Edward V of England

According to history, Edward V of England was one of the so-called "Princes in the Tower". The son of Edward IV and Elizabeth, and nephew of Richard III, he was a key figure in the Wars of the Roses. Although the twelve-year-old (AUDIO: The Battle of the Tower) boy was technically King of England for a few weeks, his uncle prevented him from being crowned on 24 June 1483, instead taking the crown himself. Edward's detractors, led covertly by Richard, attempted to de-legitimise him by alleging him illegitimate.

Edward's ultimate fate was an historical mystery that the Fifth Doctor, Erimem and Peri spent significant time investigating. What they discovered was that "Edward V of England" was an entire fiction, and that the person who was "Edward" was in fact another female child of Elizabeth called Susan. Indeed, they discovered that "history" was largely the invention of William Shakespeare's Tudor-addled brain. His personal love for Elizabeth I — a Queen whose position derived from the defeat and delegitimisation of Richard III — had caused him to deliberately misrepresent the former king in his eponymous play, thus colouring history's perception of Richard and his "nephew". (AUDIO: The Kingmaker)

According to another account, Edward and his brother Richard were kidnapped by an agent of the Council of Eight to prevent them from having an impact on history. They were later rescued by the Eighth Doctor and Trix and taken to the 21st century, where they were adopted by Ernest Fleetward. (PROSE: Sometime Never...)

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