Edge was a commander in the Celestial Intervention Agency. He said that the Fifth Doctor's actions warranted his death. He always ordered the same meal, steak and chips.

In Edge's exaggerated version of the Doctor and Peri Brown's actions on Poytee, the Doctor was a bloodthirsty renegade who kept a cache of weapons in the Doctor's TARDIS and destroyed the entire surface of the planet by activating the chain of subsurface atomic reactors in revenge for one of the inhabitants firing a weapon at Peri. She was depicted as being equally bloodthirsty, delighting in the Doctor's merciless killing of Palgrave and the extent of the damage that Level 3 of her weapon could do to a humanoid body. After ensuring that all life on the planet would be eradicated, the Doctor proclaimed; "The last one back to the TARDIS wipes the blood out of my shirt!" (AUDIO: Urban Myths)

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