Earth, Sun and Moon was a game published on The Sarah Jane Adventures website. It was part of the KS2 Bitesize Science project, where children learned math, English and science by playing video games. The game was narrated by Daniel Anthony. As a reward for finishing the game the children got a UNIT quote wallpaper.

Scenario Edit

After the Slitheen had tried to use gravity to smash the Moon into Earth, the planets' orbits are in a mess. It's Clyde Langer's birthday tomorrow and he wants to set everything right.

Clyde and Mr Smith want to restore the orbit paths of the Earth, Sun and Moon.

How to play Edit

The player has to select the right position of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. Then he needs to select the right orbit of the Earth and Moon and the restore the Earth's rotation. He only needs the mouse and the spacebar. He can't select the wrong answers. If he does so either nothing happens or Clyde says that this answer is wrong and the player needs to choose another one.

End of the game Edit

Mr Smith has restored the orbit paths of the Earth, sun and moon. Clyde wants to have a big birthday party.

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Earth, Sun and Moon VG2

The viewer has to reset the moon's orbit.

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