Edwards was the Squire of a small Cornish village, and the leader of the local smuggling ring. Jacob Kewper, the innkeeper, was part of the ring.

The Squire arrested Ben Jackson and Polly Wright on suspicion of murdering Joseph Longfoot, and didn't believe their story that the First Doctor had been kidnapped.

Kewper brought Captain Samuel Pike and his mate Cherub to meet with the Squire to discuss an arrangement. The Squire and Kewper were unaware that Pike planned to betray them. When the group encountered Ben, Polly and revenue officer Josiah Blake, Ben and Polly accused Pike of kidnapping the Doctor. The Squire had Blake take the two travellers away, ridding himself of "law and villainy".

The Squire and Kewper learned of Pike's plan to betray them, and planned to take Avery's gold. When they found the Doctor, Ben and Polly searching for the treasure, they threatened the Doctor for the location of the treasure. At this moment, Cherub appeared, killing Kewper and shooting the Squire.

The injured Squire watched as the Doctor bargained with Pike, offering him the entire treasure if he would leave the village unharmed. The Squire admitted himself shamed by the Doctor's generosity.

During the revenue men's struggle with the pirates, Pike was ready to kill the Doctor for betraying them to Blake. The Squire prevented this, allowing Blake to kill Pike. (TV: The Smugglers)

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