Eileen Way (2 September 1911-16 June 1994[1]) played Old Mother in the Doctor Who television An Unearthly Child; this was the first character to die in the programme. She also played Karela in The Creature from the Pit and appeared in the film Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. as the old woman who, with her daughter, offers Susan shelter, only to turn her over to the Daleks.

Ms. Way's other credits include one of the earliest programmes produced for television broadcast, The Gay Lord Quex, produced in 1938. Other roles include appearances in Disney's Kidnapped, Z-Cars, Dixon of Dock Green, By the Sword Divided, War and Remembrance, Bergerac and Inspector Morse.

She was also considered for the role of Maren in the The Brain of Morbius. (TCH 24)

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