East Ridge was a town in Texas once visited by the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria. There, they met a farmer named Thomas Watson who was being pressurised to sell his farm to John Glassman, the representative for a New York oil company. Watson resisted Glassman, claiming the oil company would simply suck the oil out of the ground, then leave East Ridge a ghost town after the oil ran out. The rest of the town refused to believe Watson's gloomy predictions and turned against him. The Doctor gave Watson shelter in the TARDIS until the mob of angry townspeople, led by George Dayton, passed. When the local sheriff, Wilson, arrived on-scene, he promised to allow Watson the fair chance to express his concerns to the community. (PROSE: The Farmer's Story)

Behind the scenes Edit

East Ridge appears to be an entirely fictional town, as there is no postal code for an "East Ridge, Texas". The name was likely taken from the town of the same name in Tennessee.

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