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Edward Grainger (24 June 1906 - 24 June 2006) was a human who was visited by the Doctor at various times throughout his life.


Edward was born to Lawrence and Mary Grainger on 24 June 1906. During childbirth, Edward's mother and family were under attack by a demon. The demon wanted to kill Edward to unravel the Doctor's timeline. The Eighth Doctor and the future Edward banished the demon before it caused any harm to the newborn Edward. (PROSE: Prologue)

When Edward was eight, the Third Doctor visited his house to investigate voices that Edward was hearing on his gramophone. The Doctor found an alien had been trapped in the player while it was being made and was trying to escape by screaming for help. The Doctor freed the alien and allowed it to go home. When he left, he told Edward he would lead a very eventful life. (PROSE: Echoes)

During Ramsay MacDonald's time as Prime Minister, Edward was looking for the love of his life, Mai Ling, in Japanese-controlled China. He was captured by the Japanese and put in prison. The Seventh Doctor helped him escape and Edward later received a letter from the British Government in response to a recommendation from the Doctor for him to become a British operative. (PROSE: Log 384)

On 25 April 1936, Edward assisted the Fifth Doctor in capturing an alien that tried to alter Earth history. (PROSE: The Church of Football)

In 1951, the Sixth Doctor assisted Edward after the birth of Edward's son, John. (PROSE: Incongruous Details)

On 25 June 1956, the Eighth Doctor, Samson and Gemma Griffin arrived at Edward's house to get rid of a ghost which had been haunting the family. (PROSE: Dear John)

Edward spent time in West Berlin during 1962, where he helped the Fourth Doctor stop the Jalaphron from ending the Cold War with the Cuban Missile Crisis. (PROSE: Checkpoint)

On 16 August 1979, Edward and his granddaughter Linda helped the First Doctor and Susan Foreman stop several Slarvian eggs from gestating near the English Channel. (PROSE: Childhood Living)

In September 1986, he was invited to a dinner with three of his former Security Service colleagues. (PROSE: Old Boys)

When Edward was 99 and in a nursing home, the Eighth Doctor came to visit him and took him on one last adventure in the TARDIS to the village where he had been born in 1906. Edward slept in the TARDIS during flight and was called in his dreams to the Eye of Harmony. A voice told him to open the Eye. In doing so Edward released the Master. They encountered him in 1906, where he was trying to interfere with Edward's birth. After they defeated the Master, he fled, and the Doctor and Edward tried to find him. Eventually they returned to the TARDIS, unable to locate him. Soon after, Edward sat down to rest and died in his sleep on 24 June 2006, his 100th birthday. (PROSE: Forgotten)