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The Eighth Doctor has featured in many novels since his debut in first appearance in Doctor Who in 1996.

Virgin New Adventures Edit

Virgin Books, which began publishing its New Adventures novel series in 1991, kept the license for publishing Doctor Who novels for a year after the Eighth Doctor's debut. Though only The Dying Days featured the Eighth Doctor in any substantial role, he did have brief cameos in some earlier novels, all published after the TV film.

Title Author Featuring Published
Christmas on a Rational Planet Lawrence Miles Seventh Doctor, Roz, Chris 18 July 1996
Damaged Goods Russell T Davies Seventh Doctor, Roz, Chris 24 October 1996
The Dying Days Lance Parkin Bernice Summerfield 18 April 1996

BBC Books Edit

BBC Books released a novelisation of the Eighth Doctor's debut story, Doctor Who, just two days after the story's first airing. A year later, they began the Eighth Doctor Adventures line of novels, which continued until after the debut of the BBC Wales Doctor Who series in 2005.

Title Author Featuring Published
The Novel of the Film Gary Russell Grace Holloway 16 May 1996
The Eight DoctorsTerrance Dicks Sam Jones, First Doctor, Second Doctor,
Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor,
Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Rassilon
2 June 1997
Vampire ScienceKate Orman and Jon Blum Sam Jones 7 July 1997
The BodysnatchersMark Morris Sam Jones 18 August 1997
GenocidePaul Leonard Sam Jones, Jo Grant, Sergeant Benton 1 September 1997
War of the DaleksJohn Peel Sam Jones 6 October 1997
Alien BodiesLawrence Miles Sam Jones 24 November 1997
KursaalPeter Anghelides Sam Jones 8 January 1998
Option LockJustin Richards Sam Jones 2 February 1998
Longest DayMichael Collier Sam Jones 2 March 1998
Legacy of the DaleksJohn Peel Susan Foreman 6 April 1998
Dreamstone MoonPaul Leonard Sam Jones 5 May 1998
Seeing IKate Orman and Jon Blum Sam Jones 8 June 1998
Placebo EffectGary Russell Sam Jones, Stacy Townsend, Ssard 6 July 1998
Vanderdeken's ChildrenChristopher Bulis Sam Jones 3 August 1998
The Scarlet EmpressPaul Magrs Sam Jones 7 September 1998
The Janus ConjunctionTrevor Baxendale Sam Jones 5 October 1998
BeltempestJim Mortimore Sam Jones 16 November 1998
The Face-EaterSimon Messingham Sam Jones 4 January 1999
The TaintMichael Collier Sam Jones, Fitz 1 February 1999
DemontageJustin Richards Sam Jones, Fitz 1 March 1999
Revolution ManPaul Leonard Sam Jones, Fitz 6 April 1999
DominionNick Walters Sam Jones, Fitz 10 May 1999
Unnatural HistoryKate Orman and Jon Blum Sam Jones, Fitz 7 June 1999
Autumn MistDavid A. McIntee Sam Jones, Fitz 5 July 1999
Book One: Shock Tactic
Lawrence Miles 2 August 1999
Book Two: The Hour of the Geek
The Blue AngelPaul Magrs and Jeremy Hoad Fitz, Compassion 6 September 1999
The Taking of Planet 5Simon Bucher-Jones
and Mark Clapham
Fitz, Compassion 4 October 1999
Frontier WorldsPeter Anghelides Fitz, Compassion 29 November 1999
Parallel 59Stephen Cole and
Natalie Dallaire
Fitz, Compassion 4 January 2000
The Shadows of AvalonPaul Cornell Fitz, Compassion, the Brigadier, Romana III 7 February 2000
The Fall of YquatineNick Walters Fitz, Compassion 6 March 2000
ColdheartTrevor Baxendale Fitz , Compassion 3 April 2000
The Space AgeSteve Lyons Fitz, Compassion 1 May 2000
The Banquo LegacyAndy Lane and Justin Richards Fitz, Compassion 5 June 2000
The Ancestor CellPeter Anghelides
and Stephen Cole
Fitz, Compassion, Romana III 3 July 2000
The BurningJustin Richards none 7 August 2000
Casualties of WarSteve Emmerson none 4 September 2000
The Turing TestPaul Leonard none 2 October 2000
EndgameTerrance Dicks none 6 November 2000
Father TimeLance Parkin Miranda Dawkins 8 January 2001
Escape VelocityColin Brake Fitz, Anji Kapoor 5 February 2001
EarthWorldJacqueline Rayner Fitz, Anji Kapoor 5 March 2001
Vanishing PointStephen Cole Fitz, Anji Kapoor 2 April 2001
Eater of WaspsTrevor Baxendale Fitz, Anji Kapoor 7 May 2001
The Year of Intelligent TigersKate Orman Fitz, Anji Kapoor 4 June 2001
The Slow EmpireDave Stone Fitz, Anji Kapoor 2 July 2001
Dark ProgenySteve Emmerson Fitz, Anji Kapoor 6 August 2001
The City of the DeadLloyd Rose Fitz, Anji Kapoor 3 September 2001
Grimm RealitySimon Bucher-Jones
and Kelly Hale
Fitz, Anji Kapoor 1 October 2001
The Adventuress of Henrietta StreetLawrence Miles Fitz, Anji Kapoor 5 November 2001
Mad Dogs and EnglishmenPaul Magrs Fitz, Anji Kapoor 7 January 2002
HopeMark Clapham Fitz, Anji Kapoor 4 February 2002
AnachrophobiaJonathan Morris Fitz, Anji Kapoor 4 March 2002
Trading FuturesLance Parkin Fitz, Anji Kapoor 8 April 2002
The Book of the StillPaul Ebbs Fitz, Anji Kapoor 6 May 2002
The Crooked WorldSteve Lyons Fitz, Anji Kapoor 3 June 2002
History 101Mags L. Halliday Fitz, Anji Kapoor 1 July 2002
Camera ObscuraLloyd Rose Fitz, Anji Kapoor 5 August 2002
Time ZeroJustin Richards Fitz, Anji Kapoor, Trix 2 September 2002
The Infinity RaceSimon Messingham Fitz, Anji Kapoor 4 November 2002
The Domino EffectDavid Bishop Fitz, Anji Kapoor 3 February 2003
Reckless EngineeringNick Walters Fitz, Anji Kapoor 7 April 2003
The Last ResortPaul Leonard Fitz, Anji Kapoor, Trix 2 June 2003
TimelessStephen Cole Fitz, Anji Kapoor, Trix 4 August 2003
Wolfsbane[1] Jacqueline Rayner Fourth Doctor, Sarah, Harry 1 September 2003
Emotional ChemistrySimon A. Forward Fitz, Trix 6 October 2003
Sometime Never...Justin Richards Fitz, Trix, Miranda 5 January 2004
HalflifeMark Michalowski Fitz, Trix 5 April 2004
The Tomorrow WindowsJonathan Morris Fitz, Trix 7 June 2004
The Sleep of ReasonMartin Day Fitz, Trix 2 August 2004
The Deadstone MemorialTrevor Baxendale Fitz, Trix 4 October 2004
To the SlaughterStephen Cole Fitz, Trix 7 February 2005
The Gallifrey ChroniclesLance Parkin Fitz, Trix 2 June 2005
Fear Itself[2] Nick Wallace Fitz, Anji 8 September 2005

Telos novellas Edit

Title Author Featuring Published
Rip Tide Louise Cooper Ruth, Steve 31 January 2003
Fallen Gods Kate Orman and Jon Blum Alcestis 25 September 2003
The Eye of the Tyger Paul McAuley Edward Fyne 20 November 2003

Dr Men Edit

Title Author Featuring Published
Dr. Eighth Adam Hargreaves none 29 August 2017

Penguin Books Edit

Title Author Featuring Published
The Day of the Doctor Steven Moffat Eleventh Doctor, Tenth Doctor, War Doctor, Clara 5 April 2018

Footnotes Edit

  1. Though it was released in 2003, this multi-Doctor story is set between Casualties of War and The Turing Test.
  2. Despite being released after The Gallifrey Chronicles, this novel is set between EarthWorld and Vanishing Point.
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