Eddie Connolly was husband to Rita and father to Tommy, who lived with them and his mother-in-law in Florizel Street, Muswell Hill, North London.

Personality Edit

A veteran of the Second World War, earning some medals, Eddie's pride and patriotism bordered on extremism. He was scared of the changes occurring in 1950s Britain, realising they didn't fit his view of the world. This manifested itself as bullying towards his wife and his son.

When the Tenth Doctor visited his home and embarrassed him before his family in June 1953, he got worse and had his wife's faceless mother (who actually owned the house) removed by the police. His son figured out that he had been informing everyone just to protect his reputation and told him he was just like the fascists whom he had fought against in the war.

When Rita discovered what he had done to her mother and to friends and neighbours, he defended himself saying he had to, that he did it for them, and called Rita's mother a "filthy, disgusting thing". Appalled at his treatment of their neighbours and friends, and the way he spoke about her mother, Rita sent Tommy with the Doctor to do some good before throwing Eddie out.

Following the demise of the Wire, Rita told him that the house was never his, and ordered him out on her mum's behalf. Rose told Tommy to go with him, however, despite Tommy feeling that he deserved what he got and there being no place in the world anymore for people like him; she told Tommy he was clever and that he had just saved the world, and shouldn't stop there. (TV: The Idiot's Lantern)

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