Captain Turner was a companion of Iris Wildthyme. He was a handsome man with large sideburns. He was still new to time travel when the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith encountered him.

Iris was planning to use Turner to gain a new house in 1764. She brought him to a ball by Lady Huntingdon, with the plan being that he would marry Bella Huntingdon and then inherit her estate. There, he also met the Doctor and Sarah Jane. Though Bella was attracted to him, she knew that her grandmother had plans of her own and rejected his advances. During the dinner party to meet Lady Huntingdon, Turner learned that the Huntingdons weren't human and Lady Huntingdon wanted Iris Wildthyme's TARDIS's to escape Earth. When Lady Huntingdon attacked, Turner fought back and was badly wounded. After she was defeated, Iris, the Doctor and Sarah Jane all left, leaving Turner trapped in the past. He then decided to marry Bella anyway. (ST: Old Flames)

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