Edward Sheppard was a professor at the university that Sarah Jane Smith went to. Sarah Jane thought that he was the best teacher that she had ever had.

He was an overweight man with a bushy beard. He thought that media always needed to be used with wisedom, honesty and compassion because it was very powerful. It could bring justice to nations and destroy lifes.

He asked the young Sarah Jane what she would do if she found out something that was a threat to national security. Sarah Jane replied that she would publish the story, because a good journalist always had to reveal the truth. She said she would not care about the consequences.

Then Edward Sheppard said that it might put a spy and his family in danger. He asked her if she would still publish the story if it would put these innocent lifes at risk. Sarah Jane replied that she had to think about that. Edward Sheppard said that he sincerely hoped so. (AUDIO: Judgement Day)

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