In 2007, the editor of The Examiner was contacted by her reporter, Atif, who said that he had a story so big, he thought it would be the story of the century: the story of Torchwood. She asked him to get the story for her, and so the reporter passed secret envelopes and looked through files and photos, several of which featured the Doctor. Atif was sure that Torchwood went back as far as Queen Victoria, right up to the explosion on Christmas Day and was connected with the ghosts that had recently appeared. He then returned to his editor with his findings, only to be told that there had been "complications", and was dragged off by several mysterious men. Meanwhile, another man talked to the editor, and said that Torchwood thanked her for her cooperation, before leaving her with a replacement front page story about GCSE results. (WC: Tardisode 12)

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