Editor was the judge of Light City. He worked for the ministry of Tourism. He was worried about memory. He didn't believe a Prole could have independent thought. He loved watching the movies about the proles reminding themselves about their happiness. He knew of one of the Conscience plan to insight revolution using the memory of the Eighth Doctor. He then asked the Sub-editor to arrest any one who knew the nurse the Conscience used for his plan, and re-edit their memories. He wanted to start a revolution. He saw the DJ, and once he was given the truth he wanted the DJ revised. He was arrested on the order of the Certification Board Members for the murder of the DJ. He took a Conscience and told her that he wanted to remember things he shouldn't. She didn't like this. After opening the Spinning Top he believed he was the Eighth Doctor. He wanted to be revised by the New Editor to love again. (AUDIO: The Natural History of Fear)
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