Elena Hilda Al-Qatari was a scientist who worked at the Juniper Project and helped create the Scions.

Elena was born in Iran in 1945. She studied at the University of Cambridge after moving to England. In 1981, she was brought into the Juniper Project and created Sebastian. She acted as a teacher and a mother to Sebastian, helping him learn about the world. She frequently argued with Jack Harkness, who had been sent to monitor the project and train Sebastian to be a soldier. In 1991, soldiers were sent in to continue Sebastian's training, but they became frustrated and beat him. To save him, Elena and Jack broke out of the faculty and travelled to Rawbone. Elena and Sebastian set up a new faculty to host the Juniper Tree and create Scions as children for Rawbone. Elena later died from an unknown disease. (PROSE: First Born)

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