The Eighth Retro War was a conflict which occurred in Year 20 of the War in Heaven. The stability of the Eighth Earth Front was of importance to the Eighth Retro War. (PROSE: The Brakespeare Voyage)

Time Assaults and Retro-Wars were typically named after the House Military Wave that fought in them; however, the Eighth Wave was only formed in Year 44 of the War. (PROSE: The Book of the War) One accidentally caused the Eighth Retro War to be fought a millennium earlier than it was supposed to when he let some pockets of resistance survive while cleaning up loose ends caused by the Celesti operation in the Seventh Retro War. (PROSE: The Taking of Planet 5) Robert Scarratt commented that the Eighth Retro-War was somehow different from previous conflicts he had been involved with, thinking that it would probably become "one of the ones that isn't talked about". (PROSE: The Brakespeare Voyage)

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