS. (TV: Time)

A Ganger replica of the Doctor was made when he and his companions arrived at St John's Monastery. These two Doctors worked together to end the fighting between the humans and the Gangers, even switching roles to prove a point on how the two sides were similar. The Ganger was destroyed sacrificing himself to protect the humans and the Doctor from Jennifer Lucas' Ganger. (TV: The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People)

While River Song was on her first date with the Doctor, another River and Doctor entered the TARDIS. The two Doctors exchanged a dialogue about River's fate and their last date with her at Darillium. (HOMEVID: Last Night)

Knowing he was to die, the Doctor hid in a Teselecta copy of himself to keep himself safe. He interacted with his companions through the Teselecta, and then was supposedly murdered by River Song safe inside the robot duplicate. His "body" was also supposedly burned, but both the real Doctor and the ship remained unscorched and unharmed. He used this to pretend as if he were dead, and decided to keep a low profile from then on. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

The Doctor once again used a copy of himself to battle against the Great Intelligence and its human slave Rosemary Kizlet, this time in the form of a Spoonhead. While still at a café controlling the Spoonhead remotely, the Doctor made his other self enter the Shard and release Clara Oswald from the Intelligence's databanks. He achieved this by uploading Kizlet herself so she'd want desperately to leave, and then using Kizlet's tablet to get Mahler to obey Kizlet's orders to release everyone. (TV: The Bells of Saint John)

Reference in literature[]

In 1954, his former companion Amy, now a published author under her married name Amelia Williams, published Summer Falls, a novel for children in which the lead character meets a man called the Curator. The Curator is based upon the Doctor, right down to his physical description and his use of the word "cool" to describe things. A later edition of the book included an introduction by Amy/Amelia directly addressed to the Doctor in which she describes meeting a woman with knowledge of the Doctor. This book at one point was read by Clara Oswald (who would call it one of her favourites), and later Angie Maitland. (PROSE: Summer Falls, PROSE: Summer Falls and Other Stories; TV: The Bells of Saint John)

Behind the scenes[]


  • Matt Smith has made several public statements — as on The Jonathan Ross Show and in the question-and-answer session following the New York City theatrical premiere of The Eleventh Hour — taking credit for the tweed jacket, braces and bow tie that his incarnation eventually wore. He has also relayed that there was some reluctance from Steven Moffat and other top executives to the bow tie in particular, but that it nevertheless "sat right" with his performance. Smith's influence — according to CON: Call Me the Doctor and a mid-April 2010 appearance on Fox Broadcasting Company's Strategy Room — was the character of Dr Indiana Jones, as he was most often clothed on the campus of Barnett College.
  • When queried about the exact nature of the bow tie, Karen Gillan told the audience of the 2 April 2010 edition of the CBBC programme, Laugh Out Loud, that Smith's bow tie wasn't a "proper" bow tie, but instead a pre-tied dicky bow. This can be confirmed by carefully watching him put on the tie in The Eleventh Hour, although the action is somewhat obscured by the Atraxi projection.
  • One clothing retailer reported that in the month following the airing of TV: The Eleventh Hour, in which the Doctor declared that "bow ties are cool," its bow tie sales increased by 94%. [1]


Paterson Joseph, Russell Tovey, and Sean Pertwee, the son of Jon Pertwee, auditioned for the role of the Eleventh Doctor before the casting of Smith.


The events of both Journey's End and The Day of the Doctor retroactively complicate the question of whether this is the "eleventh" Doctor or not. Certainly, there are narratives like COMIC: The Age of Ice in which Captain Kath Braxton explicitly call his predecessor his "tenth incarnation". And other stories, like The Lodger and The Name of the Doctor make it explicit that he is the "Eleventh" Doctor. In The Time of the Doctor, the Doctor agrees with Clara that he is "number Eleven" ("Eleven" is also referred to in several poems, and indeed, the episode depicts the prophesied Fall of the Eleventh), and that his predecessor was "number Ten," while the so-called War Doctor (who he refers to as "Captain Grumpy"), as he chose not to use the name Doctor, is not included in the count. He says that, in terms of regenerations, the Tenth Doctor used two and the War Doctor also counted as one, meaning he has spent all twelve. He considers himself the eleventh incarnation to call himself the Doctor.

Doctor Who: Legacy[]

The Eleventh Doctor is the first incarnation of the Doctor to appear in the story of the Doctor Who: Legacy mobile game. He is travelling with Vastra when he discovers that the Sontarans are using time travel to wage war across space and time. Defeating their invasion of Cardiff in 16 October 1978, he finds a human companion and proceeds to travel through his timeline, fighting various foes while recruiting numerous allies including his other selves.

Other matters[]

  • Benedict Cumberbatch (star of Sherlock, a show produced by Steven Moffat) was rumoured to have been offered the role of the eleventh incarnation and to have turned down the role.[2] However, he denied this.[3] Coincidentally Matt Smith auditioned for Sherlock for the role of John Watson but was rejected for being "more of a Sherlock Holmes."[4] That audition ended up causing Smith to be a prime candidate for the eleventh incarnation.
  • While the Eleventh Doctor is the second Doctor to speak in an estuary accent, Matt Smith is the first actor to play the Doctor who actually has a natural estuary accent - David Tennant's natural accent is Scottish and he faked an estuary accent to play the Doctor.
  • The Eleventh Doctor is the first incarnation of the Doctor since the First Doctor to travel with some family members in his TARDIS. Though he was long unaware of it, Amy and Rory were his parents-in-law and River his wife, though the wedding between him and River happened in a reality that did not exist. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)
  • The fact the Doctor had a wooden leg during the later scenes of TV: The Time of the Doctor (and subsequently grew a new one upon regenerating) was not indicated on screen. Only in the Tales of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor's Last Stand story collection was this revealed.
  • Ironically, while the Eleventh Doctor never encountered the Master onscreen, the episodes containing both his first and last appearances in broadcast order featured two different incarnations of the Master. (TV: The End of Time, Deep Breath)
  • OOglies spoofed Doctor Who with this incarnation with a character going by the name Doctor Rhubarb.
  • The Eleventh Doctor is one of the very few incarnations to have regenerated due to old age, as his other incarnations had either been poisoned, mortally wounded or (in the Second Doctor's case) forced to regenerate when they were still in good health and age, while his new regeneration cycle returned him to his youth he was still regenerating because he was about to die as an old man. The only two other incarnations to regenerate because of their age were, as of 2021, the First Doctor and the War Doctor.
  • According to volume 71 of The Complete History, though not made clear in the episode, the scene in Henry VIII's bedroom in TV: The Power of Three was intended to show the TARDIS trio returning to get Rory's mobile phone charger after Rory had left it behind before TV: A Town Called Mercy.
  • From his very first introduction up until his last regular story, the Eleventh Doctor is thus far the only incarnation of the Doctor during their tenure to have had no regenerations left in their regeneration cycle, following the Tenth Doctor's aborted regeneration in Journey's End, and became the only incarnation so far to almost permenantly die because of it, although he was given a brand new regeneration cycle near the end of his last regular episode shortly before this was to happen.

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