Edwin Pickle - also known as the Schockmeister - was an inhabitant of E341894 who allied with the Ngmngms to attack his homeplanet. He was very conscious of his bald spot.

Originally an ordinary human, years of being unable to get a date or a hair replacement led Pickle to become consumed by hate. In return for the Moon, Pickle helped the Ngmngms invade his Earth. He used their technology to convert the Moon into a deadly carnival called "the Shockshow" and formed a symbiotic relationship with a Ngmngm clown. Using the farts of this clown, Pickle toured his moon around the cosmos bringing death and destruction to the planets he visited.

After two centuries, Pickle decided to bring his reign of spiteful terror to an end by killing the inhabitants of every single version of Earth. However, his attacks on Bagatelle and Picayune on the way to Earth attracted the attention of the Calamity Crew. When Pickle arrived on the first Earth he wanted to exterminate, the Eleven-Day Empire, he was confronted and defeated by Reginald Forthman and Pik Lim. (PROSE: All the Fun of the Fear)

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