Dr Edward Wright was the father of Polly Wright.

He had one elder brother, Charles, and a younger brother, Randolph. He married a socialite, Miss Bettington-Smith, in August 1939. Soon afterwards, she gave birth to a boy. In 1942, Polly was born, by which time they were said to be living in a "big, old house in the country." As of 1944, Edward's mother was still alive. Some time after Polly's birth, Edward and his wife had three more sons.

As a young adult, Polly reflected on her parents and admitted that she had taken them for granted but they had always been there for her.

Edward's commitment to personal education, along with his wife's position in high society, doubtlessly contributed to Polly's posh accent and deportment, both of which led Ben Jackson to give her the nickname "Duchess".

Edward was devastated by the death of his younger brother Randolph during the Second World War and subsequently honoured his memory by telling Polly many stories about him. (AUDIO: Resistance)

Polly brought home Ben, much to the horror of her parents. Her father made a terrible face. (AUDIO: The Five Companions)

Behind the scenes Edit

Edward has never been portrayed in performed Doctor Who, only mentioned in passing.