Eldane was the leader of the Silurians in a colony beneath Cwmtaff, Wales.

Biography Edit

Eldane was awakened by Malohkeh when Restac was attempting to execute the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Mo Northover, and Nasreen Chaudhry. He put a stop to the execution and had discussions with Amy and Nasreen about the future of their species. When Restac struck back, he escaped with the humans and the Doctor and went back to the Silurian lab where he attempted to decontaminate Tony Mack, but didn't have time. He then set the chambers to be filled with poison gas which would make the Silurians go back into stasis to avoid it, to allow time for the Doctor and the humans to escape. He, along with Tony, Nasreen and all of the Silurians went into a thousand year sleep.

When the Silurians awoke from their sleep, Eldane mused on the events of a thousand years prior and all that the Doctor had lost while trying to create peace between the two species. (TV: Cold Blood)

Personality Edit

Eldane was wise, noble, benevolent and patient.

Eldane cared about the welfare of his species but also cared about the lives of humans. He was a good negotiator helping to make peace between humans and Silurians. Eldane also realised that the Earth wasn't yet ready for the Silurians to return to the surface and therefore agreed to give the human race a thousand years to prepare for their arrival. Although he cared about his species, Eldane released a deadly gas in order to give the Doctor and his friends time to escape. He justified this act by pointing out that only a foolish Silurian would stay out of their stasis chamber when the gas was released. (TV: Cold Blood)

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