Edwin "Ed" Morgan was a killer in secret who lived in Wales. He raped and murdered seventeen-year-old Lizzie Lewis on 28 March 1963. In later life, he suffered various mental conditions and never married, becoming a senile old man.

According to files accessed by Toshiko Sato, Ed was admitted to a mental asylum on 3 December 1989. He was diagnosed "severe depression, agoraphobic". He was finally released six and a half weeks later, his medical record stating, "Minor improvements shown."

Ed lived at 46 Pryse Avenue in Cardiff. He was blackmailed by Bernie Harris, who had witnessed the murder using a quantum transducer. Not long afterwards, Owen Harper too witnessed the crime himself and also went to confront him. Owen was upset by the crime and became obsessed with bringing Ed to justice. He confronted Morgan, telling him that he knew every detail of the attack. This provoked Ed to take action against Harris. Ed tried to stab him, but Gwen Cooper, Owen and Jack Harkness stopped him. Moments later, Owen took the knife, wanting to avenge Lizzie Lewis' death, but Gwen took it from him.

Ed rushed Gwen and impaled himself on the knife, in a moment of poor judgement and insanity. Unable to revive him, Gwen realised she had killed him by accident. Owen and Jack attempted cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him, but he died. The Torchwood Three team later speculated that he had purposely committed suicide, having had a history of many attempted ones. (TV: Ghost Machine)

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