Ebola was a highly contagious disease that caused its victims to bleed to death. It was caused by a virus. According to the Ninth Doctor, it jumped to humans in 1976, but was cured by 2067. (PROSE: Only Human)

In 1989, there was an Ebola virus outbreak in Tanganyika, a country in Africa. (AUDIO: The Sentinels of the New Dawn)

In 2008, when the Cardiff time rift was leaking, Owen Harper was worried someone with Ebola might come through. (TV: End of Days)

In 2014, the Sentinels of the New Dawn intended to cause an Ebola epidemic to take power. (AUDIO: The Sentinels of the New Dawn)

Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane once visited South Africa and found themselves stranded when there was an outbreak of Ebola. (PROSE: Eternity Weeps)

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