Eddie Foy was a 19th century actor who performed at the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona in October of 1881. When Bat Masterson asked Wyatt Earp if he had bought a ticket to see Foy, Earp responded with a declaration that theatres were centers of vice and corruption. Dodo Chaplet, who overheard the conversation, said that she, Steven Taylor and the First Doctor would love tickets to see him, but the Doctor immediately interjected by saying that in fact they would not.

When word got around town that the Clanton brothers were causing trouble at the Last Chance Saloon, the disturbance led many of Tombstone's residents to attend the theatre as an alternative. The large crowd led Foy to think that his act would be a box-office success on Broadway. When the Clantons incited a mob to break Doc Holliday out of gaol, he briefly thought the group of people might want his audience. Quickly realizing otherwise, he rushed back into the theatre. Later, shortly before the Earp and Clanton brothers gathered to face off in a gunfight, the Doctor asked Wyatt Earp if he still needed his help. Wyatt said he was doing well and told him he was free to shoot the first thing that moves. Ultimately, however, the first thing that moved was Eddie Foy, who was passing out handbills for his show. Foy quickly ran off and when Warren Earp asked who the man was Florentino Cruz said it was "Nobody special". After the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Masterson arrived to find several corpses in the streets and, seeking to take some positive action for the town, arrested Foy for causing an obstruction. (PROSE: The Gunfighters)

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