Edith was the wife of Wulnoth. She willingly gave food to the First Doctor in 1066 and helped Vicki and Steven Taylor find their way to the monastery. She was captured by Gunnar and injured in a Viking attack on her village.

Trusting the Doctor, she urged the Saxon men on to attack the Viking force hiding in the monastery, believing in the simple explanation the Monk was in league with them, a feeling strengthened with the Monk's request for the Saxon villagers to build and light beacon fires to attract the Vikings.

She helped in the attack. (TV: The Time Meddler)

Behind the scenes Edit

On screen, it is implied, but never directly stated, that Edith was raped by the Vikings. This is made a little bit clearer in the novelisation, which states that they had a "lustful gleam in their eyes" and Sven is described as a "violator of women".

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